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  1. Morning Mist

    Toronto Boat Show

    I looked at the 310 and I wasn't overly impressed. But i did buy my extended swim platform for my 260 though, 2600.00 deer delivered and installed this spring. Can't wait, This is the older style platform they have made a few design modifications.
  2. Morning Mist

    Isinglass burn/browning marks

    They are called standoffs, I just replaced the top on my boat and that's what they installed.
  3. Morning Mist

    Glove compartment door

    Try Sandy Cove Marine in Barrie On. They have a section upstairs they call the Flea Market, Over 3000 SQ Ft. of self serve shelving. Lots of great stuff in there. They are a Chaparral Dealer
  4. Morning Mist


    Sounds like the joker valve needs to be replaced. No Joke. Get a rebuild kit for the Jabsco pump. Not a real pleasent job but not too bad. I have the same boat and have done it once in 4 Yrs.
  5. Morning Mist

    What is the age of your boat and engine hours?

    1999 Sig. 260 with 400 Hrs.