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  1. Wingnut

    Stripped VP dipstick hole on drive

    I never had much luck welding on aluminum after it had been exposed to oil. We fabricated our own tank car adapter in house, and if they were damaged in the field, we could just not get them clean enough to accept a weld. We tried solvents,detergents, and even pre-heat, but the oil would continue to leach out of the base metal. I've welded several skeg back on, but not if the owner "struck oil". I'd be very interested if a member finds an alloy and process that works. W
  2. Wingnut

    Replacement rocker switches?

    A neighbor here in Florida who's boat lift is next to mine told me about a place in Daytona Beach called Surplus Unlimited. We were out boat shopping so we took a ride there. They sell new stuff like any marine store, and have some used boat parts and some new OEM stuff too. What caught my eye was the complete, wired dash panels and gauge sets to include rocker switches, gauges, wiring harness, and the like. Many vintage hard to find units still in the box. I pent an hour there and did not buy anything but if you are looking for something strange, they just may have it. W 613 West International Speedway Blvd. 386-252-5019 http://www.surplusunlimited.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?
  3. Wingnut

    2004 31 Signature, port engine fail?

    Have them check engine alignment and coupler condition too. Locking up a drive enduces substantial stress upstream. Likely a simple seal failure. Actually picking up a length of monofilament fishing line behind the prop is the most common method of failure. W
  4. Wingnut

    Engine Room Blowers

    The blower hoses should go to the lowest place in the bilge ... not just somewhere in the engine compartment ... somewhere under the engine. Builders seem to have two schools of thought here. A properly designed bilge evacuation system needs both inlet venting and outlet discharge induced with the help of the blower system. The most efficient blower on the boat is the engine itself as when it's running it is moving far more CFM than any blower ever will. To that end, many boats including Chap puts a simple pair of hoses from the gunnel fresh air inlet, down into the bilge space below the engine. This way anytime the engine is running, cool air is being sucked into an area below the oil pan, then up across the engine and into the air intake creating a continuous scavenging effect reducing both heat and fume accumulation. At idle speed, and/or before start-up an energized blower will induce flow through this intake hose as long as the engine hatch is closed and then discharge the stale air overboard. Placing the blower suction hose higher in the bilge space eliminates dead zones as air exits the low end of the inlet hose, sweeps up around the lower half of the engine bay, and is then sucked up by the blower suction hose. At WOT with the hatch down and the blowers off, you will actually notice a reverse flow happening within the blower. Every boat is different but I give the builders a little more credit and like to feel that some level of design criteria was incorporated into their hose routing scheme. W
  5. Wingnut

    Engine Room Blowers

    As your originals both failed, I would not replace them in kind. Attwood, Defender, Johnson Pump, Sea Flow and a host of others make both 3" and 4" in-line replacements. I prefer Attwood and it would seem we have some "Defender Defenders". Just check amp rating to confirm you are fused and wired correctly, but in my experience they all draw about the same. W
  6. Wingnut

    Winterizing boat 2002 Chap 196 SSi 5.0

    Requirements change year to year, model to model, and brand to brand. You need to acquire the three OEM maintenance manuals specific to your ride and read them twice. In your case there is an out drive, engine, and ECM manual and if you send me a PM with a valid e-mail address I'll send you some information. W
  7. Wingnut

