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  1. MonkeySeaII

    Wife Not Happy.....

    Monkey Sea has been sitting in the driveway for the month of June!! Rain and travel sports are seriously killing my boating season!!
  2. MonkeySeaII

    Sold our Baja, bought something bigger and faster

    very cool. I like the lines of the Nordic Heat and Flame.
  3. MonkeySeaII

    GPS Speed vs. Speedo

    I don't even look at my speedo. I only look at my tach and my GPS speed.
  4. MonkeySeaII

    GPS Speed vs. Speedo

    mine is also typically off by about 3-5 mph.
  5. MonkeySeaII

    Speedo stopped reading

    yup, that's how I do it. Small drill bit
  6. MonkeySeaII

    Quick and Quiet Exhaust

    there are baffles in the tips on our exhaust outlets. It's basically mufflers.
  7. MonkeySeaII

    @#*%$ Wind & Storms!!

    yup! I moved to the area in 2010 from Bucks County and the Delaware River, and put my boat in this marina. Tried to through bolt my own cleats but was scolded and told I can't put anything on the docks. Their rules are you have to tie your lines to the posts at each end of the finger. I said F that and I at least used the rings (which suck too!) to cross my stern lines. Worked fine till this season. Unfortunately it's the same nonsense everywhere on the lake. Docks are junk, no cleats, etc. I remember my 1st season I tied up in another marina for a wknd. Came back the next day and the whole finger dock was breaking away from the rest of the docks!! Got banged up that time too!! Only reason I stay in my current marina & slip is because it's the only one that is in a protected cove where the water stays calm. Unfortunately it's the only lake close by so until I retire and move south, it's our home.
  8. MonkeySeaII

    @#*%$ Wind & Storms!!

    UPDATE: We've had 2 straight days of severe weather including tornados. So I took the day off, and pulled the boat and brought it home for safety reasons. Wet sanded the scratched area while it was sunny this morning. Started with 400, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500. Got most of the scratches out. I followed with 3M Heavy Cut compound. Looks pretty good except I can still see some sanding marks. Polished and waxed and she's ready for the water this wknd. End of the season I'll look at it again but all things considered, could've been much worse.
  9. MonkeySeaII

    @#*%$ Wind & Storms!!

    our lake is a relatively small lake at 13 miles long. The marinas are all just floating docks that come out in October. The owner of mine is a grumpy old man who feels that cleats are a trip hazard!! It's a total pain but it's one of only 2 marinas on the lake that are in a protected cove. The lake is very rough on the wknds. So you basically have to tie your lines around the post at the ends of the finger and I use rings for my stern lines. Oh and he won't allow using large screws or anything!! So you almost have to get creative. My rings have worked fine for 9 years until now
  10. MonkeySeaII

    @#*%$ Wind & Storms!!

    so true!! I had this terrible feeling that had I not gone up Friday, it would've been on the rocks somewhere when I got there yesterday!!!
  11. MonkeySeaII

    @#*%$ Wind & Storms!!

    Last week here in NE PA, we had some very severe storms with very strong winds. Friday, I decided I better run to the lake after work to check on my boat. As I got to my slip, I see my boat floating 3/4 way out of the slip, banging against the corner of the boat next to me!! My dock rings (we aren't allowed to have real cleats) ripped right out of the dock and my boat only had 1 stern line holding it. I back in and my neighbor with a Mastercraft pulls in bow first. The side of my boat is all scratched from banging his rub rail!! Deep enough that I can put my finger nail into them! May even be too deep to remove by wet sanding. Not how I wanted to start the summer!!! But on the bright side, after a 2 day softball tournament with my daughter, we spent the day on the water yesterday and had a beautiful day.
  12. MonkeySeaII

    To change or not to change Impeller

    I do mine every 2-3 yrs. And it sure is a PITA!!! But I don't boat in shallow, sandy waters
  13. MonkeySeaII

    New Chaparral Time

    IMO, stay away from the jet boats. Bombardier engines/jet drives (which Chap uses) are not known for being reliable, quiet or very good.
  14. MonkeySeaII

    Is summer ever coming to Colorado

    As of last wknd, the power company that owns my home lake were contemplating opening the flood gates to lower the high lake level. Not sure if they did or not but last year was the 1st time I ever saw them do it in my 10 years living here.
  15. MonkeySeaII

    Is summer ever coming to Colorado

    we haven't really had much of a Spring here in PA for the last 3-4 years. Cold & rainy is the pattern. 2018 was the wettest year on record here and so far, 2019 is outpacing 2018!