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  1. Wingnut

    Engine Alarm Silent - Gauges Work

    The Piezo Buzzer is hanging off the wiring harness behind the gauge cluster. First step is to see if there is power to the buzzer leads upon initialization. Also be sure that the ground wire is seeing a good ground. If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then replace the buzzer. They are super cheap and can be bought on line. They can handle DC voltages from 7 vdc to 14 vdc, so you don't have to use an oem replacement. https://www.radioshack.com/products/radioshack-108db-piezo-buzzer?variant=20332226437&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyOu114eM4QIVR7jACh0rzASVEAYYByABEgKQVPD_BwE
  2. Wingnut

    Spectrum gelcoat patch can it be rolled on?

    Buy their spran can gel for top coat, then just compound to get the perfect shine. W
  3. Wingnut

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    The filters seem to trap the paint fine. Problem is, 50% of the housing that contains the fuel is after the filters which includes the injectors and pumps. w
  4. Wingnut

    454 BBC performance upgrades

    And you likely have a cast crank and pistons so be careful doing anything that will twist the monster too tight. Weak valve springs too and the intake valves are huge and heavy. Even the capacity of the oil pans back in those days was suspect and it was easy to suck the things dry in a chop, with just a few hundred extra RPM. The drive will handle up to 600 HP as long as you don't go to a clever style prop that bite too hard and sudden. W
  5. Wingnut

    Need help replacing coupler to Bravo 3

    Mobile is in Alabama. I worked for Mobil. Ha... Pet peeve of mine. Anyway, your crappy initial start-up can be air in the fuel rail or just the valve lifters taking their sweet time pumping up. Sounds like it's all good. If you do switch to Mobil-1 just be sure it is the 15w-50 and I think you will see a noticeable difference in performance and fuel economy, if there is such a thing on a boat. Good luck. W
  6. Wingnut

    454 BBC performance upgrades

    No idea, but I do know that the 496 to 496 HO option listed for a 14 grand upgrade in 88 so I would think if you have a high output offering it was pretty rare. As you mentioned on your pm, it's time to go serial number diving. In those years, you could pull the valve covers and the intake runner casting was stamped Hi-Perf. W
  7. Wingnut

    454 BBC performance upgrades

    Yep, the old 454 Gen IV beater used from 1988 thru 1991. W
  8. Wingnut

    454 BBC performance upgrades

    Send me a pm with a valid e mail addresses and I will send you a PDF file for your engine manual. W
  9. Wingnut

    454 BBC performance upgrades

    That vintage 454 was pretty maxed-out in stock configuration. Rod bolts were suspect, as was block oiling, cylinder head flow numbers and even valve train. The secret to getting these things to perform and live is making all the horsepower downstairs. They are torque monsters, but due to the high weight of the reciprocating mass, they do not like high RPMS. Even completely internally balanced rotating assemblies don't like RPM's above 5,700 as the intake valves are heavy and rods are not all that robust on the big end. I have found it better to opt for a crate motor and then add prop to keep the higher output replacement engine down within it's happy place. At times that even requires a drive ratio change. Be careful hot-rodding what you have as it will likely spin a rod bearing or fail a head gasket. Raymar has kits available that address the most common areas for failure. W
  10. Wingnut

    Need help replacing coupler to Bravo 3

    A compression check on a cold engine is not going to give you a clear picture. Pistons are not round when at rest, as they are either cast or forged as a minor oval by design, because as they grow with heat, they become the perfect circle. It won't hurt anything to do the test cold, but it won't tell you everything. Nice plug for Mobil 1 in your picture. Next time turn the bottle around. Ha... W
  11. Wingnut

    Cleaning engine compartment on a bow rider

    Just be sure the water level is not high enough to hit the starter while the bilge "soap wave" is sloshing around. W
  12. Wingnut

    Need help replacing coupler to Bravo 3

    Remove the oil filter and see if it is empty. I assume the drill is turning the shaft clockwise as you are looking down. Oil pump don't just fail unless they ingest a chunk of metal. Their internal relief valves will hang open on occasion. W
  13. Wingnut

    Need help replacing coupler to Bravo 3

    At drill motor speed on 30 Wt oil, I'd be real happy with 40 psi. You may have trouble finding a gauge with 1/8" NPT male thread as most will be 1/4". If you look in Tractor Supply, or any hardware store that has water well equipment, you will find a suitable gauge with a range of around 0-100#. If you need a simple bell reducer 1/4 to 1/8, and a 1/8" NPT nipple, those too can be had for a couple bucks. Your first test on engine 1 showed quick, heavy flow to the lifters, and rocker arms. Your second engine showed slow, low volume flow. The amount seen is usually a function of how much clearance there is in the cam bearing journals. The more slop, the more oil gets by. In this case, less oil sneaking by may be a sign of less wear. Either way, knowing is believing. W
  14. Wingnut

    Need help replacing coupler to Bravo 3

    Based on what you saw I would pull the distributor and do the pressure check. Only way to be sure. Simple gauge will cost less than 10 bucks. W
  15. Wingnut

    Need help replacing coupler to Bravo 3

    Screw a pressure gauge into the threaded port at the rear of the intake valley and see what you have. 1/8" NPT male gauge available almost anywhere. You willl have to pull out th OEM pressure sender. I think you are fine. W