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    Chapparral 1930ss speedometer

    Had the very same issue with my 1930SS.......as Mike said, clip was broken. Not a tough fix.....unless you have big hands.
  2. bstu27

    Oil Pressure Alarm

    Mine is on the port side of the motor (4.3LX) and very accessible. I'm not sure what to tell you location wise on any other motors. I'd guess one of the experts on here will know. Always good info from the crew on this site!!
  3. bstu27

    Oil Pressure Alarm

    I had symptoms that were very like what you're describing........very intermittent issues with the gauge and no actual drop in pressure or oil level. Found that the connection at the sender unit had loosened. Tightened that up and haven't had a problem since. Just added that as a check before each season starts. Hope it not anymore than that, though the sender is an easy fix.
  4. bstu27

    Table Rock on 4th of July Weekend

    Indian Point to Kimberling City would be 25-30 mins by water. Nice trip during the day, but completely agree with Gators on not wanting to make that trip at night.........especially after the fireworks. We did the Kimberling City to Joe Bald area trip after fireworks a few years ago and that was completely nuts. Headed back toward Indian Point I'd guess would be even moreso being it's a longer trip and there'd potentially be a lot more traffic headed that way. That said, Gators is on point with Table Rock being one of the best lakes around. Can't wait to get down there in a little over a month!
  5. bstu27

    Dead Battery

    What a fantastic thread to start the morning.........
  6. bstu27

    Spark Plug Wires

    Hey all.......want to change the plug wires in my 4.3 Merc this weekend. Quick question........with plug wires, do I need to be mindful of the same Marine SAE J1171 certification that alternators, starters, etc have to meet, or are premium plug wires going to already satisfy that?
  7. bstu27

    Beaver Lake, AR

    Looking for some information on Beaver Lake. We normally do Table Rock every summer but decided this year to try some different water. Rented a house in the old Big Clifty State Park area. Can anyone tell me if the public launch is still in use over that way? I haven't been able to find anything on it and right now it looks like Rocky Branch Marina might be our only option.........and it's about a 40 minute drive from where we are. Any info on the area would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hey all......so week before last I stopped at the shop where I both store and have service I can't do on my 1930SS. Had to drop off a set of keys so they could get her winterized while I spent a week in sunny Cabo San Lucas. Upon arrival I noticed a small pool of outdrive oil on the floor. I had some seal work done in June 2013 and the tech said he'd verify it wasn't related to that work as they'd likely cover that under warranty. Come to find out, it's of course not related and my issue now is that I have a shift shaft seal that's gone bad. Tech said the outdrive will have to come off to replace that seal. My question........what else should I have them do (or check) while the outdrive is off?
  9. bstu27

    Winterizing 4.3LX

    Hey all......thinking about winterizing my 1995 1930SS on my own this year. I've never done it on my own but only because I've never wanted to dedicate the time or effort and have just paid to have it done. Over the last couple of years I've taken on a few more of the maintenance things on my own and the more I look at it, I think this is one I could do as well. Have the Merc 4.3LX with an Alpha One outdrive. Any suggestions to good videos or instructions out on the web? Any pointers as far as things I should be looking at in addition to the work I'm doing to prepare to put her away for the year? I've searched the forums and found a few things that will be good but wanted to check to see if anyone had any other videos etc. they might share. Thank you
  10. bstu27

    oil pressure gauge help

    I had a lot of trouble with my gauge not reading properly and found that the connection at the sending unit just needed to be tightened. When I tightened it, I placed a lock washer in there and haven't had any problems since.
  11. Good evening all. Just returned from a week on Beaver Lake, AR......what a gorgeous lake. Pretty remote access wise, but that was part of what made it so nice. At any rate, midday yesterday I noticed some "chatter" when shifting into gear, both forward and reverse. It wasn't a ton but noticeable no less. When I got back to the dock, I noticed that the shift cable linkage was loose. I tightened it back up but now find that probably 1 out of 2 times when I try to go reverse, the motor dies. I'm guessing it's related as it seemed there was some room for adjustment (up and down) when I tightened, but I didn't have a ton of time to nail it down being we were taking her out of the water to head home today. Am I crazy or would that be what is potentially causing the boat to die in reverse? Forward is fine.
  12. bstu27

    Shift cable adjustment and reverse

    By the way.....1995 Merc 4.3 LX with Alpha One
  13. bstu27

    Towing Question - Boat/Trailer weight

    Roy I just about spit water out in a meeting..........that's hilarious.
  14. bstu27

    Towing Question - Boat/Trailer weight

    and isn't there something too about staying to a certain percentage below the "limit" as far a payload goes? I might be crazy there.
  15. bstu27

