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  1. I can't believe how many people leave their boats in the water in the North. I'd rather have it safely on land with no chance of it sinking!!
  2. booster ball or a higher tube is the only thing that works for us
  3. you guys who keep saying 3/4 tons are spine busters and ride like a brick obviously haven't ridden in the new ones. Chevy at least.
  4. The L5P is a beast!!
  5. Someone told me a few weeks ago that the Big 3 made it so you can't put a plow on the new 1/2 tons because the frames have crumple zones. Not sure if it's true but makes sense. My 3/4 ton is my daily driver and my kid hauler to softball tournaments. I put over 20K miles on it in 1 year with 2 kids playing travel softball. Another one of my reasons for going diesel because of the high mileage I put on. But I have been more than happy with the ride quality and manners of driving a HD every day. The new GM trucks are so quiet and smooth. And when I hitch up the 256, I hardly feel the boat back there. And the exhaust brake makes stopping effortless.
  6. you & me both brutha!
  7. go see my Brother-in-Law, the owner of Hesser Chevrolet in Scranton. I love my '16 Silverado 2500. I'm a diesel guy but the the gassers are nice too.
  8. Sorry i didn't see you post from last fall until recently, let me know about your interest in boating around the Avalon/ Stone harbor area?

    1. MonkeySeaII


      thanks for the response.  We were considering a vacation down there but decided to go to NC instead.  

    2. Ed


      ok no worries

    3. MonkeySeaII


      I actually grew up going to Avalon every summer.  Used to take my 18' boat down but it has been so long I kinda forget how the boating was.  I remember the back bays being shallow.  I really miss Avalon as my family sold their house cause it just got so expensive.  But I'd love to take my kids down there but not sure if it's worth bringing my 256 down there.

  9. Anyone boat on Lake Marion? It's called the inland sea of SC. Wondering if it's deep and good for boating?
  10. they don't use the same blocks anymore
  11. I have the Bennett hydraulic. They were easy to install. Nice & simple
  12. I had a dealer put Volvo gear lube in my Merc Bravo III a few years ago. I saw it right away. After discussing with my original selling dealership, it was recommended I replace it with Merc oil just to avoid any potential warranty issues. Merc requires the use of its High Performance Gear Lube. As far as engine oil goes, I think that is OK as long as the oil is the proper API certification and the correct grade per the manual
  13. Philly baby!! Born & raised in the Suburbs of Philadelphia. Was born and Eagles fan and have always bled green! I've been waiting for this since I was a kid.
  14. A lot of guys have the 256 with 320 hp and they are happy with it. The 496 is better but if the boat is clean and you like it, it may be worth it.
  15. yes, the lake she is on (and me) is small. I haven't had my hand held VHF out of the bin in 8 years. Haven't even charged it. We are within cell phone range of Tow Boat US. I carry a full tool set and critical spare parts cause I'd rather try to fix something than get towed in. I've changed an IAC on the water once after it fried itself and smoked up the whole boat.