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  1. Sensor sounds at random times, but generally running about 25+/- MPH. Has only happened 4 times in last 6 months. Not wanting to swap reservoirs yet, so we'll see if it happens again with disconnecting the sensors.
  2. After connecting the computer and reviewing engine codes, nothing popped up specific to this issue. Mechanic thinks its the float in the gear lube reservoir, so we've unhooked the connectors to it and see if the warning stops. My Merc's use about 1/4" of gear lube oil per month, so I'm always checking them. Not worried (at this point) about having the sensor disconnected here.
  3. I've got a 2012 337ssx with axius and twin 5.7 Mercury engine/out drives. After recently having the oil changed and impellers changed, I occasionally get a beeper and reading of "starboard engine sensor". Thoughts ?
  4. Any word on the 307 SSX or 350 SSX bowriders ?
  5. LED

    Are your new lights on the trim tabs, swim deck, or back of transom ?
  6. Just left TRL today. Water level is ~910, which is 8-10 ft low. Many treetops back in coves. Water temp is ~88 degrees, clean and clear ! REALLY need some rain.
  7. I've got an '07 SSX 276 and my "house" battery is weak. Most likely will replace both the house and engine batteries. What sizes or specifications should I get ? My Whey
  8. This is one of those categories, which if you're going to be "in the game", you shouldn't even worry about the "price of gas" !
  9. Just got a new 276 SSX and need to put a lift under it. Any suggestions on lift size and brand ? Appreciate any feedback.