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  1. ncsuguys

    2004 310 sig

    You mean like this ?? We just had our top redone, and it is now attached to the arch. Instead of folding the top toward the arch now we fold the rear section back. Its very nice, and adds about a foot of headroom inside the boat. Find a good local canvas shop and they should be able to do the project with no problems.
  2. We have a 2005 Sig. 310, and it has been a very reliable and trouble free boat. You may want to check on those "2 new batteries". There's a good chance that you have more than 2 batteries - most likely 3 or 4 batteries in total. Just guessing here, but you probably have 2 starting batteries for the engines and generator, and then 1 or 2 house batteries. If you plan to anchor out often then I would suggest having 2 house batteries. Also, check what type of battery charger you have. Some Chaps around that time used units that did not independently charge the battery banks. As a result, the house batteries would rarely (never) get charged fully which created problems. You can do a search for the many previous threads around that issue. I replaced my charger with an "intelligent" version and everything has been great since. Check the canvas covers. They may be in good shape and just need a cleaning and retreat. If the seams are a problem you can simply have those re-stiched by a local canvas shop - pretty inexpensive. If you need to replace the canvas then the price will go up a good bit. If the boat has the original tv's you may want to replace them with more modern style flat screens. That's an easy upgrade. And the original stereo system is not great - you may want to look at an upgrade there as well. If the carpet needs replacing I highly recommend going with a product like CoolTeak. Its a little more expensive, but it's by far the best upgrade I've done. Hopefully your survey will go well, and you'll be out on the water soon !
  3. ncsuguys


    I have Sears AGM marine batteries (2 start, 2 house) size 27 on my Sig. 310. I put them in 5 years ago, and they are still going strong. I can anchor out for 2 days running lights, both refrigerators, etc. and never worry about power. They are expensive, but well worth it.
  4. ncsuguys

    Plasdeck template

    I can't help you with a template. But I will say that TT Custom Marine did a GREAT job on the CoolTeak installation for the cockpit and swim platform on our Sig. 310. I get compliments on it all the time.
  5. ncsuguys


    Any idea which marina they use ? I don't recall seeing that name, but I don't have ALL the boats memorized !
  6. This year's concert will be on June 22. Hope to see a bunch of Chaparrals there !! http://www.visitlake...l&eventID=10326
  7. ncsuguys

    Substitute for Cockpit Carpet

    We got rid of all the carpet and went with CoolTeak. I HIGHLY recommend it !!
  8. ncsuguys

    Boat cover water proofing

    Silicone is BAD for canvas ! It will bead water, but silicones do not repel stains (particularly oil based stains) very well. I suggest you wash the canvas several times, then apply 303 Fabric Guard as others have mentioned. 303 is not a silicon product, but rather fluorocarbon based. It repells water and stains extremely well. Sunbrella has a great care and cleaning section on their website: http://www.sunbrella.com/cleaning/ Good Luck !
  9. ncsuguys

    CoolTeak for swimplatform

    The quote for the cockpit install was around 2 large herd of deer. I decided to wait and make sure I liked the swim platform before spending that kind of money. Now that the swim platform is done, I suspect Travis will be making a return trip in the spring to do the cockpit. He also installed the teak/holly product downstairs, and it is a tremendous improvement over the old carpet.
  10. ncsuguys

    CoolTeak for swimplatform

    Materials and installation was just a little over a large herd of deer (1k). Worth every penny now that I see it on the boat !
  11. ncsuguys

    CoolTeak for swimplatform

    Pic attached
  12. ncsuguys

    CoolTeak for swimplatform

    About a month ago we had CoolTeak installed on the swimplatform. CoolTeak is a lighter color than other synthetic teak products, and it is sold as a 'cooler' product. I'm happy to report that it is significantly cooler than other products ! We can stand on the CoolTeak platform during 90+ degree heat with no problems. The dark colored accent lines do get warmer, but not enough to make the surface feel hot. To test the difference (not entirely scientific ) I stepped from our new CoolTeak platform onto my neighbores NuTeak platform on a hot July day. I could not stand on his for more than a few seconds, but the CoolTeak platform was fine. TT Custom Marine out of Holly Springs, NC did the work. I can highly recommend them ! "]CoolTeak Platform
  13. ncsuguys

    310 Sign. - need new batteries - reccomendations?

    I had the same issue with my 2005 Sig. 310. First check the batteries to determine if they are bad. Most likely, if they have been discharged for a long period of time, you will need replacements. Second, check the battery charger. I had the original ProMariner which did not have 'intelligent' charging - meaning it would not charge the batteries independently. Do a search and you'll find lots of great info on the forum about replacing the original charger. Once I replaced the charger I then installed four (added an extra house battery) group 31 Sears Diehard Marine AGM batteries. These are not cheap, but I have been very happy with the performance. I can run the boat on battery power only for about 2 days before firing up the generator.
  14. The Charlotte Symphony will perform at the Mcguire Nuclear Station's Energy Explorium this Friday evening. Explorium: Symphony on the lake is June 17 It’s time for the annual Charlotte Symphony Concert at McGuire Nuclear Station’s EnergyExplorium. The concert begins at 8:15 p.m. The symphony, conducted by Albert George Schram, will perform its “Musical Travels” program. Admission and parking are free, but be sure to bring a blanket, pack a picnic and come early to get a good spot on the lawn. Boaters may anchor in the EnergyExplorium’s cove at the southern tip of Lake Norman. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase through the East Lincoln High School’s Band Booster Club. Last year some 9,000 people attended the signature event at the EnergyExplorium, including 150 boats, according to Valerie Patterson, communications manager for McGuire. More info: 1-800-777-0003 or www.duke-energy.com/energyexplorium. We hope to take the boat over and enjoy a bottle of wine while enjoying the performance. Feel free to pull up to 'Priscilla' and raft up. We may even have an extra bottle to share !
  15. ncsuguys

    Poker Run

    The annual PYC Poker Run is scheduled for Saturday, June 4th. See the attached flyer for more details and to sign up. I can't think of a better way to burn gas on a weekend !!!