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  1. Hi I have seen this from my out drive also. Saltwater usage and only 10 hours on repower now As ibhave done the entire repower I saw that reddish exhaust water after the coating burned off the inside of The risers. The water coming out of the small holes in outdrive is from the exhaust. Reminder to check riser every Few years (3) in salty water and at least every 4-5 in fresh water.
  2. I see this is an old topic but Wolfjeff got it right. I was reading this due to the issue of low water flow and one side exhaust runs hot until thermostat opens up. Then a bit of steam and cools down until thermostat closes again. New exhaust and block 350 / 5.7 repowed everything is new and cleaned. ( weird ) Or I just never noticed it on old engine that was a 350 mag.
  3. Just repowered every thing new and clean and clear. Experience little water flow on starboard side untill thermostat opens. Maybe it was always happening? But I am aware now. Anyone else's experience this please chime in. Chaparral 2360SL with new 350 \ 5.7 330hp Mercury, w/ captain choice exhaust.
  4. The sound of 357mag coming to life first time on water
  5. Boat Re-Power 2014111.wmvU tube A VERY VERY BIG thanks to Michigan Motorz Outstanding!
  6. Step by step install new Merc 357ci
  7. I was pulled over for a Coast Guard inspection last year, On my 2360SL a 1992 model, on that the battery switch in in the engine compartment. Talk about a pain to lift that hatch every time. So the Guard told me that it was not allowed however they would not site me due to it being a factory install from 1992 before the rule change. I looked in to the cost of moving it to a safer and better location near the helm. Parts alone ran up to 300 clams..Well it's on the to do list for now. See ya on the water!
  8. I have one MOVE SOUTH I use to live in MN do not miss winterizing... Think I will head out on the water now LOL. Well hope spring comes soon for U'al..
  9. I second the motion, Tex,Louisiana,Missp, Alabama, Florida west coast. Brownville to the key's
  10. More info to add checking in to the prop that came installed on the boat is a Stiletto II advantage 30317 14-1/4 dim 17 pitch. The spare is 14-1/2 dim 17M that is a style with a sharp drop of of the blade. I plan on trying it out this weekend will post results.
  11. Baum's aweigh Thanks good info, I also will check that prop issue, mine is sst and cupped & ported. The boat was new used to me and thats the prop that it had. I have done all the tunup items and checked fule delivery system also, Filters are new oil presure 50 ave, RPMs come up fine at start. wot is at or just above 22 to 23 hundred. I will let you guys know what I find out I have a spare alum. prop to test out.
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    Love them old chapy's Have a 92 24' here
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