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  1. Straight Shooter

    Do the Batteries charge if the switches are off?

    Never assume. Always check. My boat builder thought it was a good idea to put the bilge pump through the selector switch. Turn the switch off, and yep, you got it, the bildge pump was disabled and we took on water. Took us a few eeks ot figure it out, as we thought we had a leak somewhere. we assumed the builder/installer has a minimum level of intelligence when the dealer (who is also the builder) installed the selector switch as an aftermarket upgrade.
  2. Straight Shooter

    Boating with non boat owners

    We enjoy inviting guests on our boat, but now we seem to be outgrowing it. Now it seems like sardines in a can, by the time I put two full families on my boat. We still enjoy it, but I like it more when the kids get on the banana boat, and we only have 4-5 adults in the boat, with the kids are being towed behind. it is much better. As for sloppy guests, as people leave the boat, I tell them to pick up "stuff" as they leave. The kids need more detailed instructions, but the adults get it. Problem solved.
  3. Straight Shooter

    cuddy instead of bow rider

    The Admiral and I are still talking about this. We are planning on buying a new boat, but we can't agree on where we are in our life and what the boat will help us do in the next phase of our life. About 2-3yrs ago, we bought a ridiculously expensive beautiful lakefront cottage with a wet boathouse on the Trent Severn Waterway in Ontario Canada. We were in a marina with our bowrider, and the marina was beautiful...the biggest and most full service one we have ever seen, called Crates Marina in Keswick on Lake Simcoe (big water). That part of our life came to a close and we needed a cottage or a big 50' 3-bedroom Carver RPH yacht. The cottage won. The boat is my retirement dream and I've got about 15yrs of work left, so it was too early. "Looping" will still be there for me when I'm ready. We kept the 20' bowrider to this day and it is doing a good job, but as the 3 kids grow and invite thier friends, it gets crowded real fast. It fits nicely in the boathouse and I could actually get a boat 2' longer in there with no modifications. The LAST THING I want to do is commit "2-foot-itis". My wallet will be empty before I retire. So our next boat will require major modifications to the boat house, especially since the Admiral has already decided she wants a viewing deck on top of the new boat house. Based on our expected lifestyle over the next 10yrs, a hybrid like the 327 is exactly what we need, but it is 2x what I want to spend at about 280 very large deer for a fully loaded one up here. I'll be looking for an approx 26' version of it. On top of the boat, i'll need to add 40 very large herd of deer for boat house upgrades. Why is the hybrid perfect? We do lots of water sports. We have lots of kids and adults on the boat. We stay out on the water for long periods of time, and we'd stay out longer but the 20' just does not allow for it. We are on one of the largest most beautiful waterways in North America, with The Trent Severn Waterway being part of The Great Loop. There are over 40 locks, which we enjoy travelling through. Ever had a really good time and lost track of time, and then discovered that you have to go through 3 locks in less than 2hrs AND 60kms of water, to get back home? Now image The Admiral lecturing you all the way back? It puts a damper on a really great day. If you miss the last lock, you are either walking home, taking a taxi home or sleeping on the boat. Having a hybrid removes all the stress. In fact, I'd be taking trips well away from home seeing sights that I just can't currently see. All I have to do it find 180 large herd of deer, a perfect hybrid and a dealer that will let me have it for a few deer over invoice How hard can that be? Did I mention that I have to put 3 kids through College/University?
  4. Straight Shooter

    What did you do to/on your boat today?

    I watched my boat sit in the boat house all weekend. It rained all Saturday. I spent the entire day Saturday with my daughter taking out our extensive inflatable water park. It is starting to get cold and the water was about 65F so we could not wait any longer. I was in the water for about 2hrs. Took a 30min extra hot shower. It felt really good. I only have one confirmed weekend left to use the boat on the 21st. After that, who knows. My on-water insurance runs out on Oct 31st, so its gotta be out by then. Always a sad day taking it out for the year. Somehow my entire family seems to disappear when the all-day cleaning of the boat needs to be done, every year. Funny how that is.
  5. Straight Shooter

