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  1. I haven't been on this site for awhile,,wasn't there a fellow down on the west coast of fla that went to the keyes all the time,,he had a cuddy 23ft drewm3i is the chap I was thinking of just remembered..he has a lot of salt water exper with a 23 ftr
  2. i take it it gets a lot more busy?
  3. i expect a good attitude ..no grumpy passengers..or arguing couples!! they will be dropped off at the dock toot sweet
  4. i have loved mine since 97,,its a 92...but i will say there have been a couple days...if you never feel those days bless you
  5. clev airshow also on monday ..lake was amazing monday..
  6. my trim switch went haywire while watching the air show in cleveland..other than that it was a great weekend
  7. attention to detail !! maybe?,smell?,its like asking for someone to take off shoes.?..a clean ship is a good running ship?..hopefully..its like lines in the lawn.?..pride.??..some may like looking in there and seeing really clean ?,,some not so much...it doesnt help it run better obviously ..goes with the saying "ship shape"? maybe...alot of time on your hands?....who knows..to me it comes along with the up keep,,but when you think about that question drew .it is a valid question..i cant wait to here some of the answers...pride might top[ the list
  8. electronic ignition..mine did same thing sounds like
  9. of course it helps to bring someone that can bait their own hook
  10. you will for sure like camera..my son has a lifted 150,and backing up his jet ski of which there is no visual other than that camera,and he backs that thing up with no problem..,enjoy.nice!
  11. they cruse through the crowd on the way to the course..i picked a great spot right off my tail and just past my sons ski..cool stuff!
  12. yep gotta hate that thru hull..not! hearing someone else doesnt bother me at all,,.its like cow bell,,gotta have more...ive always wanted T H ,just could never pull the trigger or find someone i trust to cut holes in my boat.and a lot of places wont do it.. http://vid1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag34/curt5253/20160828_140223_zpsxzgqls58.mp4 pretty sure he mentioned CC not full time ..
  13. when was that street party..i saw the exact same wake effects boat set up at lake erie this past sunday http://vid1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag34/curt5253/20160828_140223_zps1ljeqgnq.mp4
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