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  1. I would say that is an 2550SX
  2. Nice boat.
  3. changing or adjusting v belts have nothing to do with ignition timing. That would be the timing chain.
  4. Look on your title.
  5. SX's are great boats
  6. However mine is not stock, but it can give you some ideas.
  7. You gotta love those SX's
  8. WOT

    I like to run her WFO occasionally nothing wrong with that.
  9. Loadmaster.
  10. Don't hit the ejector seat switch.
  11. Check your fuel filter or could be old gas.
  12. We need more info on engine package, year,cubic inch, fuel injected or not, computerized or not.
  13. You need one of these
  14. Did you check the fuse that is at the starter solenoid ?
  15. All I can say is WOW.