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  1. MonkeySeaII

    Risers *and* manifolds?

    I tried using my bore scope to check my risers last week. Can't get in there cause they're jacketed. Not sure about the manifolds tho.
  2. MonkeySeaII

    1200 hrs, doing new long block. what else should be done

    replace the 350 with a 496
  3. MonkeySeaII

    LED Docking Lights

    IMO, docking lights are a total waste. I never use mine because I back into my slip. Even times when I've pulled up to a restaurant or anything, they really don't do much other than illuminate the water directly in front of the boat. Them seem like more of a gimmick to me. One of my biggest pet peeves is boaters who use them underway. Like Phillbo says, they aren't head lights!
  4. MonkeySeaII

    Top end

    I have the 375 hp Merc 496 Mag. Best I've seen is 56-57 GPS in perfect conditions. 53-54 is more typical though.
  5. MonkeySeaII

    2019 is a wrap

    Lucky sumbitch!:) My season was very short! Not only did it rain a lot in the early season, but with 2 kids playing travel softball, we got out very little. Only put 17 hrs. on the meter which is a record low for us!! We used to do lake vacations every summer but this year it was OC MD because we had a softball tournament there. Was fun but no boat! Boat is winterized in the driveway right now. Just need to wax her and put her away
  6. MonkeySeaII

    Winterization Advice

    The Mercury cool fuel filters cost a fortune. It's like $90 for both of them so his quote is right on. The 496 takes 9 qrts of oil so that adds up too. Not sure how many the new 6.2 takes tho.
  7. MonkeySeaII

    Winterization Advice

    that looks to be straight out of the Merc manual for 100 hr. service. IMO, paying for the service is money saved in the long run. I do most of my own work but I pay to have my Bravo 3 pulled and serviced every 3 years. I pretty much follow the manual for my maint. The impeller is a major PITA but after you do it a few times, it gets easier.
  8. MonkeySeaII

    I need new batteries

    My boat came with 2 of the Interstate 1000 CCA. My Dual Purpose is slightly smaller so fits easily in the same tray.
  9. MonkeySeaII

    I need new batteries

    I run 1 Interstate 1,000 CCA starting battery and 1 Dual Purpose 900 CCA. I use my Interstate for starting and my dual purp when I'm on the hook playing the stereo and using the head all day.
  10. MonkeySeaII

    First Boat, First Car

    One car that I really want to own now that I loved as a teen is a 78-80 Z28 Camaro! T-Tops, 4 speed manual, etc.
  11. MonkeySeaII

    Towing one boat with another

    I will give a tow if it's an emergency or a short distance. But I don't like the risk of damage to equipment or people. I'll call Towboat US for the stranded person. When I have towed someone, I make all wear lifejackets and stay very clear of the tow line. Last thing I want is someone to get drilled by a flying line if it breaks! Or a cleat if it pulls out and sling shots
  12. MonkeySeaII

    Towing one boat with another

    My 1st choice is to call Sea Tow or Towboat US. If that isn't available, I have used the ski eye and go very slow.
  13. MonkeySeaII

    Engine hours - What is considered high

    I only put 17 hours on mine this year! Worst in history! Between the early season weather and 2 kids playing travel ball, it was a short season for us.
  14. MonkeySeaII

    First Boat, First Car

    1st Car was a hand me down 1980 Chevy Citation 4 door. Anaemic 4 cyl that vibrated like crazy. AM radio, crank windows, etc. 1st Boat was a used 1984 20' Sea Ray bowrider w/Merc 260 HP 350. 1-1/2 seasons before the whole ignition system crapped the bed.
  15. MonkeySeaII

    Wife wants to sell Sunesta 252 "her boat"

    Man, I wish my wife would say she wants to go 65!!!