    454 to 502 question

    If the boat was owned by your uncle, then get him to look at it as a 3rd party, not as the current owner. If not, then he already is a 3rd party and should not be emotionally connected to it already. Ask yourself one important question..... Is the 16yr old boat is really REALLY good condition? why? Because you are going to spend well over 15000 deer and probably 50-60hrs of effort putting in, what is hopefully a properly remanufactured motor, into an old boat. If this motor isn't well documented, or fell off the back of a truck, then run away from this project, because it has "disaster" written all over it. In short, the boat had better be in GREAT shape and the motor had better be solid. Everyone can understand saving a few bucks, but there is no way you'll get your money back if the effort turns out to be a failure. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.
  6. Straight Shooter


    I have a Merc Monitor. The my speedo, tach and battery gauge are analog. I have the Smartcraft "idiot" gauge that has about 8 warning lights on it. The Verado engines come fully equiped with DTS and Smarcraft enabled, you just need to pony up the extra cash for all those Smartcraft enabled gauges. All of the analog gauges on my boat go through a digital-to-analog converter rectangular box, that is under my dash. It is big and clearly labelled, you can't miss it, if you have one too. The Speedo, tach, trim and battery gauge were going to run me about 2000 deer. Instead, I just bought the Merc Monitor for about 600 deer. It has everything you will ever need. I highly recommend it. It obviously does not go through the digital-to-analg converter as it can read the signals directly from the Verado's ECM/PCM. You can use the Full Screen mode to display your important metrics like RPMs , Water Pressure, speed, fuel flow and range. Its the only guage you need. I yanked out my tach and replaced it with the Merc Monitor. Its got probably 30-50 screens of information, as well as smartTow, etc etc. Make sure you own a really good GPS so you can leverage all the speed and distance related information. If you wanna get really cool, then hook it all up through a NEMA-2000 backbone and you can customise your (NEMA-2000 compatable) Fishfinder like a Lowrance HDS-10 to display all that information on your big 8" or 10" screen. Then things start to get really cool.
  7. i'm on board with "licencing stupid". Wake surfing of any kind is just another adrenline junkie. Wake surfing behind ANY boat is stupid. Its no different than tailgaiting behind a truck on the highway to save gas. If the truck slows down or stops, the car get crushed. If the boats slows down or stops, like avoiding a collision with some loser on a jetski or some d-bag in his go-fast boat, then the wakesurfer will slam into the boat. Who cares if they hit the prop or not? They will get hurt because they are engaged in a ultra high risk sport. Its no different than tieing up a skiier 4' behind the boat or a tuber 4' behind the boat. Its all dumb. As far as i'm concerned its all part of God's way of cleaning up the damaged gene pool.
  8. Straight Shooter

    Battery Life Expectancy

    Mine are both huge AGM batteries. They were both VERY expensive at about 500 deer each. One is dedicated to the Verado outboard and is 1000MCA which is a mandatory requirement by Mercury for all Verados. The other is the house battery, but it is identical, so it acts as my backup, should I ever need it. I have isolators separating them and my Verado charges both when it is running. I have an onboard intelligent AC/DC charger designed for AGMs so it does a great job. I've only used it once ever when I was out for 14hrs and basically drained the house battery. All wiring between all batteries and isolators is 00 Ancor tinned marine wire, so I have near zero voltage drop, which comes in handy as the computer module on the Verado can be too sensitive/picky. My batteries only drop about 1% per month so my 5-6mth winter storage never requires a removal or recharge....simply put boat in water, turn key and engage throttle. I've never had an electrical problem since i removed the crap the dealer put in and had a Merc racing shop put in the proper setup. It cost about 2500 deer but its done right and I never have to think about batteries again. it should last forever.
  9. Straight Shooter

    Watch out for the police

    I'd be calling my lawyer and providing links to the full video feed, not just the snipit. We'd need to see the full spectrum of what the cop did before we crusifiy him, or at least threaten to go through the process of it. The US, being the most litigious society in the world, and the video footage being pretty #%^$&%$ing already (as well as the 20+ witnesses), things are not boding well for the cop. For him to hit full throttle on TWO Verado 300s, both with big stainless steel props, so close to boats and people is showing EXTREMELY poor judgement. Collision was imminent. If anything, you try to reverse to reduce impact damage. You don't put the throttles to the pins and turn as hard over as you can!!!!!! This will cost the government (meaning you tax payers) MUCH more than 40 large deer as someone mentioned. The boat owner will get a new 24' footer, fully loaded for about 50 large deer, as well as some type of "stress" payment, probably another 50 large deer. You can also safely assume that the lawyer will double that by slapping on his 100 large deer. Those numbers could easily double too. Gotta love the ignorance/arrogance of the cop to the boat owner too "Is this an emergency? No. Then calm down."
  10. Straight Shooter

