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  1. John

    Dilemma - advice?

    One thing that hasn't been talked about much is the comfort, ride quality and security you get from a bigger boat. I would have a tough time turning this offer down. Once comfortable with twins, your docking experiences may not be as traumatic as you imagine (without knowing your current set-up). If you are only a day boater and seldom venture out of the bay (L.I. South Shore?) then I can understand some of your dilemma, but still...as the old saying goes, "Why look a gift horse in the mouth." Good luck with your decision. IMHO, go for the bigger boat, I don't think you will regret it.
  2. John

    Bottom paint for a New Boat?

    I agree with no bottom paint under the conditions you describe. However, some lake waters, (ie. Greenwood Lake in NY), have a high iron content and can leave a nasty stain on the bottom of your boat after sitting for a season. As mentioned, diligence in bottom cleaning is important without bottom paint.
  3. John

    Galvanic Isolation problem

    Your fault light will blink whenever you are NOT connected to shore power, whether your engines are running or not. Now, if your galvanic isolator fault light is blinking while hooked up to shore power (and all appropriate breakers are on) then there could be a multitude of possibilities. Bad ground on the boat or at your dockside power supply. Bad power cord or connection at either end. Or there could actually be a current flow in the water near your boat. I had a problem two years ago when the boat two boats down the dock from me had a bad battery charger. As soon as the maintenance crew shut his battery charger breaker off, my fault light went out. Anyway, these are a few things you can check before bringing in the "experts."
  4. John

    Table Legs

    Hatchman, your second fire extinguisher may be the one permanently mounted in the engine compartment if your boat is configured that way.
  5. Try putting a hose at the thru hull and forcing water through the system that way.
  6. John

    water noise

    Mine will make a shuddering noise if I don't open the faucet enough. My theory is that the pressure in the tank is high when you first turn on the faucet and if you don't open it enough you get this noise. Once water is flowing and the pressure stabliizes the noise disappears. OR...your water pump may be heading south. Only my
  7. John

    Signature 290

    The possibility of moisture in the hull would disturb me. That alone would encourage me to walk and look elsewhere. But that's just me. BTW...I love my 2005 Chap 290!
  8. John

    New chaparral owner

    Welcome Joseph. I have my Chap 290 in Haverstraw Marina in the south docks on Green 21. If you are also in the south docks I would guess you may also be on green, but maybe blue. Congratulations on your new 310 and we'll meet up next year.
  9. John

    Colors of shrinkwrap

    I've used the blue shrink wrap for 11 years here in the northeast and never had any problem with mold, mildew, critters or creepy crawlers. I do use moisture absorbers in the cabin and on the deck just to be on the safe side. Never had any unwelcome surprises in the Spring.
  10. John

    My 1996 Ford Bronco

    I finally had to get rid of a 1995 Chevy S10 pick-up after 210,000 miles. It also looked pretty good on the outside but was deteriorating rapidly internally to the point that any further repair was not an option. It treated me well for 15 years.
  11. John

    Intro and question

    Too many boats on the market to accept one in this condition. Boat buying needs patience and the ability to overcome emotion in favor of practicality. Keep looking is my advice.
  12. John

    Stop the Madness!!

    Winterize...not just yet. Some of our best cruising weather up here in the Northeast is in October. Nothing like a ride up the Hudson or down to the harbor in the fall. Scheduled pull date is early November.
  13. John

    Hit something in water

    What ever it turns out to be, there is a possibility that you may have prop damage as well. More likely if it is an aluminum prop. It may not be readily noticeable, but even a slight bend on the leading edge of one blade will cause a vibration at some point in the rpm range. Aluminum props can usually refurbed to new condition for about half the price of a new one.
  14. John

    No wake zone ignored

    Have you thought about the possibility of using mooring whips? They help keep the boat off the dock for situations just like yours.
  15. John

    Sump pump

    You're kidding...you don't have a small hatch cover over the sump or access from under the step into the cabin?