    Outdrive Trim

    They just built their first 280 CC with the single 425 Yamaha and sent me the data. I though both performance and economy would be a tick better. Hard to keep those off-shore hulls up out of the water but the ride quality is so much better when the water gets snotty. Took our Chap up to Saint Augustine inlet yesterday and had the ICW to ourselves for most of the 24 miles. Homeland Security had 4 of their new RIB's out there with Quad Merc 350 power. They blew by us like we were anchored. I'm finding that the 256 SSX is better suited to the inside waters here than it is even in our home base in the upper Chesapeake. The average day boat is smaller, and slower, but most are outboard and center console. Palm Coast is the only gas dock between Saint Augustine and Daytona so economy is important to these guys. Flagler county does have two very nice free launch facilities so many trailer. I have ours on a lift behind the Condo, right on the ICW and this time of year the "professional captains" fly by bringing the snowbirds yachts down from the north east so you have to keep your eyes open and plan a quick move. Watching the 50 somethings fly by at near WOT is fun to watch but not fun to be a part of. There is always wind and current and they built this place with no impact piles to lay on so approach has to be perfect and three tries seems to be the average. Returned the other day from Matezez Inlet to find 15 MPH winds with gusts to 20. PITA. I can see why Joy Stick with twins is becoming popular down here as the developers just don't invest much in their Marinas. Four piles and a boat lift set at right angles to ICW currents and traffic. If we buy here, it will be back on the canal system for sure. W RPM MPH GPH MPG NAME: Cobia Boats 1000 5.3 2.0 2.69 STREET: 3207 Industrial 29th Street 1500 7.5 3.3 2.27 CITY, STATE, ZIP: Ft. Pierce, FL 34946-8642 2000 9.3 4.3 2.18 PHONE: 772-465-0631 2500 13.0 6.5 2.00 FAX: 772-489-2168 3000 18.3 9.3 1.97 WEBSITE: www.cobiaboats.com 3500 24.8 11.7 2.12 BOAT DETAILS 4000 31.5 15.4 2.05 BOAT MODEL 280 DC 4500 38.3 20.6 1.86 LENGTH 27' 07" 5000 41.8 27.6 1.52 BEAM 9' 08" 5500 48.0 34.5 1.39 PONTOON DETAIL N/A 6000 50.0 36.9 1.36 DRY WEIGHT (Boat Mfr. Pub.) 5680 LBS MAXIMUM HP 500 HP ACCELERATON FUEL CAPACITY 172 Gallons TIME TO PLANE WEIGHT AS TESTED 7184 LBS 0 ~ 30 MPH 8.36 RADAR GUN ENGINE DETAILS ENGINE MODEL/S XF425USA COMMENTS HORSEPOWER 425 HP @ 5500 RPM Test weight includes 2 batteries, 85 gallons of fuel, 2 people, safety and test gear INDUCTION EFI/VCT/DOHC DISPLACEMENT 5.6 L WEIGHT 977 LBS GEAR RATIO 1.79 : 1 ENGINE MOUNTING HEIGHT MOUNTING HOLE POSITION 2 VENTILATION PLATE HEIGHT TEST CONDITIONS PROPELLER/S NUMBER OF PEOPLE 2 BRAND / SERIES XTO Offshore AIR / WATER TEMP 85 / 85 °F DIAMETER/PITCH 16 5/8 x 19 ELEVATION (IN FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL) Sea Level YAMAHA PART # 6GR-45974-00-00 WIND VELOCITY SSE @ 5mph PROPELLER MATERIAL POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL BRAND / SERIES (Center) DIAMETER/PITCH (Center) YAMAHA PART # (Center) RPM SPD GPH MPG 3000 18.3 9.3 1.97 3500 24.8 11.7 2.12 4000 31.5 15.4 2.05 6000 50.0 36.9 1.36
  8. Wingnut

