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  1. MonkeySeaII

    Whipple pcm calibration

    I had my props labbed at BBlades. I gained some improvement in the mid-range but nothing on the top end. I don't know what boat you have but the Chaparral hull is not like a go fast boat hull. They run "wet" and deep in the water. They do not have the kind of lift that a go fast has or a pad that a go fast gets up on. If you look at a Velocity which has a pad, at high speed, the only thing in the water is the pad and the drive. It takes a lot hp to move one of this boats only a little bit faster.
  2. MonkeySeaII

    COBALT dont believe the hype

    Ditto. Haven't been a fan of the styling since 2007 when they went to the high freeboard, chiseled look. Nice boats but just not my taste.
  3. MonkeySeaII

    New 277 vs 297

    exactly! That's a good description
  4. MonkeySeaII

    New 277 vs 297

    I thought I liked that Regal after seeing at a boat show. But then I saw it on the water and I hate it! Something about the styling just doesn't do it for me.
  5. MonkeySeaII

    New 277 vs 297

    it's a tough choice. Both are beautiful boats with a pretty deep V. I'm sure the 297 would have a little better ride because of the size but I don't have experience in either. I'd probably go with the biggest one I could afford. Other things to consider could be trailering, slip size, storage. The 297 is 9' beam so it's a Wide Load on the highway. Power could be another. What engine does he offer in the 277?
  6. MonkeySeaII

    2010 Chaparral 275 SSI

    300 hrs. is nothing. The 275 is a really nice boat. I have considered one myself. I love my 256. I bought it new in '07 and it has been a perfect family boat. Plenty of space, very reliable, quick, etc. I have a 496 Merc and, knock on wood, it has never given me any problems. I currently have about 450 hours. The workmanship on my boat is good and after 12 years, she still looks like new.
  7. MonkeySeaII

    2010 Chaparral 275 SSI

    she's a beauty! How many hours?
  8. MonkeySeaII

    Cleaning engine compartment on a bow rider

    I put bilge cleaner in and then partially fill with water. Let it sit a couple of hours. I use a string mop on a pole to get all around. I also hang upside down to clean areas I can reach. I can get most areas this way. I also spray Mold Armor to kill any mold that builds up
  9. MonkeySeaII

    Ocean City, MD

    Then you look behind you and see all the mud/muck churned up and more F bombs fly!!
  10. MonkeySeaII

    Ocean City, MD

    yeah, it's an annual tournament called Blast at the Beach. OC is overrun with softball players
  11. MonkeySeaII

    Ocean City, MD

    this tournament is so big that they have over 1/2 dozen field complexes from Northside park out to Salisbury. There's like 200 teams total across the age groups. I hope we get lucky and play at Northside but it's not likely.
  12. MonkeySeaII

    Does anyone own a Sunesta 274??

    The 264 I believe rides on the same hull as my 256 below the waterline. Great boats. The 264 has a nice layout
  13. MonkeySeaII

    Sunesta 274

    a 2017 GMC would have a 5.3. The 5.7 engine was discontinued in '99 I believe.
  14. MonkeySeaII

    Lake Marion

    thanks for the info. tho. Lake Murray is on my bucket list for sure!
  15. MonkeySeaII

    Engine size

    go for the 430!!