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  1. Our Turn

    330 or 350

    If your deal doesn't work out and you would consider a 330, mine is for sale.
  2. Our Turn

    Lone Ranger & Tonto

    And the white man always thinks he's smarter...
  3. Our Turn

    Your Boats Name & Why

    Our first boat was a 260 bowrider and spent time pulling & entertaining kids and their friends, no name. Second boat was a 275 cuddy that we called "Our Turn" because it's what my wife and I wanted after the kids grew up. Now we have a Signature 330 that is "Our Turn too" (not two) and we lounge and entertain grandkids, and our kids.
  4. Our Turn

    I can't find the model of my boat

    Is the hull number still visible somewhere, probably around the transom? If so, you can google that number and it might tell you.
  5. Our Turn

    Inflatable Boat Slide?

    Did you notice that the free-standing slide is about 2k on the website? Cheapest I saw a while back was 500-600 on a different brand.
  6. Our Turn

    Inflatable Boat Slide?

    I have not found one for cruisers. In my case the more I thought about a slide from the bow the more I did not want all the grandkids climbing the swim ladder onto the platform, dripping their way through the cockpit (where the adults are trying to relax), climbing the steps to the deck, walking across the deck (our lake is often rough), and then clambering onto and down the slide. I went to the website for the slide you showed in your post and they have a free-standing, or free-floating, version so the action would all be outside of the boat sliding directly into the water and then climbing out of the water onto the slide again. It could be tethered to the swim platform or anchored alongside the boat. Now the adults can participate with their rafting activities and the kids (or kids at heart) can play nearby. It could be carried on the bow or perhaps laid on its side on the swim platform - or deflated. Also the pontoon version looked as if it could be adapted to a bowrail placement on a cruiser that did not have a real high deck height. You might want to search that Aquaglide website for a local dealer and check them out.
  7. Our Turn

    Hard Water Spot Removal from Hull

    Water spots on a boat, oh my. My solution is to use it and get it wet again and only view it from inside the cockpit
  8. Our Turn

    From a 16' aluminum canoe to a 327 SSX

    You will love the 327, many nice features and very comfortable - but it's going to be a #$%#$ to paddle
  9. Our Turn

    Ice out, boat going in

    Ice out was declared for Lake Minnetonka and my Sig 330 will be dropped in the slip this week sometime. Almost a month earlier than last year.
  10. Our Turn

    Questions on Signature 350

    Can you be more specific on the model you are considering? Chaparral did a "name change" a few years ago to include the swim platform in the length number. As an example my 2008 330 is now called the 350 and the older 350 is now a 370. The quickest way to tell the two boats apart is that my 330/350 has a center cabin entrance and the 350/370 has a port side cabin entrance. As for the aluminum windshield frame, mine is now 7 years old and is showing no wear of issues (in fresh water environment only). Great boat!
  11. Our Turn

    Looking for a Signature 350

    Just to clarify, are you looking for and "old 350" (now a 370) or and "old 330" (now a 350)? There layouts are quite different. The 350/370 has a port side cabin entrance and the 330/350 as a center cabin door. If you want to compare just look up old brochures on the Chap website and compare the two models within the same year production.
  12. Our Turn

    327 SSX new project TV to offshore without generator

    I have a 2008 which was the year of the analog/digital switch and I had older gear. It was easier and cheaper to buy a 12 volt TV/DVD to replace the old 110v. Now I can watch football or a movie while on the hook and when I am in the slip on shore power the battery charger is keeping the batteries topped off.
  13. Our Turn

    77 Trans Am pics

    As long as my mind is rolling down memory lane, here are pics of the '82 I owned also. Had the same wheels as the KIT car but I took the center "buttons" out so it just had the ribs showing. Not as fast as the '75 but a better car overall. http://s879.photobucket.com/user/DonaldHollinger/media/Autos/1982TransAm1_zps25523fc7.jpg.html
  14. Our Turn

    77 Trans Am pics

    Makes me nostalgic for my old '75. Here are some pics - wish I still had it. http://s879.photobucket.com/user/DonaldHollinger/media/Autos/1975TransAm3_zpsa6a29de4.jpg.html http://s879.photobucket.com/user/DonaldHollinger/media/Autos/1313_zps59923f77.jpg.html
  15. Our Turn

    Happy Thanksgiving!........

    Best wishes to all for a enjoyable Thanksgiving! I am thankful that I have a wonderful family to share the day with because it's only getting to 12F and the boat is tucked away for 6 months.