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  1. I have a 2007 256 SSI with approx 370 hours. Volvo Penta 8.1L Gi-H with DPS-A sterndrive. Hi & Dry kept its whole life and all services and repairs professional completed. I boat on the North East River and northern Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. I have had the boat out and in water 4 times this season and each time, after a few hours of running and anchoring up, I get a gallon of two of water out of the boat via the transom plug (while boat is hauled out and being put away, i have the boat lifted and tilted up by a Hi & Dry lift for me). Now I did have a mysterious a 1 inch
  2. Thank you everyone! I anxiously await the mechanic's diagnostic this week (and Curt it was one short beep before I throttled back). I will definitely ask for the scan results. Don't know if they are an 'authorized' Volvo shop, but have been there for decades and recently got purchased by a group out of Florida (purchased up several marinas). I will report the verdict as soon as the jury comes back in! And Wingnut - I saw lots of grass on the Elk and at Turkey Point where this happened.
  3. If I ran into some floating grass/weeds, and it blocked the water intake, could that have caused the alarm and de-powering?? I also never shut off the engine for fear of it not re-starting. Just weird that it recovered like never it never happened.
  4. Thank you Curt. Its a 8.1L Gi-H with DPS-A drive. 325 Hours. Only heard the one alarm sound and at exact time power was reduced. Overheating and oil pressure looked normal (low with idle and up to half way at 1500 rpms or more Mechanic that recently looked at it said a fuel pump was giving a 'whining' sound and recommended replacement. Wingnut (the master!) agrees. You also believe fuel pressure is eliminated? Other problem its been having for past few years - would start perfectly when cold. Run 30 minutes. Anchor up a few hours. Then not crank but not start
  5. For a variety of reasons this was my first run of boat for season and it was to transport it to another marina for service. And I ran into trouble! Was moving boat 25 miles total to new marina for service next week (replacement of fuel pump, plugs, out-drive service, battery load test, etc. next week) and after 13 miles/25 mins of smooth running on plane at 28 MPH/2,800 RPMs I heard an audible engine alarm beep and experienced a sudden loss of power, dropping me off plane. Stopped for 30 seconds to check gauges etc. (oil pressure normal. temp normal. trim OK). Powered up engine thr
  6. Having same problem as OP with my Volvo Penta 8.1 (2007 SSi 256 with 350 hours). Engine starts great when it's cold (even after sitting for weeks) and when I run it, turn it off, it will immediately start right up again. But if I run it for say 20 or 30 minutes, then anchor up and sit for 30 minutes or an hour and then try to start it all I get is crank crank crank. I'm worried about draining batteries but eventually it will sputter starting. Otherwise runs smooth as a baby including at WOT. New fuel a month ago. Could use fuel filter change (think it's been a year or so). Very frustrati
  7. Did a run on the Elk River today. First one since the dam release and huge mess. A little more debris than normal but very navigable!
  8. Frank and Karen are planning on attending. I've also let a few other Chaparral owners know. Be warned however that Still Pond gets very crowded, driven by its very nice location and great sandy bottom. I'm aiming to be in the way in back right corner ( I mean starboard side when you enter) like last year near the sandy beach Portside is also very crowded as people anchor up on a sandbar . We look forward to seeing whoever can come, including Wingnut!
  9. Looking forward to the raft up. Kondrad family is in ! My wife enjoyed the test drive on the stand up blowup paddleboard. It was great meeting everyone. And I am clearing space on my family room wall for the Wingnut prize! Black, 2007, 256 SSI
  10. What is water depth getting in off Elk River to sandy beach near Huckleberry Point ?
  11. 77 on Bohemia yesterday. 80 at Triton marina but not a place to anchor up
  12. Great raft up everyone. Was a real pleasure meeting you. Thank you Wingnut for ' hosting' . I've been back now to Still Pond 2x since the event! Great place with nice sandy bottom and festive environment. I'm waiting for Wingnut to try to sell me a seasonal membership next ! Will probably hit it a few more times before end of season
  13. Looking forward to seeing you again Wingnut and meeting new friends on Saturday. Any thoughts on how many attendees? Will bring some goodies to share.
  14. Hello Wingnut and everyone! I have been off of this forum for about a year and to my surprise I was happy to see a get-together being planned. Just checking this is still on? I am up on the Elk River so it's a straight shot down to Still Pond for me. Approximately what time as well? I will only be doing a day trip
  15. Cruising nicely all day in my 2007 256 SSI with VP 8.1 with 240 hrs. Was at 30 mph on flatwater 3000 RPMs when all of a sudden I get one audible alarm and sudden partial loss of power and a second alarm beep and then I would throttle back. Engine still idled fine no problems so I continued cruising. At end day went WOT (couldn't resist it was so beautiful and unusually flat) and no repeat problem. This is the second time this season this has happened. The first time I thought perhaps a fluke. Perhaps something got hung up in the water intake for a second. In both cases I watched all gauge
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