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  1. My 246ssi has a fresh water tank that it draws from. Pretty simple setup. It is mounted under the build in ice chest area. It doesn't have a head sink and i'm not sure where you would mount one.
  2. sprint7

    Too Windy!

    It is off topic but what are those yellow floating dock rings called?
  3. When i installed the trim tabs on my boat i was really surprised how little they moved. It seems about the same as yours.
  4. Nice boat! I also give the trim tabs a thumbs up.
  5. I would be disappointed in that. I would expect 49-53ish mph
  6. When i hooked up my fusion BT i used the amp remote output on the head unit. Can you use that?
  7. I was on the boat between Orange Beach and Pensacola when that came through. We saw it coming and quickly docked at a marina. It came up quickly and was some serious weather! We got luckly.
  8. Thanks for all the help. I think i would rather pick out women's shoes. Few quicks questions. 1. The infinity 6.5" speakers are price less than half of every other 6.5" speaker i have looked at. Are they a good choice? 2. I don't understand using a 600W amp on a 250W sub. How does this not hurt the sub? I'm getting on a cruise ship in the morning and will out of pocket for the week. When i get back i have to make a decision!
  9. I'm not sold on any of his suggestions which is why I came here . I'm just looking for a little guidance as I don't know much about this. That's about 5 nay's and 0 yea's. I'm convinced. Questions is where do I go from here? 3 sets of 6.5" 1 10" sub amp or amps 1200 deer budget feel free to PM with any suggestion!
  10. You know more than me! I asked about a larger sub,or a 5 channel sub and he told me that it wasn't necessary.
  11. I'm about the pull the trigger on my upgrade and wanted to get one last opinion as this is an area that i have very little knowledge. Just to recap the factory Clarion head unit will remain. The following is the recommendation of the local stereo place. He will also be doing the install. (3) sets of Memphis Marine 6.5" speakers in the factory locations http://www.memphiscaraudio.com/products/memphis-xtreme-audio/mxa-coaxial-speakers/15mxa62/ (1) Memphis Marine 10" sub in the same location at Tobywranger's pic. (cutting a hole in the factory location) http://www.memphiscaraudio.com/products/memphis-xtreme-audio/mxa-subwoofers/15mxa10d4/ All powered by a Kenwood XR400.4 http://www.kenwood.com/usa/car/excelon/xr400-4/spec.html I'm looking at about 1200 deer installed and out the door. Would this be a good quality setup? Overall thoughts? I did look at the JL's and Wetsounds but i'ts just not in the budget
  12. Nevermind. I see where you got the dual light.
  13. Funny you said that. About to pull the trigger on some audio upgrades as well! I just keep telling the wife that no matter how much i spend its cheaper than the race cars that we had before!
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