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  1. Is there any interest in getting a Chaparral weekend in Roche Harbor this year. Early September might be a target date.
  2. Sea Jay

    2007 Signature 290

  3. Our phone number is 604 821 0503. Give us a call and we can set something up. John and Colleen

  4. "Now that boating season is approaching, have you thought about the San Juan Islands. We should try to get some Chaparoos together for a weekend cruise. Sea Jay "

    Absolutley..... let us know when your heading out ... we'll tag along !

  5. That's interesting to hear. I have heard that it is the wake pressure generated by the opposing engine that puts pressure on the bellows which causes the opposing bellow to fail. Hence the more rigid bellows in the newer version. Again this is all discussion talk but it would be great if VP put "offical" information out for all those effected. As far as triming the legs... there are stop limits which can be adjusted so that the leg can only be trimmed as set. This prevents swim platform issues. You would think that this information would come out in a bulletin from VP to protect users from over triming the legs if that is what is causing the bellow failures.
  6. Its a 2007 Signature 290 and I know of another 290 and a 350 in the area. It would be great to get the North Pacific Fleet together for a weekend and some photos. John 604 821 0503 Richmond B.C.

  7. Hey Sea Jay...

    We have a Sig 270...so we are still able to trailer her around...therefore, we keep her on the trailer and in our backyard. In the winter, she goes into a warm, dry storage barn.

    What kind of boat do you have? Looks like a 290 in the pic?

  8. Now that boating season is approaching, have you thought about the San Juan Islands. We should try to get some Chaparoos together for a weekend cruise. Sea Jay

  9. Where do you keep you boat. I am in Point Roberts. Sea Jay

  10. See your in the neighborhood. Do you get to the San Juans very often. I know of 4 other Chaparoo cruisers out here in the North West. We should try to do a weekend cruise... Sea Jay

  11. I wish you the best of luck in getting some resolution. As I said VP came good on their warrantee promises and hopefully they will continue to honor any on going issues that will arise. I can not believe what has been going on with these legs. From everything I have read in the past, VP products were way superior than MC in performance, workmanship, user friendliness and warrantee service but that does not seem to be the case now.
  12. I ABSOLUTELY love the boat. The engines have been no issue... BUT the LEGS, now that's another story.
  13. In visiting the Seattle Boat show this spring and talking with the VP people I was really nor surprised to hear that the VP OSI XDP (composite drives packages) had been discontinued. I bought my 2007 Signature 290 in Feb of 2008 and have been very pleased with the boat and engines (twin 5.0's)however the legs are another story. Late last spring a friend with a new 2008 Signature 290 (twin 4.3 OSI XPD's) had growling noises in the engine area. Upon inspection it was found that the bellows had ripped and that the "internals" were all rusted and hence the growling. Shortly there after I recieved an IMPORTANT RECALL letter from VP involving their XDP propulsion package installed on my boat. Upon inspection it was found that water had got inside the bellows and corroded the "internal" components. A short 5 weeks later, all through the best weather of the summer, I was back in the water. Since then I have had limited opportunities to venture away from the dock. I must say that I have no complaints with VP as they did cover all parts and labor and even half of the haul out costs. This Spring with the great weather away we got away. There was only 15 hours on the new bellows and arriving back in the marina I detected water in the drive fluid reservoir. I get hauled out and find one bellow filled with oil and the other bellow filled with water. Another short 5 weeks later I am back in the water AGAIN. Again VP did pay for all parts, labor and the total haul out this time. There seems to be alot of continuing VP OSI XDP issues happening. It would be interesting to see what legal action if any VP is facing over the OSI XDP failures. Interesting to read that the "Trimming of the drives" may cause the failures. I have had the trim cylinder replaced as well. I do not get a warm fuzzy feeling when I pull away from the dock as I wonder what, not when, something will happen with the legs. Frustrated
  14. Sea Jay

    Chaparral 330

    Check and see what drives Volvo is going to continue into 2010 and beyond. They have discontinued some of their product lines. BELLOWS have been a hugh issue on the XDP OSI series. Be sure to check which version of bellows you have. Good luck.
  15. I know that there are 2 - 290 and a 350 in the area. Nice to have a 280 join the Chaparoos in BC. We should see if the fleet can't get together.
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