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    New boat - poor quality

    I think that you are being unfair to Chaparral! ---- The Chaparral Dealer has been willing to repair all the "deficiencies with your boat," which means that Chaparral is honoring their warranty! (WHAT DO YOU WANT!)----- Chaparral is a High Quality Boat! ---- All boats have issues! ---- How many boats have you owned? ---- In my life time, I have owned and / or operated on a regular basis a 16' Aqua Glass, a 23' Maxum, a 28' Hydra Sport, a 27' Doral, & a 28' Carolina Classic both Gas & Diesel,--- and they all had issues. ----- Some big and some small. ---- This is boating! ----- If you want to voice your feelings to Chaparral write them a professional / objective business letter explaining your concerns! ----- If you do not like the boat sell it and get something that you like! ---- Life is too short to own something that you do not like. -----Boats are not like cars! ---- They are "hand made products!" ----- NOTE: I am waiting on a delivery of my new 290 Chaparral Signature Cruiser, and I expect that I will be dealing with some issues! ---- I have a GREAT dealer, and I know that I will be treated in a professional manner both by the dealer and Chaparral! ----- Best regards! ----- Dwayne
  2. Never Say Never

    Chaparral Brochure Archive

    Chaparral builds some GREAT boats! ----- It was nice to see how the product line has developed over the years. ------ We cannot wait to get our new 2013 / 290 Cruiser. ------ This will be our first Chaparral! ---- The best thing that happened in relation to "Storm Sandy," --- is that the "loss of our old boat" made it possible to own a new Chaparral! ---- Best regards to all on this great site! ----- Greg
  3. Never Say Never

    Have you ever go for boating after drinking wine?

    Most boaters have a hard time docking their boat under normal conditions without alcohol. ------ "Drinking Alcohol" would only compound the process! IT IS NOT A SMART IDEA! ----- But the choice is yours! ----- Every "choice" has its responsibilities! -------- I DO NOT allow any "alcoholic beverages" and / or "smoking" on our boat! ---- If I am stopped for a "safety check" by the Coast Guard or the Marine Police, I do not want to deal with those issues. ----- My boat, ---- my rules! ---- All the best! -----
  4. Never Say Never

    What should I expect from Chaparral?

    Hi everyone! I am waiting on the delivery of a new 290 - 2013 Chaparral Signature Cruiser. -------- We lost our old boat in Storm Sandy on the Hudson River, (a 1999 27' Doral) ------ In terms of a receiving a "Goodie Bag from Chaparral, --- I would rather have my new boat delivered in a "professional manner" with no problems with the hull, -- gel coat, -- engines, -- drives -- and -- accessories. ---- I think this is "more important" than any "Goodie Bag!" ---- Just my opinion! ----- Best regards! ----- Have a GREAT day! ---- See you on the water!
  5. Never Say Never

    Any suggestions on how to sell my SIG 290?-tried everything!

    I understand your problem. I lost my 27' 1999 Doral in storm Sandy. ---- I was looking for a used 290 boat outside of the states of New York and New Jersey. I found a couple of 2006 boats in the New England States, but when I factored in the cost of having a surveyor from my area to travel to perform the survey, and the cost of transporting the boat to the Hudson River, and the fact that the boats did not have any extended warranty, my wife and I decided to go with a new 290. ------- Your boat is probably an OUTSTANDING DEAL but for a person like myself it would not be a feasible purchase process. ---- So, as a seller, you are left with two alternatives, broker the boat or trade the boat against the new Chaparral! ----I would trade the boat, and get out from under owing two boats. ---- With the cost of insurance, the boat constantly depreciating in value, and the cost of maintaining the old boat, ---- you would be ahead in the long run! ---- Chalk it up to the cost of boat ownership! ----- Best regards!
  6. Never Say Never

    Fogging Fuel Injected Engine

    Based on this very informative posting, it might be a good idea to run some "Marvel Mystery Oil" in the fuel on a regular basis. ----- (4 ounces to every 10 gallons of fuel in the tank.) ------- This product is safe for engine oxygen sensors and cat converters. -------- It is designed to lubricate the fuel system components, control the build up of varnish in the fuel system, --- and control carbon build up in the combustions chamber.) -----This product is not expensive, and it can be purchased at K-Mart, WalMart or Pep Boys. ----- I purchase it in gallon containers since I use it in everything that burns gasoline. I always used this product in my 1999 27' Doral Cruiser with a 7.4 V8 since it was new. --- ( I lost this boat in Storm Sandy, and I am waiting on a new 290 Signature Cruiser with twin 4.3 & Alpha drives. I cannot wait to see the new boat!)
  7. Never Say Never

    Suggestions for Fuel and Engine Additives?

    Kindly be advised that I have been using Marvel Mystery Oil in the fuel of all my vehicles for years. ---- (Four Ounces of MMO to every ten gallons of fuel.) ---- This additive has been on the market for years! ----- You are going to read different opinions on this subject! ----- It is a "hot issue" in the boating / automotive world! ----- The choice is yours! ---- On the "engine oil" side of the issue, ---- I would only use only MerCruiser oil as listed in the service manual, together with a MerCruiser oil filter. ----- (Quality Oil and Filters are cheap, ---- engines are expensive!) ------ Best regards!
  8. Never Say Never

    Marvel Mystery Oil- Do you use?

