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  1. Problem solved! I took the belt off and it felt glazed on the back side. I wiped the belt down with mineral spirits, lightly sanded the belt with 220 girt, wiped off the belt again and installed it. Quiet as a mouse! Thank you for all the replys. You guys are great!
  2. Hi Guys, I have a 2012 Chap 216 with a 4.3L GXi. I developed a belt chirp meaning it is not a constant steady noise but one that occurs every second or so. If I wet the belt it stops. The belt has less than 100 hours on it. I replaced the tensioner on it but no change. The idler pulley spins freely as does the power steering pump and the alternator. I suspect it is simply the belt. I have tried to find the cross reference for the Goodyear Gatorback but no luck. I know they have been bought out by Continental. My belt number is OEM #21399021. Does anyone have a cross reference number for this
  3. Hi out there. I am the proud owner of a 2012 216 SSI powered with a 4.3L GXi Volvo Penta. I noticed a leak out of the weep hole of the sea water pump that I caught right away. I have replaced the shaft seal but I want to also replace the bearing as I have 400+ hours on the clock. Can anyone give me the part number or the bearing specs please?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have a 2012 216 SSi brand new this year. Any suggestions as to where to get a good semi custom cover? Based on the replies sounds like that is the best option.
  5. I was looking for some guidance on whether to buy a mooring cover or a Transhield shrink cover to put on my boat for the winter. I keep it outside and don't want to deal with a lot of mold in the spring. I am also worried about condensation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. What do you guys clean the non-skid deck with? Mine seems to attract dirt and black marks like crazy. I make passengers take their shoes off before coming aboard.
  7. I have a 2012 Chaparral 216 SSi. Does anybody know how to get to the back of the gauges? I know you cannot do it from opening the seat back. Thanks for your help
  8. I am only getting 40-45 mph on the gauge. It is a little hard to tell as we boat the lynnhaven river which is tidal, meaning we usually have a current we are running with or against. It does not feel like we are going much over 40. How do I check the setting for six or eight cylinder? Would it be on the back of the tach? Did we do any any damage to the engine going over 4800 rpm for short periods? I will say that the way it is we have a great hole shot, very little bow rise even with 6 adults on board. I am very impressed with the performance of the 4.3L GXi. We had a 21 Rinker captiva with th
  9. Hi guys. My wife and I are the proud owners of a new 216 SSI. So far we love the boat. It is equiped with the 4.3 L GXI Volvo Penta, SX drive with a 17 degree Volvo Penta stainless prop. We have surpassed the break in of 20 hours. I had it out and wanted to take it thru her paces and found if I went to WOT the RPMs quickly went above 5K. I quickly backed off the throttle. I called the dealer and inquired if we possibly have the wrong prop. They said no that that engine wont hit the limiter until 5400 RPM. The owners manual states the max RPM should be no more than 4800 RPM. The dealer said i
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