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  1. Since we are relocating to the coast again I am trying to get something more saltwater gulf of mexico friendly looking in the 22-28' twin motor center console.
  2. I figured it all out. I wa sold the wrong kit the first time so I had to hunt down another kit else where once I had the right stuff it was as simple as can be, Now the boat is on the market since it is to small for my family and I
  3. So after the last trip to the lake I decided the water pump has got to be bad. So I call the local shop went and picked up the parts and came home and start tearing everything down. Well at first I thought WOW this is really easy and it was going so fast, well then I got to start putting it back together and I notice I have quite a few more O-Rings then I seen come off and notice I have more gaskets then I could use. So Now im just confused, well then I notice the lower part of the pump is what I think is the wrong part. So have a look at the images below and let me know if im just over looking something or did they sell me the wrong stuff that can not be returned? Also if what they sold me is the wrong stuff is this the right kit: http://www.boatpartheadquarters.com/MercruiserCompleteSeawaterPumpKitGLM-12120-p/GLM-12120.htm?gclid=CP7aiYHRgLgCFWYV7Aod3l4AOA All the pictures I took can be found at: http://ivanlockert.smugmug.com/Boats/1986-chaparral-178xl/29864191_JVbZMB#!i=2561490394&k=phNrv4B I took quite a few. Thank you for your help with this problem.
  4. It appears the running rough was water, since I have no fuel water separator, and the sticking in gear or hard to move from forward to reverse ended up being a lack of oil in the lower unit. So after installing a fuel water separator and changing to oil in the lower unit, the boat now purrs like a kitten and shift like butter. The over heating never happened again. But I will look into that kit and prepare to change out the impeller.
  5. Thanks for the help, Tomorrow I plan to go back to the lake and make the adjustments. The fuel issue seems to have been bad gas, My truck which I filled up at the same spot that I filled the boat up at is also now have the same issues.
  6. So today the wife, kids and I decided to take the boat to the lake. This is our first boat and second time going out on it. First time out we noticed the boat pulled real hard to the left, so hard I had to basically keep the steering wheel almost all the way to the right to keep straight. Well I got home and noticed there was a fin by the prop that was crooked, So I straightened it up. Well today I want to go and see if that fixed the issue, well it did but it didnt, I was able to go straight but still had to keep a right turn on the wheel. messing with the trim did make it easier to handle. Well after about 2 hrs of riding around and just enjoying the fact that we own a boat now and are able to have this moments with our kids, I noticed power was dieing off as was the speed, then I noticed a rattle from the engine compartment and then the temps started to climb, so I backed off the throttle and just sat for a minute to allow the temps to go down. Once it cooled down we started heading towards the dock at that point is when the boat started acting like it was out of gas, (it still had 3/4 of a tank) then it finally just died, we sat in the middle of the lake for roughly 15 mins trying to start the motor, It would start idle rough then die. Finally it started back up and we limped it towards the dock about 1/2 way there it started acting like it was out of fuel again and then backfired a couple of times. Died again but started back up and we limped to the dock, could never go over barely an idle pace, when the boat tried to die I would but it in Neutral and it would smooth out and then we could start again. Im at a lost for ideas on what is wrong with this thing. My first guess was fuel filter, or fuel pump but now I have no idea. Im also at a lost on my steering problem. I figured I would try here first and see what other thought, but end result I think im going to take it to a shop and have them give the boat a good once over. The guy I bought it from "said" the engine was just rebuilt. But then again I know nothing about the 3.0 i/o mercruisers. Im starting to under stand the whole Break Out Another Thousand thing.
  7. Thank you for the help. I assumed you could just buy any controls and mount them in the place of whats there.
  8. This is whats in mine. It sticks real bad. I was just going to buy replacement, but not sure if it has to be the same kind or something else.
  9. Do you have any suggestions on a throttle control?
  10. My Family and I just got our first boat and Smith lake is rouhgly 30 mins from the house so I have a feeling I will be out there quite often this summer. Just seeing if anyone on here also goes out there. Its nothing fancy, but its paid for and so far I only have two issues to deal with.
  11. Does anyone know where I can find diagrams or any information for that. I just bought the boat and im have a couple issues that I need to work out. Id like to have some kind of a resource manual to look at while im working on it. At least attempt to fix it myself beofre posting about it on here. The 2 main things I need to fixare: 1. The steering is seems to be stuck in a Left turn, it you turn almost all the way right the boat will go straight as long as you keep is low speed, if you try to open it up it will start riding weird and feeling very unsafe. 2. Throttle control sticks really bad but only while the engine is running, While sitting on the trailer in the yead it shifts perfectlly fine. In the picture you notice the little fin above the prop, it was turned a little when I got home so I straighted it up a little and im thinking that may of been part of the problem. Other thing I went to Bass Pro today to look at the Tahoe with the same type of motor and noticed none of them had that little fin.
  12. I emailed them making sure if something wasnt right with the fitment I could return it, and if that all comes out good then Im going go ahead and order it. I had good luck ordering my jeep top from a palce like that so I not to worried, but money is money and wasting it no matter how little is a bad idea.
  13. My main reason for one is my sone is red headed na d pale skin and burns in the shade. I guess he got my wifes irish blood over my Native American blood. Its just hard to pull the trigger on one thats crazy in price since this is our first boat and pretty much a trial boat, to see if we will actually use one enough to justfiing a note or spending more on some bigger and newer. I guess Ill message the ebay seller and see how they respond, Ill make a post about them later on.
  14. I did a serach and for a post reguarding a top for an 88 model. I went out and took the measurement and found some tops on ebay (ive been loking everywhere) and ebay is the only place I have found something that is in stock and not . http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-BOW-BOAT-BIMINI-TOP-KIT-GRAY-6FT-COVER-WITH-HARDWARE-6-L-x-46-H-x-73-78-W/300916446407?_trksid=p2047675.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222002%26algo%3DSIC.FIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D11%26meid%3D8198637043172695721%26pid%3D100011%26prg%3D1005%26rk%3D4%26sd%3D300913080175%26 Im just curious if anyone has ever order one of these tops if so what is your thoughts on them? Also How height has most went with the bimini tops? Thanks for your help in advance.
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