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  1. Mary and I are planing on going to the Baltimore show Jan 25 thru 28. I'm shooting for Friday.
  2. Yes. The pump re-starts on a decrease in discharge pressure. Your tank is on the suction side and is designed to be vented to atmosphere at all times. The revised design Surflo Pump (4008#) I find superior to the older 3600 series units. The 3600 had a habit of developing cracks in the valve body. Check your dock side pressure from the city water system, buy a regulator, and replace the pump. Your pump runs every 10 minutes because discharge side water is sneaking backwards through your defective pump, and back into the suction side, which eventually over-flows your storage tank. Per links below. W
  3. The cap is vented so air can enter as water is displaced. Do not attempt to seal it up as the tank would collapse. Your pump has both a suction and discharge check valve, so if the dock side tie in was installed in the pump discharge piping, then the pump valves are both leaking back. Hard to believe, as if that was happening, the pump would cycle on and off constantly when you were not on dock side city water. You may have super high city water pressure which is overwhelming the capability of the very simple poppet check valves used in these pumps. Make up water should not exceed 30# and a simple in line pressure reducer/regulator is available at any good marine store. Lastly, if the tie in was dealer installed, they may have tied in the city water tee into the suction side of the pump, and not the discharge. That would leave you with a glorified refill line only. W
  4. The 01 had the 4 valves per cylinder all mechanical Cummins and they will run forever. No electronic fuel management what so ever.
  5. Those are sub system codes relative to engine over speed, low oil pressure, and under current error. As these faults would typically be unrelated, I suspect they are false and that you have a low voltage condition which is causing the ECM to lose it's mind. Volvo ECM's are really picky about base line voltage during the start cycle. They do not like deep cycle batteries being used as starting batteries as the at rest constant 12 VDC can drop too low to satisfy the ECM initialization requirements during cranking. I'd start with a good cable check, and then connect a digital volt meter to the power feed as close to the ECM as possible. Get the thing running and check the voltage both during cranking and after the engine starts. You may have a failed alternator or it's integral regulator or even just a bad battery. W
  6. Oh, I forgot about the AC evaporator core bursting, spraying compressor oil and R-134 all over the cab interior, and his terrified wife. I replaced it, evacuated the system, recharged it and when he asked if it would ever happen again, I said I still don't understand why it happened the first time. It's a shame really as the cab exterior shows as new but even the rear chrome bumper rusted through now. I could see this out in the snow belt, but upper eastern shore Maryland? Our county does not even use salt. W
  7. The Cummings offerings are really loud. They use a vacuum pump driven off the power steering pump to run accessories, and they are prone to oil leakage. Three stage fuel pumps fail too as there is a primary in the fuel tank, an intermediate on the frame, and the actual injector pump on the engine which is about $1,800 to rebuild. My neighbor has a Ram 3500 extended cab and it's been a nightmare. He bought it new, hauls virtually nothing, and it spends many days in my shop here. THe story I'm about to tell will have you thinking that this thing plows snow on salted roads for a living, but in fact it's a glorified grocery getter. 1.) He stops over at 56,000 miles and says he hears a noise. I take a ride and tell him the front brake pads are metal to metal. I pull the cast aluminum wheel off only to find the honeycomb between the brake rotor halves has rusted out and a chunk broke off busting the pad material from the backing plate. The other pad is almost new thickness. New front rotors and pads and an insulator gasket between the rotor casting and the aluminum wheel and he's back on the road. 2.) At 64,000 mile he stop by again and rear disc rotors are suffering the same fate as the front. Same fix and I'm starting to hate cast aluminum wheels bolted to cast iron rotors. 3.) At 70,000 Transmission won't lock up the converter, so I go on line and read about a resistor that must be added to the wiring harness to prevent this issue as it is a function of weak alternator diodes which it's said are common. Sounds like Bull to me so I talk to the dealer. They say, oh yea, Dodge is aware, but there is a resistor kit you can buy on line that fixes the problem. REALLY??? I cut the harness apart, solder in the tiny resistor, and problem is solved. 