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  1. Just for comparison - my 2006 256 SSI will do 49 mph GPS wide open on smooth water with a light load. (VP 5.7) Even in a tailwind i have not managed 50. But i love how she rides. Cheers
  2. Zialater


    Great idea - just signed up. cheers Joe in Annapolis 2006 256 SSI
  3. Thanks for all the info and opinions. I found a hornets nest of opinions on the web and a bunch of pro and con videos on youtube. Cheers - Joe
  4. Howdy, I have a 2006 256 SSI with a VP 320HP. Love the boat but i also love to wake surf - I was introduced to this on a friends Mastercraft and it is a blast. Anyway just for grins I tried trimming up the outdrive and powering along bow up - and there was a totally surfable wake... that seems to be a safe distance behind the outdrive. Does anyone wake surf with their I/O and if so, any recommendations for safety issues or wake shape? Thanks, Joe
  5. If your wife happens to be a doctor you could try 'Paradox'
  6. Have the best of both worlds. A Chaparral jet boat... http://www.chaparralboats.com/2014/chaparral/Chaparral-Boat.php?boat_id=129&page=preview
  7. I have a new-to-me 2006 256 SSI with a VP 5.7 320 HP. Now with about 210 hours on it. We LOVE the boat. We bought it because we like to travel the Chesapeake and sometimes it can get rough out there. The 22 degree deadrise is really solid in the chop. She handles like a dream. We cruise at around 33 - 3500 rpm and 30ish mph. WOT will nudge 50 when it is smooth out. . She is quiet, smooth and solid as a rock. Excellent for taking a bunch of people out for a cruise or the kids out for a tube session. Then put in the table and have lunch on the hook - pretty deluxe for a bow rider I must
  8. Check to see if you have an air leak at your fuel filter. This will cause the pump to cavitate and produce the whine.
  9. Howdy, Just an FYI posting of my experience with my new-to-me Chap. Occasionally I have been getting an alarm at prolonged high speeds although the water temp was not high. So I replaced the impeller in my 2006 256SSI (VP 5.7). It appears to be the first time the impeller has been changed since there was still red paint on the pump bolts. Boat has 215 hours. Anyway, the old impeller was missing two full blades and they were nowhere to be seen in the pump. Ayeeeee! Bad news for an amateur mechanic. I then traced the water output line to the thermostat and removed it (it was much easier t
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