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  1. I have a 2004 234 Sunesta with a 5.7 volvo penta single prop.I mostly run it at Lake Powell (5000 ft) I have two props : a 3 blade (aluminum)14 1/2 x 19 pitch, this prop is slower out of the hole , unless there's very few people , light load, then it ok.This prop has nice end speed(or so I think) at 43 mph at about 5k rpm.The engine seems quieter also. Then I have a four blade 15 inch X 16 Pitch (aluminum)This prop is of course better out of the hole, noisier engine, lower end speed 38mph or so.Better with heavier loads , 10 people or so. I want to experiment see if I can get a better than this two props, a happy medium.My idea was to get a lower pitch on the three blade -a 14 1/2 X 16P , and /or a higher pitch on the 4 blade ,a 15inch x 17 pitch. Is this the right direction? Any better ideas? How does the size of the prop affect speed, torque? We usually have two adults and four 10-13 year olds aboard but often have 7-8 people wake boarding .I would appreciate any input in the matter and also best prop dealer info for better piecing; Thanks in advance, Fernando
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