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  1. It was a local guy. I live on a lake called False River near Baton Rouge, LA. He does it on the side, but grew up in the business and does a great job for a reasonable price. The only thing I changed was the color on the vinyl on the door to the head. It was white and I changed it to the brown/beige color. He has had boat for about a month. He said it would be complete this weekend.
  2. New upholstery in 2002 233 Sunesta almost complete - only bolster seat remains. Should be completely done by the weekend.
  3. Too late - done - see pic. It sounds great, no vibration, very solid. I guess I will have to live with consequences, good or bad. It was really esthetically the best place to put it. The install came out perfect. Put Amp on wall behind helm.
  4. Sorry, I have a 2002 Sunesta 233. I'm not too worried about fuel vapor, that will probably take longer than the sub will last anyway (my boat is 12 year old and foam still not in too bad of condition). I was more worried about the effect the engine heat would have on the sub.
  5. 10" sub installed on engine hatch - worried about heat - feedback?
  6. I have a 2001 Sunesta with a 5.0 mercruiser. I want to change the engine oil, but don't want to pay high dealer price. Can I used Castrol and a Wix Filter? If so, what weight oil?
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