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  1. Wingnut

    2008 496 mag ho cutting out/dying

    Check the anti-siphon valve at the tank for debris..W
  2. Wingnut

    Alarm while Cranking Engine 496 (8.1) Mercruiser

    Do you have a GPS? Could be the lo voltage alarm is enabled. If not, the it's time to connect a scan tool as it is not normal to hear a smart craft alarm while cranking, beyond the initialization. I would check to level in the out drive lube oil bottle first. Thats about the only thing monitor Smart Craft looks at while cranking other than over-heat. W
  3. Wingnut

    Mobil 1 15w-50

    Just went to replenish my supply of Mobil-1 15w-50 and got a nice surprise. I usually order it from Walmart as they offer free shipping and my "local" store is 28 miles away. I get the 5 quart containers, and this time when I went to check out it was less than 20 bucks per. 4 bucks a quart works for me so I bought a bunch. Seems like Wally World may be trying to go head to head with Amazon on their "Prime" day. W
  4. Wingnut

    Ordered a brand new 277 ssx...

    One additional consideration is the fact that "invisible" repairs, even ones done at the factory do not stay that way forever. Variations in materials used will always show up down the road no matter how talented the repair facility is. What you can't see today will slowly but deliberately appear over time. Keeping her polished and waxed helps, but a few years down the road the outline will become apparent. W
  5. Absolutely, as it's all about wetted surface. Flat bottom boats pound like crazy. A deep-V go fast will only go fast if you have enough speed to get a great percentage of the hull lifted out of the water. The racing Catamarans for off-shore are fastest as they lift and ride on a cushion of air. They did not dominate their class for many years as they were horrible in rough water, and had to slow down, and the true deep-vee's could use their hulls and although slower, could still maintain more speed in the slop than could the cats. The key for us mere mortals is finding a good compromise based on how we are going to use our ride. I like the Chap 256 for the Upper Chesapeake Bay as it has enough dead-rise to get you home dry if it turns sloppy, and I can achieve 3 mpg on a perfect day at 35 mph. Moving to Florida, my boat of choice is the Cobia 277CC with twin 250 Yamahas. Variable dead-rise hull, with steep attack at the bow, and rides flat and smooth in a chop up to 2'. Even at 3' + you can maintain decent speed but best economy is found at 27 mph and she will achieve a best of 2.6 mpg. Even at 500 HP the thing will barely hit 50, whereas the 256 With 425 HP will run north of 60. I do plan to do some off-shore fishing in Florida, and I'm willing to sacrifice speed and efficiency for ride quality. W
  6. Wingnut

    Top Speed Loss

    Stabil prevents so fuel issues, but it can't fix bad gas. If you really feel that it is a fuel issue, run her on a test tank on fresh gas to be sure. And IMHO you are wasting money on 93 octane, as your engine can't take advantage of the increase. Mid-grade will have the additive advantages of the hi-test, and will fire easier. W
  7. On the Merc ECM and PCM 555 processors, the diagnosis plug is not what is used for scan tool data. You need to unplug the harness going forward to the helm station,, plug in the specific Rinda pigtail for that year/model, and then you can begin the scan/read functions. As yours is an 2005, look around for a used hand held Rinda, as many shops have set their old units aside because the new Cat motors use an upgraded version. W
  8. Wingnut

    Another "Engine won't Idle" problem

    Motorcraft CX1766 or DELPHI CV10103 Rockauto has both. They also offer a knock off for less under the Standerd brand, but I have had issues with those.
  9. Wingnut

    Another "Engine won't Idle" problem

    And the Merc IAC valve you are paying $200 for is a Motorcraft/Ford part from their Winstar line that can be had for less than $50. W
  10. At the price of a replacement ECM as compared to a Rinda marine scan tool, I'd be real sure before pins get jumped. W
  11. Wingnut

    Ordered a brand new 277 ssx...

    I was looking at a beautiful lake house in Georgia, and their lake said no on-board toilets. Seemed miss-guided to me... W
  12. Wingnut

    Adding After Market Hour Meter Volvo GXI

    Add a Hobbs meter to either the helm display or even in the engine bay, and connect it to the key switch. They are inexpensive ( about 8 bucks on Amazon) and the new square ones are pretty small and un-intrusive. It will start at zero, but it's much more straight forward and cheaper than trying to incorporate a display into the ECM. If you know your current hours as accessed through a scan tool, simply connect the hour meter to a 12 volt battery and run up the hours so they match. Just set a timer when you get close so you don't over shoot. W
  13. The spring on a Bearing Buddy maintains a slight positive pressure within the bearing cavity which is actually pretty good at keeping the water out. I too like the idea of a liquid filled bearing hub with the Lexan covers as you can check both level and clarity of oil at a glance. I use Mobil-1 synthetic gear lube in mine as it is a fairly clear liquid and easy to see through. Dexter axle has used this set up on big rig trailer hubs for years, and most heavy equipment axles use liquid filled hubs. Get yourself a set of marine rated hub caps and seals and water will not get in there. Look at the link below as they carry several affordable options but if it were me I'd go with the stainless steel bearing buddy. W https://www.easternmarine.com/bearing-protectors-bearing-buddy
  14. Wingnut

    New Carpet

    I posted this a week ago... Posted Wednesday at 07:11 AM Sometimes a bad thing turns around expectantly. Last August I was blessed by both Fiancee and Daughter when I received a complete set of replacement carpeting for our 256 SSX. Made me happy as the remainder of the boat shows as new and the replacement rugs made her look like the day I picked her up at Cecil Marine. Rug fit, matched the OEM color and we used them last season without incident. A few weeks ago, had a need to tow her back from Sweden Point Marina on the Potomac, just south of Washington and about 115 miles south of our home port as weather had conspired against us and the forecast was for 4' seas with wind gusts to 45 mph for our return trip up the Chesapeake. Been that kind of spring and No Thanks. My friend Andy stepped up and grabbed my truck and trailer, and made the trip. The State Marina at Sweden Point is really nice, with 6 launch ramps and proper docks, and sits virtually in the middle of nowhere. If you ever plan to explore the Potomac, it's a good jumping off point, about 25 miles south of the Washington Wilson Bridge. So we arrive back home and I'm washing the boat and hop up inside to remove our luggage as we had been on the water for 5 days, and I find that the large center carpet sector is gone. Obviously blew out on the ride home and that surprised me as we had run the bay most of last year at speeds approaching 60 mph at times without a problem. I did notice the replacement snaps did not hold quite as well as the OEM snaps, but I thought they would be OK. Lesson learned. Enter MATWORKS. I e-mail customer service at MATWORKS in Georgia as they supplied the replacement carpeting. Their representative looks up my order and asks what section I need. I tell her that the first set of carpets they supplied last season did not fit and they had to replace them and I did not wish to make that error again. She see's her notes which indicate that the first set was made from a previous customer's template, and that the corners were too short to cover my factory snap locations. She said she thinks they updated their database and used my OEM carpets that I sent to them as their new standard. I said, lets be sure so I made her a template and sent it off to MATWORKS. I then ask what do I owe you? As we know, these rug sets are not cheap and I had caught their summer sale last year, but our set was still something north of 700. This is where it gets better. She says NO Charge, and 7 days later the box arrives, perfect color, perfect fit. We fuss when we are not treated fairly, and I felt compelled to give credit where credit is due. I'll be installing new snaps on the replacement section this morning for fireworks duty tonight. The remaining rugs will also get their snaps replaced. W  The Matworks LTD Attn: Andrea 2020 Grassland Pkwy Alpharetta, GA 30004
  15. Wingnut

    New Carpet

    MatWorks.com Exceptional Customer Service. W