    Outdrive Trim

    I'm not finding fuel consumption numbers to be all that good for the Yamaha line anyway. I'm shopping a 280 CC Cobia and have looked at twin 200's (4 cylinder), twin 250's (6 cylinder), and a single 425 which is a direct injected V-8. The 425 is slick because it has their new effortless electronic power steering so there is no bulky steering ram, and uses a single umbilical from transom to engine. Clean installation and super smooth and quiet. It also diverts exhaust flow from thru-prop to a passage above the cavitation plate when shifted into reverse and is said to provide 135% better reverse thrust than the 300's. The single 425 weighs about the same as the twin 200's, and a little less than the twin 250's. All that said, the MPG sit at around 2.4 with the 250's and 425, and 2.79 with the twin 200's. Top end speed is around 49 with the big power and 43 with the twin 4's. I average 2.97 at 35 MPH with a top speed of 60 +/- with my 496 HO and the reverse thrust of the twin prop Bravo III is impressive and I never have to add RPM while docking. I've been test running the outboards and the lack of reverse response is the hardest thing for me to get used to. Now, having twins will have advantages too, but then there is the double maintenance. I've ruled out Tidewater, Sea Hunt, and Boston Whaler, and have narrowed it down to a Key West, or the Cobia, but the performance and economy numbers run about the same. Blackwater and Southport are out of my price range, but are beautiful boats, but so heavy that they almost need twin 425's. Don't want that level of fuel consumption. Suzuki has a dual prop offering on their big engine, and I understand that an aftermarket company is developing the same for the larger Yamaha's. The have TRP offerings for their smaller engines but they are designed to provide increased transom lift and less bow rise for skinny water operation. Be interesting to see if Yamaha responds with their own version of a DP for use on the heavy offshore boats. I know that outboard fuel consumption is a fraction of what it was in the old 2-cycle days, and now they are getting close to big block numbers, but if it's a economy race, still pretty hard to be an injected small block. W
  9. Wingnut

    Winterizing info

    Obtain the OEM factory service manuals for your specific engine and it will walk you through both winterization, and other helpful and critical maintenance procedures. As with any power plant subtle differences from year to year, and model to model can spell the difference between success and failure and just because this or that worked for him or her does not mean their procedure are applicable to your ride. The issue you face is that Chap has just not sold that many Jet Boats and experience on this forum is lacking. W https://www.cps-parts.com/catalog/rtxpages/manuals.php
  10. Wingnut

    Have my outdrive gear lube o-rings failed?

    I always use the proper "GASKET". What's an "elseware". Is that found on a Merc or a Volvo?
  11. Wingnut

    Have my outdrive gear lube o-rings failed?

    Oh, I was not aware. Yikes The Doctor is picky this morning.
  12. Wingnut

    Just cause we have a bunch of airplane lovers

    My nephew was on The Enterprise which I'm sure you know was the first Nuclear carrier, which was commissioned with 4 reactors. The fleet could not keep pace so during the first retrofit, they removed 2 or the 4. Maybe they would take us water skiing. All 5,000 of us. W
  13. Wingnut

    Have my outdrive gear lube o-rings failed?

    There is obviously some free moisture in there, but the gear lube is working as designed as it has kept the water in suspension. Let it drain for several hours, GET NEW O-RINGS, and get it refilled with Mercriuser High Performance gear lube. 3-1/2 quarts should fill it, and replace the top plug before filling and leave the reservoir cap off until full with the drive in the full down position as it helps to displace the air bubbles. As I'm sure you area aware, drives get filled from the BOTTOM plug using a hand pump. W
  14. Wingnut

    Uh oh....what did I just do...?

    Drop the drive down, resting the skeg on a wood block, then remove the lifting ram rear anchor pin. Raise the drive by hand to ensure there is no binding or interference. With the rams still disconnected, actuate the trim up/trailer switch to cycle the rams upward as you observer their individual movement, and the one that lags behind is likely your bad actor. With the drive lift pin removed, you can rotate the ram pistons 360 degrees by sliding a rod into the rubber bushing hole as you measure for run-out. Easy repair if you bent a cylinder rod. There is also a rod scraper which is part of the seal assembly that can grab the shaft so hard that the trim pump has trouble moving the ram. It happens when corrosion builds up behind the ring in it's grove, pushing the metal wiper on to the shaft o.d. That too is both a cheap and easy fix but it can be a bear to get the seal cap and wiper assembly slid off of the rod. Skeg damage is not a huge deal as it's primary purpose is prop slow speed impact protection, but if you loose enough of it's length, it will begin to affect low speed steering. W
  15. Wingnut


    Every engine combination differs slightly and some are very simple and straight forward and others are a pain. List your year, model, make, and horsepower and we will get a manual into your hands that details all the necessary steps for your specific engine. This is not an area to guess and you will learn a lot from reading an OEM maintenance manual TWICE, well beyond winterization. W