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  1. Had this happen to me. Found it to be a lose connection, purple wire up in the gunwale that goes to the kill switch. Fixed that and never had the problem again
  2. Nice looking tower. I've had mine a few years now and glad I went w/ Samson. I had them weld me a plate on top for a VHF antenna when they made my tower. The owner is a great guy and easy to work with, always made sure I was happy.
  3. My buddy finally text me back, it was snapincarpet.com. They did do a good job. I thought he had it done local.
  4. My buddy had his Crownline done last year and looks good. I believe he said it was town here in town. I just sent him a text, will let you know his response.
  5. skiya


    First time I saw this setup was at the upholstery shop I use. I usually saw him most weekends on Lake Mead this summer.
  6. I had a similar problem a couple years back. My trouble was my line wasn't one piece all the way, it had been spliced together once it came into the bilge area just behind the motor. The plastic splice was replaced w/ a brass barbed connection and haven't had a problem since.
  7. +1 with brick. I have a new trailer just months old and the backup solenoid went bad. Replace then bleed the lines.
  8. skiya

    Water spots

    I use 20% vinegar, 80% distilled water. Wax once a month in the summer. No spots, no problems.
  9. Replaced mine beginning of summer and its been sitting in the garage till 2 weeks ago when I sold it along w/ old amp and sub.
  10. I have a trail rite trailer that was build for my boat. My boat is 21' but it should be close enough to make some bunks to get you by if you are buying a new trailer. I just measured my bunks and the inner bunks are 11' 6'', the outer bunks are 5'. They are also 2x6 not 2x4. here's a pic of my trailer.
  11. Yes it is, that's one of the reasons I went w/ Samson tower. Other reasons are the mounts are not flat like a universal tower, the mounts have been shaped to fit the contours of my boat. My favorite is the speakers, there are not wires that connect to the speaker. I can turn them 360*, so it don't matter if I'm anchored out or beached I can still have the speakers pointed where I want them. They connect and disconnect in seconds. When I'm not using the boat they are safe in my house, they can't steal what's not there. I'm very happy w/ the tower and most importantly the follow up customer service. The owner is a great guy and doesn't just blow you off once he's got your money. If you are thinking about a tower from Samson, get it in winter their off season. They are slow and he knocked 600 off my bill, but then I did order everything in one shot. I even had them weld me a plate on top for my VHF antenna, also ran a fisher line for me so I could pull my antenna cable through.
  12. I had the same thing happen to my sprinkler heads. It was a water deposit build up, I cleaned the shaft that pops up w/ vinegar and now they go back down freely and easily. I suspect it's the same w/ your pop up cleats. Can't hurt to try, vinegar works for so many things
  13. Toddler you are right about the difference 60' of water can make. And it does expose all lot of new beaches that weren't there before. Google earth updated it's pictures of Powell the end of May w/ an elevation of 3598' and I was just there w/ elev. of about 3596', so what you see on google earth right now is really close to it's current level. That's how I scouted our beach/camp possibilities, from the comfort of home before I even got to Powell. Here's a before and after shot of Cathedral in the Desert: 2011 @ 3,662' 2013 @ 3,596'
  14. Lake Powell never disappoints, even w/ low water level. It was actually cool to get back in the canyons where once they were under water. The only problem I had was the week went way to fast but I guess they all do when your on vacation and having fun. I know how this group likes pics so here's a link. http://s269.photobucket.com/user/elopezlv/slideshow/Lake%20Powell%202013 Caught a intense thunderstorm right as we got off the lake. Somebody got some video and put it on Youtube
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