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  1. Drew Your killin me. I'm trying to mentally prepare for a high Sunday of 3 and a low of -7. Nice pictures. We have almost the same boat and love the new lights. Soldier We will stay at the lake. For our first time we just want to explore Torch. If I had more time I would check out the bay. Maybe another weekend trip trip. We will see.
  2. Just seeing if anyone else hooked on this case or has a view on it. I went on a Netflix bing and got through #7 so far. My opinion has gone back and forth as I have been watching.
  3. I showed my wife those pictures and the choice was made. We are going. Lol She's looking at places now.
  4. NOAA wave report. I will look that up. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks for all the info. Looks like we will be doing Torch or sure this summer. Looking forward to Caribbean blue water.
  6. Thank you very much for the replies. I'm a very patient boater. To me there is no rush about it. With that said would I be to small to be out. 20 feet. It sounds like a blast and I will look at the Gary show as well. We live around the Peoria area so both are very doable.
  7. Dennis We are in Peoria as well. Trying to stay warm. We boat a bunch out at Clinton Lake. We try to get to Cumberland at least once a season.
  8. Anyone go to Shelbyville lake or Clinton lake or Kentucky lake. We usually go to Clinton lake. It's about 1:20 minutes from us. We do allot of trailering. Lake Cumberland and Port Clinton on Lake Erie.
  9. We live in central Illinois. Will go just about anywhere within a 10 hour radius.
  10. Glad you guys made it through. Up here in Peoria the water is just starting to go down in the river. We don't live around it and had no flooding around us but our downtown got a little. Hoping for a dry spring summer this year.
  11. Looking for some advice. Anyone go to the airshow in Chicago by boat. It looks like it would be a blast. Would I be ok with my boat. 200le. We're to park and launch the boat and should I go early or the day prior to get a parking spot. I've boated on Lake Erie a bunch but never the shores of Chicago. Any info would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks Brian S. I will for sure check it out. We like to travel and take our boat to check out new spots. Torch looked good so we thought we would give it a try. And clear as gin sounds great to us. 😎 Might go for 3 days instead of a week. Just to try it out for the first time.
  13. what cyclops said We have a 99 200le. Heavy, stable boat. We also have the 220hp merc carbed. Great power and performance for what we do. Most of the time we have 4 adults but there are times we've had 8 for events.
  14. Is it still very cold in July-August time frame? We are big swimmers and will spend lots of time in the water relaxing.
  15. Every year we go a few vacations with our boat. We have done Cumberland, Sandusky, Ozarks etc. we really want to do Torch but it looks like there are only homes to rent. Does anyone have info on hotels very close to the lake or another option. We are looking around the mid July-August timeframe. Thanks fellow boaters
  16. We are going. We went last year and had a great time. Big show with boats from small to big.
  17. Well I did it.I pulled the trigger and purchaced a new ESP from swimplatforms.com. Great customer service. I delayed the delivery till March because the boat is in storage. Can't wait for the temps to warm up and get started on it. The other project that will be tackled it my trailer. Last yr I replaced just about everything. The winch, tires, bearings, breaks, tie down straps and break fluid. So this spring its paint. I will be doing a bed liner on the entire thing. UPol Raptor Liner. It has UV protector in the paint and is tintable. IMHO it is one of the best products for bedliner. I havese
  18. This is not about gas but winterizing as far as storage of the boat. IMHO you should put the outdrive as far down as you can before you disconnect the battery. It removes a bunch of stree on all 3 bellows. Its like keeping a rubber band stretched out for a long time. It breaks down over time. I see a bunch of boats at my storage facility that have the drives up. This is just my opinion.
  19. Thanks for the advice everyone. I will post pics before and after of this project.
  20. Hello fellow boaters, The season has come to an end for us. Really glad we winterized last weekend when it was 75. Today it only got to 50. Im going to be taking on a project in the spring before our season gets into full swing. Im going to paint our trailer. I have done some research andI have decided on putting bedliner on the entire thing. I have seen some brand new trailers done this way and it looks sharp. I have researched a few products and have decided on U-Pol Raptor Liner. Its has UV protection as well. I will prep the trailer and do this in my garage. At the same time I will put new
  21. I am not a fan of towing with a trailerable cover as well. I have seen bad jell coat rash from straps. I suppose if you wrap them in foam it might help however anything flapping against the jell coat will for a period of time will leave marks. We are heading to Lake Cumberland in a few weeks and I plan on just using the bow cover for the trip down and back. Its about a 7 1/2 hr drive. If it rain we might use the cockpit cover. Its just hard o
  22. I have a 03 Expy EB 4x4. With 150K. It pulls our 200LE thats about 4100 lbs ok. It will down shift going up long hills but I guess thats normal. We are just starting to look for a replacment. We think either a Navigator L or a Suburban LTZ. I do like Fords however.
  23. Looks great. Nice touch to a great looking boat.
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