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  1. I have seen these at a few marinas. (www.airdock.com) They seem very simple to use and are less then half of a the cost of a Hydrahoist. Just for what its worth.
  2. Headed to Cumberland in June but would make a trip back for a Chap party!!!
  3. I keep a small socket set as well as an asortment of screw drivers and wrenches. A fully charged jump box and a long rope. I keep in in a tote that fits inside the engine compartment and out of the way.
  4. Well just booked and paid for our first houseboat trip with family and friends. 13 of us in all with 3 personal boats. Heading to Lake Cumberland in mid June. Jamestown Marina. We cant wait. The warm weather cant come fast enough. Its about a 7 hr drive and just want to get to relaxing. Been looking at the lake reports for a month now. Drive Oil changed, impeller changed, engine oil changed, trailer bearings greased now just getting new tires for the trekk. The old ones have spider cracks. Alreading starting to pack a few things and going over the list of stuff to bring. LOL Can you tell I,m
  5. Sounds like a killer date night.
  6. If the Dale Hollow thing ends up to be a go count us in. Sounds like a great time. Rented 2 houseboats next june on Cumberland and we cant wait.
  7. The lift for my boat (200le) was 3200.00 deer. Not bad and its movable.
  8. Has anyone ever used one of these boat lifts. www.airdock.com They are not as much as a hydra-hoist but it has the same concept.
  9. Well after a little research it looks like it will be block letters for me. I really dont want to give johnny law any reason to pull me over. I get pulled over enough for safety checks. My boat is registered in the great state of Ohio but I live in IL. Our boat lives in Ohio for 7 months of the year and bring it to IL for just the summer. Both IL and Ohio requier block letters. Oh well. Life goes on. The sky is blue and the boating must go on.
  10. I want to change the font of my hull numbers. Im board of looking at the boxed look numbers and letters. I would like to put an italicized look. I knows its a cheezy thing but I just want a change. So my question is are there any laws regarding this. Thanks and happy boating.
  11. For short hauls to the lake I leave both covers on and somtimes take them off if there is a bunch to load into the boat. However for the 2-3 long hauls we (400 miles each way) leave the bow cover on and take the cockpit cover off. I load stuff in the bow. IMO its less wind in the boat, the covers take less of a beeting and I can still see through the boat windshield to the back of the boat. I do try and treat the fabric every year to keep it from drying out. Happy boating.
  12. Booked 2 houseboats for next June on Cumberland. Its going to be a first for us on a houseboat. Cant wait.
  13. Thats really cool. Nice pics. I just reserved our first houseboat trip for next June on Lake Cumberland. 5 families and 2 houseboats with 3 of our own boats. I can't wait.
  14. Wow. Thanks everyone. I think I will have a new winter project now.
  15. So I have a 1999 200LE. I really want to put a swim platform on it. Has anyone ever done this themselves and where is a good place to get one. Thanks in advance.
  16. So my triler jack broke the other day. I have a single axle Heritage trailer and the jack is held on with 4 bolts directly to a from plate that is welded to the triler frame. Does anyone have a good place to find a replacment.
  17. Moved to IL last summer from N. Ky. I think I have had enough of the rain. Im so ready to get out on the water. I Think KY Lake and the Ozarks will be calling our name. They look really nice. I have only done Cumberland and Lake Erie and looking forward to these new lakes for us. Have agreat Memorial Day everyone and thanks to those who have served our great Nation.
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