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  1. This is all great information. Do you folks work on them yourselves? I do my own work on my boat. As far as what I'm looking for is one that is fun and not a maintenance headache. I guess that puts me out of the supercharged/turbocharged ones. I don't need to be a speed demon but something around the 60mph range. This winter should be fun looking for one and boat show season is almost here. Hope to get a few ideas there. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks guys. I have not towed my boat to Florida. It has a painted trailer and its fresh water cooled so don't want to run salt water in it. I believe we would use the PWC a good amount during the summer along with our boat. We rent them all the time when we go on vacation to Florida so though maybe I should just buy one. My tow rig is a GMC Yukon so I'm not worried at all about gas mileage towing it. Are the trailers good enough to tow that far is my worry as well as is it a hassle. I also believe we would start with one as see how much we use it then get a second if it was the right thing to
  3. Happy New Year fellow boaters. Wanting your opinion and guidance on this. I sit here on the beach in Florida and have this thought. My wife and I vacation a few times a year. Our son rents jets skis all the time and I'm thinking about buying one. We live in central Illinois so we would use it a fair amount there however I would like to bring it on these trips to Florida. Would this be feasible and worth it? Thanks folks and happy NY.
  4. I redid my trail last year. Collected all the stuff I wanted to change over the winter and tackled in the spring once it got warm. I changed the lights to LED, new bearings, new winch and painted it with U-pol Raptor Liner. Worked great and love the rugged look it gave. I'm going to repack the bearing this spring and change a few things on the boat.
  5. Hi Jeff it would be just my wife and I as far as I know. Thanks for the offer. The trip looks great and would be a blast. I might have to wait till about 2 days out before deciding to head down. I'm in Peoria. We are a transplant. Lol. Came here from Ohio. Looking to move to Florida as we vacation there 2-4 times a year.
  6. It is an open bow. I'm also all for safety. I guess it would all depend on how the water is the day of.
  7. So I've seen smaller boats do this run. Would I be able to join in the fun on my boat. It's 21ft. I know I would be the smallest but this sounds like a blast.
  8. If there is someone that knows Dale Hollow well maybe they should take point on this and put it together. It seems as though that is the most central place for people. Or Cumberland. IMO first or second week of August might be good as peoples children will be getting back to school. Or Labor Day weekend. Just a thought.
  9. We splashed the boat on a Thursday evening and pulled out the next Monday morning. It wasn't to bad. IMHO I have seen Lake Erie worse. We even did a little wakeboarding. Found a cove and relaxed all afternoon. Had lunch at Dog Days. I would go back. Hope we can make this Chap raft up work this year!!!
  10. We would be in for just about any lake. We live in Central IL and go to Cumberland twice a year. About a 7 hour drive for us. Never been to DH but would do that also. Did The Ozarks also last year. Will do just about anything from the great lakes down to Atlanta. Hope we can get a get together going on here. It would be a blast no matter what the location is. Just to be around fellow boaters is a fun.
  11. Never a stupid question. I highly recommend going on a houseboat vacation. We had the most fun ever. And it's relatively inexpensive. We have 12 of us this trip in June. It's very relaxing and life just sort of slows down for a week. Also the planning of the trip is also fun. Go figure.
  12. You move them. They aren't to hard to drive. The place we go the people get it out of the slip and out of the marina then hand it over to you.
  13. Thanks guys. This is going to be our second HB trip. We did one 2 years ago on the same lake. Was an epic vacation. Can't wait for this one.
  14. Hello Chap fam and Happy Easter. Well I have been itching to get out to the boat in storage. It was such a nice day yesterday and with the gas prices going up I thought I would get it to the gas station and fill it up. I bought a 2012 GMC Yukon Denali with the 6.2 liter last October and never got to tow the boat. I had a 03 Expy and it did fine. However all I can say is WOW WOW WOW. I love it even more. It tows so easy. It was nothing to get up to speed and go. My wife and I rented a houseboat for June on Lake Cumberland and I really cant wait to go now. Happy Easter everyone, summer is coming
  15. Igarripee What's the name of the campground you go to. I will check it out. It looks like we are going up at the end of July. It's not to bad a tow from central Illinois.
  16. H2O is a good boat. You will like it I'm sure.
  17. Morris. You are going to love. Welcome back to the boating lifestyle. Hey Tomnjo let me know if you do Shellbyville this summer. We will head down also from Peoria. We want to check that lake out.
  18. Thanks Matt Also the underwater lights look sweet.
  19. Well got our first trip planed for the season. Going back to Lake Cumberland at the end of June. Rented a houseboat again. We did this trip 2 years ago and had an incredible time. Even the planing was enjoyable. Just to set things up. We have a few new people coming and the others came last time. Now I really can't wait for summer. 3 outside right now in central IL.
  20. Well I'm all done with this documovie. I'm completely blown away. Although I don't think Avery is completely innocent there is just not enough to put him away for life. Also how dirty and tainted the evidence the DA presented. There are 2 county cops that need to be debadged and put in jail. I understand protecting your own but jeez this is blatant.
  21. I just read my misspelling in my original post. "toe". Omg. Anyways thanks for the replies. It does have a tow package. We have a few long distance trips this year. Just glad to here folks pulled boats with them.
  22. Sold my Expy and got a 2011 GMC Yukon Denali. Like the truck but wondering how it's going to tow. 99 200LE Chap. Anyone ever toe with one of these. Thanks
  23. I agree. It is a #$^% of a story. I still come back to the way the case and evidence was handled by the sheriffs department. It was so unprofessional on so many levels. Even if he did the crime I think the police did committed a major crime as well. How they aren't doing time is blowing my mind.
  24. Wash and good coat of wax. Run on muffs to check for leaks. Check fluids. Check over the trailer. Then off to the lake.
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