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  1. You should try Lake Chickamauga, north of Chattanooga. Larger, cleaner, and better restaurants than Allatoona. You can hang out with 100 other boats in one slough or go to another with no one. You can also lock through the dam and ride to downtown Chattanooga.
  2. To know more about any insurance company, visit www.ambest.com You will have to register, but it is free and if you click the "do not send me stuff" boxes, they will leave you alone. This will show the financial stability rating of any insurance company and who owns them. National Liability is owned by Berkshire Hathaway (who also owns Geico). They are based out of Omaha and have an A++ financial stability rating (being part of Berkshire Hathaway). Having said that, this score is no reflection of customer service, claims service, etc, but simply says they should have enough money to hono
  3. I agree with sktn77a. Doing insurance for a living I can say all boat policies are not created equal. Another thing to consider...if you have an umbrella liability policy, it is a good idea to keep the underlying coverage (aka home, auto, boat policy) with the same carrier to prevent potential coverage gaps. You did not buy a dirt cheap boat, so why buy a dirt cheap policy? (climbing off the insurance soapbox)
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I did more digging and found some good trouble shooting recommendations. I will start plugging away...ha. Forgot to mention above...this is an awesome boat! I look forward to posting more interesting things in the near future.
  5. Hello All. I am the proud new owner of a new 2012 216 ssi. My research on this forum was instrumental in my purchase decision. Thanks for all the great content!!! Now that the weather is somewhat warm, we have had her out a few times and I discovered the universal unwanted passenger.....water in the bilge. Now I am new at this, but pretty sure that any amount of water in the bilge of a brand new boat is not normal. She is stored at an indoor climate controlled facility (no rain water), has not been washed in weeks (no hose water), no one has boarded from the lake (wet). So, I don't see a
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