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  1. jhole

    How much water in boat?

    To clarify about the ski locker, there is a drainage channel that the hinged hatch sits down into. When water gets into the floor of the boat via rain or wash down, a good bit of water runs into that channel which has a drain and via a hose is directed into the ski locker. (at least on my boat) I'm looking to try and reroute that hose through the bulkhead and into the bilge as my next project. I can deal w/ the bilge being wet all the time but the ski locker on mine is constantly wet for a variety of reasons and trying to dry that up. For example if I can reroute the above, I can perhaps then plug the drain hole from locker to bilge and avoid back flow. Re: The Sink - On mine the counter lid that covers the trash receptacle has no sealing so any water on that counter drains right thru and into the trash can below and sometimes into the storage area. I may try installing a rubber gasket around that hole so when lid is closed the water will drain around and into the cockpit....still a work in progress!
  2. jhole

    How much water in boat?

    I have a Sunesta 224 but many of these issue are common for all the Chappy runabouts. Bilge - I too had dry as a bone bilges in my previous boats but have just gotten used to having some water in the bilge with this brand. Floor Locker Drain - On the 224 it's a very poor design as the bilge backwashes under the gas tank into the floor locker, so it's a catch 22 with keeping that drain open. The locker is about even w/ the bilge floor and with the drain fitting the locker can't drain completely. In fact on mine I had issues with the cavity below the ski locker floor holding water due to cracks in the ski locker floor - after two service visits we ended up making the fiberglass repairs but also installing an access hatch to easily inspect or dry out in the future. Also the ski locker lid scupper drains into the ski locker rather than the bilge creating even more water in the locker. Windshield Cover Leaks - As stated earlier the bow cover creates a slope back to the windshield and the cover doesn't have enough lip or coverage to keep water out. Someone on this forum posted the idea of putting a slit in a float noodle cut to fit on the helm console door that closes off the bow walk thru. That puts enough pressure on the cover and the bottom of the walk thru window to reduce the amount of water that leaks through. Leaks at Bimini top mount near entertainment center - Similar to your arch I bet, the cover on my boat creates a funnel as it doesn't seal where the bimini arch folds up causing water to flow onto the entertainment center. Into the sink is fine as that drains overboard but a lot goes into the trash chute and into the trash can. I end up wrapping a towel around those supports and also putting a towel under the trash chute cover to soak / plug that area up a bit. I'm looking now at having a customer mooring cover and/or one piece (over the windshield) cockpit/bow cover made. Hope this helps!
  3. jhole

    Fuel/Power Opinion

    I'm not familiar with the Signature series but on my 224 with 5.0Gxi, I would not consider 3600 RPM to be cruise speed - the boat settles into a nice cruise at around 3000 RPM and on my boat I would not "cruise" at 3600 unless I was trying to get back due a deadline or storm. I'm sure your boat is different due to size and dual engines, but off the cuff it seems that you could back off a bit, assuming you can stay on plane and so forth. My two cents anyway...
  4. jhole


    I am extremely interested in your updates, as I'm having an issue with water between the bottom of the ski locker and v-bottom hull in my 224.
  5. RoyR - Reading through your issue and post was extremely helpful, thanks for linking again here. Your leak looks towards the back near the drain and my crack is roughly 3 feet forward of the drain to bilge, so I'm going to call my dealer to see 1) if they might do it under some kind of hull warranty; and 2) if they do or not, I'm going to end up with a watertight hatch as you did and make sure watch under there first. We also don't use the front step cooler at the bow as we agree it's a stupid design but if the bottom is above the front floor liner I may try to drain it via a thru-hull into the front legroom area...while I'm at it. Thanks everyone for the insight...very helpful!
  6. That's great feedback, I wasn't thinking about foam being in there.
  7. Yeah, it was getting late when we left Sat and will go back on Monday and making my list of items to check. If I can't find anything outside on hull, I'm wondering how water might get in that V space - perhaps anchor locker or some other water drain point that the cover didn't protect. I've owned boats in the past that had a drain for that space that was typically plugged but of course that would be under the gas tank - one of the reasons the ski lockers on 224 don't drain well anyway. (went thru that when new, gas tank was installed so far forward it blocked the ski locker drain hole!)
  8. On Saturday we spent time cleaning the ski locker and bilge with a good cleaning as a decent amount of water leaked in thru the standard snap covers over the winter (boat stored on a lift for 1st time outside this winter) and had gotten a bit dirty down there. For the first time since we bought the boat new we took everything out of the ski locker including the plastic mat that runs the length and gave it a good cleaning. Given the poor drainage of the ski locker when at rest, we took the boat out for a short spin to drain as much as we could when the boat was coming on plane. As we did that we noticed something we've never seen....a small crack in the floor of the ski locker near what looks to be a stringer that would leak water up in ski locker when bow up underway. When dead in water stopped leaking and after about 15 minutes of running bow high the leaking subsided to a trickle. (see photo while underway) https://goo.gl/photos/8zybbakWd1CJc2Lg8 I'm assuming that water is under the ski locker floor in the space between locker floor and V hull. I'm pretty sure there are no hull cracks on outside as I'd probably notice since on lift but will double check. I'm going to check on the warranty but frankly I've been better at finding & fixing the typical Chap issues than the dealer so I'm considering if I should explore or create a hatch in ski locker floor so I can see for myself. (assuming no cracks in hull, definitely going back in that case) Any thoughts or insight from the great crew here online?
  9. jhole

