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  1. MonkeySeaII

    Engine add ons

    adding a supercharger and all of the other required upgrades will boost your horsepower but at a very large cost. The Chaparral hulls are not designed to ride high out of the water like a performance boat hull. Therefore it takes a lot more HP to gain top speed and you are only going to get so much of of that hull. A former member did this and was able to get 70mph. But the cost vs. result was not good! You also won't get a lot of speed out of a Duoprop or Bravo III.
  2. MonkeySeaII

    257 vs 267 ssx

    I THINK the 257 platform is a bit higher than the 267.
  3. MonkeySeaII

    257 vs 267 ssx

    I've been on both boats and I didn't notice the 267 having lower freeboard. That is my calibrated eye so not an actual measurement. i think it's just because of the way the windshield on the 257 meets the lines of the hull vs. the newer styling
  4. MonkeySeaII

    Rudeness on the lake -- How to handle it?

    I see that on our lake all of the time. The music doesn't usually bother me but when the cursing at the top of their lungs starts while I have my kids on board, that's another story. If it's bad enough, I'll say something. Another thing that drives me nuts is smokers on the water. I'm out enjoying nature and fresh air and I have to breathe in nasty cigarette smoke!!
  5. MonkeySeaII

    New to the Lake, New to Me 2012 196SSi

    I'm jealous! A house on LKN is my dream. We vacation there and love it! Some day I hope to retire there. Enjoy!!
  6. MonkeySeaII

    2014 Sunesta taking on water when cruising

    I had a leak in the stern area where the top 1/2 of the boat meats the bottom 1/2. right at the back of the swim platform. I used Flexseal spray and that fixed it. I also pull the rubrail and resealed in with 3M 5200
  7. MonkeySeaII

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    this is very similar to what I made for mine. I just didn't do a tee cause it's really tight. And I only have 1 valve on the garden hose inlet
  8. MonkeySeaII

    Lake Marion

    cool, thanks for the info!
  9. MonkeySeaII

    Cooler recommendations

    I have a Yeti hard cooler and an RTIC soft cooler. Bot hold ice for 2 days.
  10. MonkeySeaII

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    it could be permanent but I'd have to add a tee fitting. And it's difficult to work with that hose cause it's very stiff. It's easy enough to just hook this up when I need it
  11. MonkeySeaII

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    in a nutshell yes. I don't leave in place though because there's not enough space. But it takes 2 minutes to pop the coupling loose and install my flush valve. For me, it greatly simplified things and eliminated the stress of messing with muffs.
  12. MonkeySeaII

    First time boat buyer need advice!!!

    sounds like a good price and very low hours for the age. But without an inspection, hard to say what kind of condition it's in.
  13. MonkeySeaII

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    I had the same issues with muffs on my 496. I never got to a high temp alarm cause I'd shut it down as soon as the exhaust manifolds got hot. But I had so much trouble getting the thing to pump with muffs. So I made up my own flushing attachment with a ball valve and a garden hose fitting. I simply take the water pump intake hose apart at the coupling, and insert my attachment into the female side of the hose that feeds into the pump. I purchased a pc. of the water hose and the coupling on ebay. Once hooked up, I close the ball valve and turn the hose spigget on. Then once in the boat, I crack the ball valve, start the engine, then open the ball valve all the way. Works like a charm.
  14. MonkeySeaII

    Thru Hull Exhaust Water Leak...help pls

    that would be thru HULL not Haul
  15. MonkeySeaII

    Towing tube from 264

    I have one like that. It's a 2 person tube that looks like a lazy boy:) HO is the brand. I also have an old "Viper" 2 person tube that is really low profile. That's what I used the Booster Ball for