    Hi Sand Man: I would never use this product in the engine oil because my new Chaparral, (that I am waiting on), will be using a full synthetic 20 /40 MerCruiser oil designed for engines with Cat Converters! -----(MMO is safe in the fuel for engines with Cat Converters) ----- Some people believe in a "fuel additive" and some people do not! ----- It is simply a personal choice. It is like taking vitamins. Some people believe they are important, and some people think they are a waste of money. ----- Many years ago, I had this conversation with my doctor. At that time I was in my late 40's, and he was in his early 40's. ----- (I always like a younger doctor, because I feel that there is a better chance of him being around longer than me!) ---- He told me that taking vitamins was a waste of money. ---- Well I have been taking them all of my life. ---- I am now 70 years old with the blood pressure of a 21 year old! --- I do not take any medication! ----- I guess i win! ---- Everything in life is a "personal choice." ----- We could discuss the pros & cons of this product but in the end, it all boils down to a "personal choice!" I feel good about using it, and other people do not! ----- It is like drinking and smoking. Some people engage in this activity, and live with the consequences. Again it is a personal choice! ----- Best regards! ------
  9. Never Say Never

    Marvel Mystery Oil- Do you use?

    Hi Eric: Kindly be advised that I DO NOT work for Marvel Mystery Oil, nor do I sell Marvel Mystery Oil, but I use Marvel Mystery oil in the fuel of my vehicles at a rate of four (4) ounces to every (10) gallons. ----- My 2007 V6 XLE Camry has 81,000 miles, and my 2010 Chevrolet Malibu 4 cylinder LTZ has 41,000 miles. Both vehicles get 30+ MPG on the highway at 60mph. I drain the oil every 2,500 miles in both vehicles since I purchased them new. The engines are very quiet and smooth running. I also used this product in the fuel of the boat that I lost in Storm Sandy (a 1999 27' Doral Cruiser with a 7.4 V8 & a Bravo 3 Drive). I also use this product in my portable gasoline generator, and in the snow thrower! ----- Friends of mine use this product in the fuel of their Yamaha Outboards. ---- So, I guess at this point in time you have to make up your own mind about this product. ---- Most marinas are selling a "marine" fuel called "Valve Tech!" This fuel contains an "upper cylinder lubricant." So, I am just adding a little extra upper cylinder lubricant. ------ ( NOTE: ---- 4 ounces to every 10 gallons of fuel will not be visible in the liquid so how much damage could it do! --- On the other side of the issue, it would lubricate the fuel pump and the fuel injectors.) ----- I purchase it by the gallon in Wal-Mart, Kmart or PepBoys! ---- I add it to the fuel at 'fill-up!" ----- I hope this information helps you make your own decision! ---- Have a great day!
  10. Never Say Never

    Sig 290 2011

    REFERENCE: 290 Chaparral Signature Cruiser Hi Everyone: I am new to this forum. ----- My wife and I ordered a "new" 2013 / 290 Signature Cruiser at the New York Boat Show. ------ We are presently waiting on the delivery of the new boat. ----- We are very "excited" about this purchase! ----- We are VERY fortunate, in that we have an OUTSTANDING dealer! (They are the BEST on the Hudson River!) ------ The description of our boat is as follows: HULL: White / No Radar Arch ENGINES: Twin 4.3 MerCruiser with Alpha Drives Full Camper Canvas & Cockpit Cover Fire control system in the engine compartment. VHF radio Windlass W / Chain & Rode A/C in cabin Basic standard equipment I am looking to communicate with 290 owners who could share some 'insight" with regards to this boat. ------ This will be our 4th new boat purchase. --- In the past we owned a 1976 16' Aqua Glass Stinger with a 50hp Mercury Outboard, ----- a 1995 23' Maxum Cabin boat with a 5.7V8 and an Alpha Drive, ----- and a 1999 27 Doral Cruiser that we lost in Storm Sandy. ----- The Doral had a 7.4 MerCruiser engine with a Bravo 3 - I/O drive. It was a VERY powerful power train, and the boat performed VERY well! ---- We really liked this boat, and we would have kept it till we were out of boating, if Storm Sandy had not floated it off it's stands and blocks in winter storage, and sunk it in the storage lot! ---- Our boating experience has been in the Hudson River, lower New York Bay, the Raritan Bay, the Coast along N.J., the Manasquan Inlet, Port Jefferson / Long Island and the Barnegat Bay. ---- We would like to take a small trip down the Hudson River to Keyport, spend the night, and return the next day once this boat is delivered! How do you like your 290 Cruiser? ---- What issues have you had, (if any), with your boat? ---- How do you like the 4.3 MerCruiser Engines? ---- How do you like the Alpha Drives? (I could have ordered the with Bravo 3 drives, but my Doral had some issues with the "carriers and bearings" in the Bravo drive over the years!) I am interested in your opinions as to the performance of the boat with 4.3 and Alpha Drives. Thank you in advance for your help, concern and professionalism. Best regards! Greg