    Fuel Economy Sunesta 224

    I have a 2012 Sunesta 224 with the Volvo 5.0Gxi and single prop and it seems to want to settle in around 2800-3000 RPM. Boats tend to tell you where the cruise is comfortable with a given prop and hull type and seems for most craft in this range it's going to be in that range. I'm experimenting in 2017 with moving to 4 blade which I've used in the past on other boats as looking for better hold on plane and acceleration under load. (got a great deal on single prop or I'd have a duo) Current prop is a 14 3/4 x 19 which seems just fine for all around. Fuel burn for this engine on this boat is very reasonable.
  10. If you plan to keep this boat for awhile, not sure why you wouldn't go for a full zip and snap in enclosure that's custom made as a long term benefit. I have a 224 Sunesta and had a local boat canvas shop make front and size curtains so if rain is possible or forecast (summer pop up showers, etc) I can keep the front/side zipped onto the top but rolled up when not being used. (like you see on flybridge canvas). While the guy was at my marina he offered to make the entire back enclosure for five hundred extra since he was there and so now with a full enclosure I leave that on it in the fall rather than the mooring cover for Fall outings. Don't have a picture but will try and remember to post when it cools down...if it ever does.
  11. jhole

    Towing Etiquette

    As folks have stated, if you can afford a boat you should have towing coverage if available, but those people probably aren't reading our forum anyway so here are my thoughts regarding towing other boaters. First, I would only tow a boat if it was a very smooth day on our very choppy lake and a very short distance (can I see the landing?) and smaller than mine. Glad to help them anchor, bring them to shore, call for help, standby until help arrives, ferry passengers to shore, etc. My 224 Sunesta has popup cleats which should never be used unless a super easy tow (maybe a Sunfish, small watercraft, canoe!) and the transom cleats are so low and under the platform that I'm sure there are potential issues with fouling the line, properly securing the line, etc. Also, I don't keep poly line aboard much less a bridle with a float, and of course never use a nylon line for a tow of any substance - the stretch and rebound should it break can be deadly. Also, I have instructed my late 20's kids who are very safe and experienced boaters, that if they are on the water without me and someone asks for a tow, they are to say they are not allowed, make me the bad guy, and render personal assistance if needed but never to make that decision without me. It will be my insurance and liability policy that comes into play should they damage a boat or heaven forbid cause harm due to a poor tow situation. From a liability perspective, we have an obligation to assist in the saving of life, but no obligation to save property. Good Samaritan laws protect us as long as we're using "proper seamanship" but in this litigious society, who the heck knows who might sue you for what they think was a poor decision. My two cents anyway!
  12. jhole

    Riders in. Bow

    With the weight and balance of a 256 you should have been fine w/ two adults in the bow, assuming not truly rough weather/swells and just strong wind and wake chop. You mentioned 25 mph, and I wonder if you were taking wakes/waves at a slower speed as required when encountered or running at a constant speed on plane thru it all. The angle of approach and speed with which you hit sizeable wakes and waves will dictate backing off on a regular basis even in a larger boat such as yours, and I assume you are doing that. Just barely off plane your boat should stand the bow up nicely even w/ the extra bow passengers for passing thru larger swells or large boat wakes. My two cents from 40 years on the water.
  13. jhole

    For Dog Owners.. Our Faithful Companion....Jed

    My heartfelt sympathies for your loss - we lost our Sheltie 6 years ago and it seems like yesterday sometimes. Looks like Jed was loved very much and enjoyed being out on the water.
  14. jhole

    Southport NC to Wilmington

    Also, I assume you have this info but just in case... http://www.wilmingtonnc.gov/community_services/recreation/docking
  15. jhole

    Southport NC to Wilmington

    Downtown Wilmington boardwalk has very good dining options, easy trip, watch for debris as always in the river, we have put in and out of Southport marina many times on fishing trips, not sure of other options. In fact I grew up as son of a boat dealer in that area in the 70's but now live in Charlotte, and plan to do the same this fall w/ my dad for his 80th since he can't boat on his own any longer. Probably run up to Wrightsville as well for old times sake. Recommend local chart and when in coastal waters keep a handheld VHF onboard. Easy run offshore out the river if so inclined and not blowing up a chop, have done it many times in smaller bay boats. Hope you have good weather and give us a trip report!