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  1. Anyone heading to the NY Show at the Javits Center this year?
  2. I drove the new Ram Cummins and was very disappointed with the engine. It was literally a dog. After some research, the internet says that all of the EPA crap has robbed a ton of power from the Cummins and you need to do aftermarket tuning and add-ons to wake it up. I purchased a '16 Silverado 2500 D-Max and have been thrilled with it. The power is amazing, the truck is so quiet and smooth and it's very comfortable. Compared to my old '08 D-Max it's like night and day. I also love the exhaust brake and other features. I've read so many negatives about the Ram that I couldn't consider it. I tow my 256 @ 8100 lbs and it's like it's not even there. As for hauling, I really don't do much but again, the truck is as smooth as my old 1500 trucks. I put over 20K miles on it in 1 year and my mileage has been as good as 21 mpg and worst of 16-17 mpg. I've had zero cost other than oil changes.
  3. Dock rash & fender rash is most definitely an issue with black. Everything shows. Which is why I have fleece fender covers and I never dock my boat without them. Dark colors are definitely more work. I recently traded in my dark Cherry truck and got silver because I was sick of the little scratches & swirl marks that stand out in the sun. But I've had my black boat for over 10 yrs. and with the correct upkeep, it still looks like new.
  4. black!!
  5. the spark arrestor is an air filter. Just metal
  6. nice boat. The title reminds me of Austin Powers: "Please allow myself to introduce............myself". LOL
  7. Anyone boat in the Avalon/Stone Harbor/Sea Isle area?
  8. one other thing I noticed with the new models (267, 287SSX), no thru hull exhaust option!!! I gotta have my noise!
  9. lol, same place as mine. I have found that when I approach the trailer, as the bow hits the landing bunks, it always tends to kick the stern the the side before the hull centers itself and seats. When that happens, it bangs into the guides and either bends them or marks the hull. So that's why I removed them. And honestly, I focus on lining up the nose of the bow with the winch so the guides don't really help anyway.
  10. My trailer came with them and I took them off. To me they are more of a PITA then they are worth.
  11. I actually use mine mostly during watersports. When pulling the kids on the tube I can keep the speed where they like it but still keep the boat riding flat rather than bow high.
  12. an easy and relatively cheap add-on. I added the Bennett hydraulic tabs and it was pretty easy. They are really nice to have on our boats that are quite stern heavy.
  13. rated to carry 9600 lbs and the boat is 10,600 lbs. You're asking for disaster! Also, a boat with 10' beam will require special wide load permits
  14. my '07 256 w/496 Mag will top out at 55 on GPS. I'd be suspicious of your phone GPS.