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  1. It sits atop the oil filter mounting boss tucked up under the port side exhaust manifold. If you have the remote oil filter option, then follow the hoses back to where they attach to the filter flange hose adapter, then look just above.
  2. The cheap fixes are the best. Those switches are very reliable so likely the bracket was causing the issue all along. W
  3. The shifter position switch is a simple 2 wire SPST unit. Get an OHM meter on it and test it. Not likely a new one would be bad. Check the old one too if you still have it. W
  4. This is a strange one and I ask if you are getting an "Over-speed" indication on the helm display. You failed to mention what year your boat is, but on earlier versions of the 8.1's, Mercs PCM-555 engine management system monitored raw water pressure, and when it was too low for a given RPM, it would put the engine into Guardian Mode, limiting output. The confusing part was this software iteration did not have a low water pressure designation, so Merc kind of stole the over-speed bit. In most cases this is caused by a failing raw water pressure sensor, which is located on the shell side of the
  5. Amen to that. You would think that Chaparral would benefit from the input and trends pasted here from actual owners and spend the necessary funds to upgrade and monitor this site. I have learned a lot here, and have tried to share some of the things I have learned over the years. Hey Cappy, hope you are listening. W
  6. What engine package do you have?
  7. Either you have a raw water delivery issue due to a blockage, or failing raw water pump impeller, or your water pressure sender is failing. It is located on the shell side of your power steering system heat exchanger. Normal water pressure at that pressure tap should be 5psi at idle on a healthy pump, and about 17 psi at 3,000 rpm. If the error occurs as soon as you turn the key on, before cranking then the sender is not being seen by the ECM. W
  8. How "complete" are we talking about? A crate engine is available through Michigan Motors, but will need your old exhaust manifolds, sea water pump, ignition system, and other related accessories. Otherwise your on the hook for 12 grand. W https://www.michiganmotorz.com/products/marine-engines/volvo-penta-replacement-engines
  9. Your generator has charging coils under it's flywheel, no real alternator. It is also equipped with an external 12 VDC regulator. I suspect it has failed, but also check it's plug on spade type terminals for corrosion. If the regulator is not seeing real voltage on it's sense lead, it will max output from the coil bank and never cut back output. 15 volts is not the issue here, it's the fact that it never backs down. 14.8 is spec for output so your coils are healthy. Regulator? Maybe not so much. W
  10. Don't let Marykate anywhere near metal. You may wish to add a drive shower as that really helps to reduce drive deposits. Keeps her running a bit cooler too. W
  11. Is there a "cooler" compartment sunk ito your swim platform? W
  12. According to everything I can read on the subject, the IAC is not the issue. It's a current imbalance that causes the IAC servo motor to overheat and fail. What I can't determine is whether the current spike is due to a alternator diode issue, or a poorly conceived capacitor bank in the PCM-555 itself. The fuse protects the ECM, but will not eliminate the actual cause of the failure. I have never heard of a similar issue with the 377's, so I'm thinking they may have solved the issue on the newer engines. The service bulletin came out of Merc Racing initially on their 525 SC engines and trickle
  13. The paper element is made from Densite paper which captures as holds on to free moisture. As you can imagine, it's capacity is limited, and as the paper swells your 10 micron filter can quickly become a 5 micron, making the fuel pumps work harder. They call them pumps for a reason as they don't suck all that well and any suction side restriction shortens pump life.They also have to fight the cracking pressure of the spring loaded anti-siphon valve at the tank which complicates matters. Best to change both fuel filters in the spring after your initial shake down cruise and after all the fogging
  14. The suction and discharge valves both have return springs and the pump needs to be running in order to have actual flow. At least on the ShurFlow models. W
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