    307 SSX

    Yes, Canada does have some odd laws around booze. I'm from Ontario, but I remember going to my grandparents cottage in Nova Scotia in the summer in the 70s and 80s. Alcohol was strickly controlled there, especially hard liquor. You used to pick what you wanted from a catalogue, fill out a form, put it in a mail slot with the cash (cash only of course) and then some dude would get your booze from a protected concealed area and put it in a steel carousel with any change and spin it around so you could get it. Things have not changed a whole lot; it looks not as "prison-ish" now (they only changed the look in the last 10yrs really) but its just as bad. Beer is controlled by a monopoly called "The Beer Store" who distribute it at set prices often set by the big 3 breweries to prevent competition. Selection is good, but prices at 32-41 deer for 24 bottles is not. Hard liquor (and most wine) is controlled by the government through thier distribution network called The LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario), where the "O" stands for Ontario and it changes per province. Prices are about 40-50 for a 40oz bottle of booze. Selection is really good though. Quebec sells beer and wine in grocery stores, but prices tend to be even higher and the selection is dismal, except for maybe wine as Quebec'ers tend to think of themselves as (arrogant) Europeans and are very particular/snobby about higher quality wine. Drinking in public is forbidden everywhere in Canada. No open alcohol is allowed. A permit is required to drink in public at special events. That said...........For some reason, I'm REALLY craving an ice cold Keith's IPA right now, actually about 6 of them would be better.
  11. Straight Shooter

    307 SSX

    Just curious......Where are you guys getting details on this boat and the 357SSX ? I love reading advance "confidential" stuff about new boats.
  12. Straight Shooter

    307 SSX

    Hey Buzzzz-zzzzz...........Like my post said. "bed for two" , "toilet", "anchored" and "microwave". So yes, it is true.
  13. Straight Shooter

    307 SSX

    Very nice. I would have liked to see an option for a micro-cabin on it too. That being just a bed for two, a toilet (those two options make it legal to drink on it Canada when anchored), a sink and a microwave oven. I wonder if my wife would like a little walk-though on it? Hummmmm. time to phone my Chap dealer on my lake and see if they plan on getting one in thier show room.
  14. Straight Shooter

    Lake Powell future water levels....

    Water levels in the Great Lakes have been wonky over the last 7yrs too. Sometimes it is up 6ft and then down 5ft the next year. Some feeder lakes with shallow basins have people with docks that have not rouched the water all year. I'm in the Trent-Severn area, so the water levels are controlled by a series of danms (spelled wrong for filter won't #$%& them out) over a 360km stretch of connected lakes. This year has been crazy. It was up 3' due to all the rain and over 5' in some lakes. News reports flow in of the "up stream" lakes with higher levels than yours and then you hear about heavy rain coming, again. That means the danms "up stream" will open up even further and let even more water into your lake, so that everyone can "share the pain". It was so bad one 2-week stretch where it would no stop raining that the 5-wall danm in Fenelon Falls has 3 of the walls WIDE open. That is 3 walls of water 12' high and 25' wide (each) 24hrs a day. It was coming out so fast that 100yrds away is a rock wall 75' high and the water climbed up that wall about 20'. We watched the water level rise that weekend. It was coming up 2 boards of our dock every hour. My 10yr son was not impressed and he though the water was going to go into out cottage. I guess that Man is not very good at regulating Mother Nature ?
  15. Straight Shooter

    onboard batterie charger

    There is nothing really wrong with that setup, its just a matter of do you want to upgrade. Most likely your batteries are side-by-side, and not spread out where a rewire is a pain in the butt. Most likely your charger is an intelligent charger, where it won't overcharge and comes with 3-phase charging cycles. Hopefully your two batteries are the same type (AGM etc) so the charger can use the proper voltage and charging cycle. If yes to the above, then just run a 2nd set of wires into the 2nd battery and let the isolator due its job of separating the batteries and preventing them from bleeding into each other. This direct wiring has the advantage of allowing all of the charger's power to reach the 2nd battery because it is common to have a diode-type isolator, which will have additional voltage drop across that isolator. If you are happy with it, then leave it. If you have sufficient times between usage where the batteries always get a full charge, then leave it. If you don't have a diode-type isolator but a better one, then leave it. Just my 2cents.