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  1. people say deodorant soap like Irish Spring keeps the mice away. Last year I took a couple bars and cut them into small chunks and also put them into my storage compartments. It all keeps the boat smelling nice
  2. LOL, you would think! Is it possible that the dealer installs the batteries? And just put them in the easiest spot??
  3. I have loaded my cockpit with dryer sheets every year. I also use "damp-rid" cups and they have a pleasant scent too. I store my boat in a barn that has mice and, knock on wood, for 10 yrs I haven't had any issue. We also put some mouse traps around the barn
  4. I know on my 256, the water tank, holding tank, porcelin toilet, maple cabinet and solid surface sink are all on the port side. On the starboard is the cockpit solid surface sink and the batteries. I never really noticed a list on my boat but I know others have commented that theirs has a list. Mine may, I just never really looked for it
  5. if your batteries are on the port along with the toilet and the tanks, I can see why it lists. All the weight is on 1 side
  6. most people with the older hull 256, 264 complain about the same issue. I think it depends on what equipment is on what side of the boat. Head, water tank, holding tank, batteries, etc.
  7. I knew where you were going with this. I remember him well!!! Always negative and condescending
  8. that is the only good thing about the location of the fill neck on the Chevy. It's under the hood so no chance of putting DEF in the fuel tank. You just spill it all over the engine compartment!
  9. Update: the drive was shifting fine for a few weeks but is back to hesitating. After doing some research, I'm pretty confident it's the cone clutch slipping which is generating heat and burning the gear lube. Now I have to try to find a GOOD mechanic to fix my drive. Unfortunately this is a bit out of my wheel house with the specialized tools and knowledge required. The shops around our local lake don't seem to want to deal with anything other than simple maintenance. This sucks!
  10. I purchased a Load-Rite aluminum for my 256. I highly recommend LR. They had specs for my hull so it came with the main bunks already set up. I had to adjust the bow post and the front support bunks at the ramp when I 1st loaded the boat. It wasn't too difficult.
  11. well, according to the Cecil Marine online store, they have 1 in stock. So I ordered it. Hopefully the inventory is correct.
  12. Friend of mine jumped onto my swim platform and cracked the port side storage lid! Any chance of finding a replacement??
  13. they make enormous wakes when they are surfing!! There have been quite a few on my lake this summer and whoa! And they tend to run along the shoreline and slam all the personal docks
  14. It doesn't seem like the forward drive is really taking off. I think surfing is the current fad but I've seen mostly purpose built ski boats vs. runabouts w/forward drive. I don't see the fad lasting, nor do I see the forward drive sticking around. But maybe that's just in my area.
  15. I'm told the Bravo 3 normally runs hot. Much hotter than other drives. The dealer told me they had similar issues with their Bravo 3 powered parasail boat and the shower solved it. My guess is they are not truly using genuine Merc HP lube OR, something is starting to go on my drive. But I normally change my own fluid every Fall. However, last Fall I had the dealer service my drive and now this season the hesitation developed. So we'll see how things go now with the drive shower. Then I'll change the fluid myself next month.
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