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  1. BTW - the Grand Cherokee I got is a gas Hemi 8 cylinder. Get 10 MPG when highway towing and 21 without the tow load.
  2. Well I did get the Jeep Grand Cherokee and I just love it. Took 3 trips with the Chap last season and no issues. Jeep pulled the boat fine and braking was no problem also. I am sure a large pick up would be more capably and likely deliver a different "feel" but I use the Jeep for everyday driving and I am not a pickup kind of guy. BTW - Jeep has a backup camera which makes coupling up the trailer and boat so much easier.
  3. Yes - I get it - I think my engine is powerful enough and the boat size should be safe. I will not take this trip as a pleasure cruise but rather as an accomplishment.
  4. A few have responded that some of the waters get "hairy" - can you provide more details please.
  5. Finally got a tow vehicle - thinking of a trip around Manhattan Island - any advise - 24 ft SSI with 350 Merc.
  6. Postscript - Well I got the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited - has a 5.7liter Hemi gas engine. Tow max is rated at 7,200 lbs. Got the complete tow pkg with extra capacity coolers for the engine oil and engine, road leveling suspension, full size spare tire, 220 amp alternator, class IV receiver hitch, heavy duty brakes 7 pin wiring harness [trailer has brakes]. Very happy with the GC - will let you know how it tows when I do that. Thanks all for the advise.
  7. Very cool. Love Lake George. Interesting to see it frozen and from the air.
  8. Well fresh water seems to be the prevailing winner 69% to 31%. Maybe its because Chaps are generally used in non ocean waters. Any more votes?
  9. Postscript - Bought the Jeep Gran Cherokee V* Hemi - will be bringing the Jeep and trailer to a specialized trailer business to make sure everything is connected and sized up well - as soon as it gets warm! Thanks to all of you for the advise. Happy New Year.
  10. First - Thanks to all for the replies. For further clarification - Class 4 hitch. Only going to tow no more than 5 times per year and most times say 50 miles each way - just really frustrating that I can never go anywhere but my home lake - [cannot rent tow vehicles, borrowing friends trucks well both of us are uncomfortable with that and U-Haul has a proprietary hitch system]. Test drove both diesel V6 and Hemi V8 tonight. Diesel torque very impressive with really good acceleration and only a hint of diesel noise and it was very cold. V8 was a rocket ship but gets 17 mpg while the diesel gets 28 hwy. My primary application is for everyday driving. Still welcome advise. Thanks again.
  11. Got a boat and a trailer by never had a tow vehicle. So, I am looking to get a tow vehicle for a Chaparral 24 foot bow rider. Boat 4900 lbs. trailer 1200 lbs. So should total 6500 lbs. Larger engine 2014 Jeep GC 8 cylinder or diesel rated by mfg at 7400 lbs. Will only tow 3 or 4 times a years. I would be thrilled if this works as I could use this Jeep for daily driving and avoid buying an additional tow vehicle. Advise will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Wow - I am impressed but I know my limitations and I will let the marina take care of this.
  13. Wet slip - get to my boat, off with the cover and "away we go". At my lake, wet slips are more expensive.
  14. Boat Amigo 3


    Tip - of course - the dock help are always helpful and really appreciate the few bucks I give them - no matter to me but they really appreciate it.
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