    Fuel Gauge Not Working

    I had the same on my 1930SS.........thought it was the gauge initially but it ended up being the sender unit, which was REALLY easy to access on my boat. The aft quarter of my floor ski locker was a separate section from the door of the locker itself. Had to remove the frame and then a few screws to remove that panel. Fuel sender unit was right there. I bought the Moeller universal sender unit and it fit like a charm. Works great. Good luck.
  16. Hey all.......I've had great success in the past with getting info here so I'm back! I've owned my 1995 1930SS with a Merc 4.3LX for 3 years now. Since buying, I haven't had the plugs or distributor cap replaced. The guy I bought the boat from was very good about keeping his records (he provided them to me) and from what I can tell, this would be season number 5 on these plugs/cap/rotor. I got an estimate from the Mercury shop I normally go to and he thought they'd be somewhere in the $225 neighborhood for parts/labor. That sound about right? Questions: How often should I be replacing the plugs, distributor cap and rotor?How difficult of a job is it? I consider myself somewhat mechanical, but the only work with plugs I've ever done is on a car, and never with a distributor cap. From what I can tell, the plugs might be a little tough to accessAny recommendations on plugs themselves? From the research I've done, it seems that there's a pretty even split between Delco and NGK.If I end up doing the job myself, is there anything else I should know or be looking for? Does anything need to be done with the carb? Thanks all and be safe!
  17. bstu27

    spark plugs and distributor cap replacement

    So I did the replacement last night and it went great. Went with Delco plugs, which were all gapped at .040 out of the box. Why I didn't check my manual as part of the job I don't know......don't really have a good answer. But anyway, after a full day on the water, I was thumbing through my manual tonight to find that they should be gapped at .035 rather than the .040 they are now. Motor ran great all day, but should I pull the plugs and get them to .035 or is the 5 thousandths going to make any difference.
  18. bstu27

    spark plugs and distributor cap replacement

    Thanks for the info, jime. The quote that I got does include Quicksilver parts. The shop that I go to (for both cars and boat) is a Mercury certified shop on top of the automotive work they do. There are things with both car and boat that I know much better than to try and tackle, but things like these I like to at least try to do on my own...............both from the standpoint of saving a little cash and also satisfying that drive to do it myself. I think at this point it's going to come down to finding the time. Between family and work, I'm running out of days before the week we're going to spend on Beaver Lake in Arkansas. If the local marina here has the parts in stock, then I think it's going to be my project tonight and tomorrow morning. If not, I'll probably have the shop do it so it's done before we head on vacation here in a couple of weeks.
  19. bstu27

    Beaver Lake, Arkansas

    Anyone been on Beaver Lake in Arkansas? Normally we hit Table Rock every summer but decided to try some new water this year. We're staying in the former Big Clifty State Park area. Anyone know if there's a public launch that's still in use? Not able to find much on it other than that park has been purchased by the county. Nothing to indicate whether or not it's still in use. The closest option outside of that is Rocky Branch Marina. Anyone know if that Big Clifty launch is still in use? Anything else I should know about the lake/area? Everything I hear is that it's very much like Table Rock, just a little more on the isolated side, which we're ok with
  20. bstu27

    Removing Alternator

    So I pulled a smooth one last night. Got the boat out of storage last night, reinstalling the battery and while cramped back in there getting cables fastened realized that I'd put the battery in backwards just as I touched negative to the positive post......obviously with positive connected to negative already. Pretty good spark but then alternator started smoking. Figure I burned it out. The question......is that a pretty easy removal? We have a local shop that has a great reputation for rebuilding alternators/starters. I've done it on cars, but never on the boat. Merc 4.3 FYI Thanks all.
  21. bstu27

    Removing Alternator

    Update: came off real easy......and it's smoked for sure. it has that very distinct electrical burn smell. Appears to be original to the boat based on the manufacture date of the part. Going to get her replaced and hope nothing else got fried. Thanks for all of the help. Always can count on this site!
  22. bstu27

    Trailerable Cover

    Thanks for all of the feedback! I ordered the Westland per your suggestion paulswagelock.
  23. bstu27

    Trailerable Cover

    Looking for a new cover for my 1995 1930SS. Anyone have any recommendations for a good custom trailerable cover? The cover I have now is what they refer to as that "semi-custom" and fits a 17-20' boat from what I remember the description saying. Didn't have the greatest luck with it. I know there are several companies out there that make a good cover. Seeing if anyone has recommendations for one in particular! Thanks all!
  24. bstu27

    lake shelbyville

    As Shaun said, if you run in the middle, you won't have problems. If you go north, stay in the marked areas.......lot of stumps and it's shallow. If you do decide to get out of the middle and float awhile, just be careful. Couple of years ago we hopped out for awhile probably 100-150 yards off shore of a point just a little north and west of the Coon Creek area. We'd drifted a little, but not much as the wind was pretty calm that day. I'd guess we were 80-100 yards off that point when all was said and done. When I went to get back in the boat, I found that we'd drifted onto an unmarked sandbar and I was in knee deep water. Pretty scary to think about if you're underway. Granted, the lake was down as it was mid-July and had been really dry. All I'm saying, just be real careful especially if the water is new to you! Enjoy!
  25. bstu27

    Who's holding out?

    Thinking middle of October is when I'll get it winterized and put away for the season. All weather dependent here in Illinois.......that and my other hobby opens here in Illinois a week from today. Sitting on the water or sitting in a tree........both good options!