4.) At 75,000 he says the transmission is slipping again. I take a ride and say no, the engine is suffering from fuel starvation. The in tank pump has failed and starved the injector pump long enough that it too needs rebuild. The local top notch diesel garage does the repair and replaces the transmission cooling lines which are rusted almost through, and $3,500 later he's back on the road. 5.) Now it's hey, I hear a funny noise. Front hub bearing on the left side is bad at 80,000. He says is that common? I say yea, at about 250,000, but not now. We find that the bearing is frozen into the chunk, and fab a massive puller and I put the torch with a rosebud on the chunk until the thing is cherry red. Took about 15 minutes of pulling and pounding but it came loose and flew half way across the shop. New sealed OEM bearing was massive and cost $350. Oh, and the upper ball joint was also bad so that got replaced. I say, this is a fluke and you should be fine. 6.) Made it all the way to 83,000 before the right side wheel bearing failed. That marks the second one I've ever had to replace in my 64 years. 7.) He takes it in to the local shop for lube and oil change. Tech says let me show you something. He says this is very common on these Rams. The frame is rusted through as it is a box structure with no way for accumulated moisture to escape. He brings it to me and asks if it is safe to drive. I craw under the thing, and push my finger through the frame with ease and stop when I get to the steering box mount. To me that hunk seems somewhat vital. He takes the truck into town, and after visiting the three top shops, they tell him they won't touch it. I bite the bullet (can't say no to these special people) and spend three days cutting out rot, making templates, cutting steel and welding overhead. He says I can't even see where it was repaired. I say GOOD, neither will the guy you sell this piece of junk to. The dealer looks over the job and asks if I'm available to do some work for their customers. Heck NO... He then says how lucky my friend was, as on the standard cabs, the frames actually rot out between the bed and cab and can actually crack all the way through. OK, Dodge rant complete. Buy the Chevy as their ISUZU diesels are whisper quiet. I'm thinking the Dodge is cheaper for a reason, but hasen't that always been the case? W
  8. Mine is a 2008 also, but I do not have a service connector, just the helm harness engine end termination. Cable runs directly to the helm. At least you know the issue is with the Smart Craft head unit or in the cable, not that either of those options are good news. W
  9. In order to use a scan tool, you must unplug the helm harness which is located on the top of the engine next to the ECU. I would have a tech do that and see if he can see real data, as that will rule out the ECM data link. Then it's a matter of checking the cable and the display itself. As you have twins, you may want to switch the cables port to starboard and see if the issue follows. W
  10. I equipped mine with a snatch block which almost doubles pulling capacity, cuts cable strain in half, and in practice actually does not double loading time as winch runs at near no load speed. I also use a DOT trailer harness and plug from a tractor trailer. #6 conductors doubled handle winch feed and heavy duty ground, and remaining 10# conductors handle back up light, brake reverse solenoid, turn signals, and running lights. Single plug hook-up.
  11. Best friends in Sugarland, and sister is in LaMarque so perhaps dinner is on me in your hood.
  12. Amen to that. Early on a NHRA Modified Production drag car got the best of everything and remained competitive in a tough class. Travel expenses were high too and I had a good woman that shared those times with baby daughter in tow. Took me a while to realize she did not share my passion and was there for me alone. Sold the car and bought a boat to "save money", and found a medium that we could share with friends and family. Looking back I could not believe that I could have been that self indulgent, and to be young and dumb is not a valid excuse. She's gone now after 44 years together, and I wish I had those early years to do over again. The lesson here is if you are fortunate enough to find something special that can be shared and enjoyed equally, then indulge yourself and others. Just make sure the level of commitment is there as boating comes at a cost. We were able to afford the big Sea Ray but it did require sacrifice in other areas. The stay in business things got covered first and foremost. College, home maintenance, medical care, charity, and the occasional run away to a new and exciting place always took priority after I woke up with eyes wide open. To this day my "little girl" (just turned 40) still appreciates time on the water as do I. Stay in your lane, buy what you can afford, learn how to maintain it and do so with commitment so when it's time to trade up or get out you have some value left. W
  13. I'm not crazy. My Mother had me tested. I have papers.
  14. Not a lot of information about your ride to go on but poor engine alignment can set up a harmonic vibration, and I would think a missing IAC muffler on a Merc FI engine would drive a dog crazy. W
  15. Agree with Paul, as your drill pump won't get by the raw water pump impeller as it is a positive displacement design. If you remove the discharge hose from the raw water pump and connect your pump to the hose, then your drill pump will have no problem getting around the rigid impeller engine water circulating pump as that is a centrifugal design having a ton of internal clearance. It still won't get you by a cold, closed thermostat though. W