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  1. I don't mind running in salt water. Used to take my previous boat down the the Jersey Shore every summer for vacation. Unfortunately, with 2 kids playing travel softball, I don't have the time to take the boat anywhere. We struggle to even squeeze in boat time on our home lake. Up until a few years ago, we took the 256 down to Lake Norman, NC for 2 weeks every summer. Love it down there. In our younger days, before the kids, the wife and I loved to trailer the boat to different places.
  2. I would absolutely have one if the admiral were on the same page!!! And I had deeper pockets to maintain it! My lake is 13 miles long so on a quiet day, plenty of room to open her up. The lake is mostly runabouts and now pontoons. I often get another bowrider try to pass me so I have to teach him a lesson! The wife always rolls her eyes when she sees a guy try to pass me cause she knows the kid in me won't let it happen!!
  3. LOL Hatem! True, and in reality, I rarely run wide open and spend most of my time at 3200 RPM. However, it's nice to know that I CAN run in the mid to high 50s when someone challenges me!!
  4. My buddy moved to Palm Coast about 5 or so years ago. He kept his Monterey 25 w/Merc 350 Mag. Keeps in on a lift behind his house. He decided to keep the I/O rather than go the center console route. He runs up to St. Augustine a lot and spends many hours on the intercoastal. With the closed cooling, he hasn't had any issues.
  5. Back in 2016 I drove a 277 w/Volvo 380. It was very quick out of the hole and had decent mid-range. Top end was disappointing at only around 48 mph GPS. I haven't driven the Merc 8.2 so I can't compare. I have a Merc 496 (8.1) in my boat and have been very happy with it for 12 years. I think either platform is reliable.
  6. I have always towed with my snap-on cockpit covers on. All my boats. Highway speeds or back roads. Never had any problem.
  7. Garrett is now pulling the race card. Saying Mason Rudolph made a racial slur.
  8. MonkeySeaII

    Please stop

    it's spam posts that are computer generated like Phillbo said
  9. that thing is huge! Can't even imagine trying to wrestle that on! I have enough trouble getting my full cover on that goes around the arch. There are lots of expletives every time I put the full cover on! Mainly because I put it over my cockpit cover so I can't do it from inside the boat. But my girl sleeps inside so I don't have to worry about snow
  10. I scrubbed my covers last winter and re-coated with several coats of 303. Worked well. For 12 years old, my covers are still in good shape.
  11. Nice! I feel the same way about my 256. I'm approaching 500 hrs. and I'm at 12 years of ownership. Every year I go to the boat show and still have yet to see something that makes me want to replace mine. The space and features on the 256 SSi are hard to beat!
  12. I think the only way to keep water from getting around my arch would be to make a sock like cover for the entire arch that comes down over and snaps to the cockpit cover. Anything snapped to the vertical part of the arch will still leak. I also have a full mooring cover that has elastic and velcro to go around the arch. Still doesn't seal it well.
  13. I have had my 256 since 2008. Never could come up with a solution. I added a couple extra snaps but it isn't a tight fit around the arch so it's not sealed. I just deal with it
  14. turn off all electronics close any compartments have everyone including myself get off the boat Fuel turn on the blower open engine hatch and sniff run blower for 3-4 minutes start boat let everyone reboard
  15. years ago I was finally coerced into joining FB by my college friends. Love the ability to reconnect with so many people and see what everyone is doing. Nowadays, however, I hate it! I still go on to see jokes, boat stuff and dog stuff but I have unfollowed so many people. It's nice for sharing photos from our sports teams but I cannot stand the non-stop bragging that parents do about their kids or their wonderful life! And then there's the constant political BS!!
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