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  1. no, Tom's River is North. This was down from Cecil Marine out of Mays Landing. Great Egg Harbor River??
  2. I remember test driving my 256 and launching out of Mays Landing. Went down the river for a few miles and it seemed like a cool area to boat on. I don't know what river that would be but I believe it took you down to Somers Point and Ocean City.
  3. I want to say mine is only 5 gallons but I don't remember exactly.
  4. I have found that my tank takes a quite a while to fill. I think it would take an awful lot to fill it in one wknd. But use the water sparingly. Only use a little for #1 and don't use a lot of TP
  5. The Admiral gets uneasy when I drop the hammer on my 256!!! LOL. My Daughters are the same way!! This is the reason why I need to have 2 boats! 1 family boat and 1 speed demon for me!!
  6. I think I read that it runs in the 80s
  7. well, not sure the Admiral will will allow it!!
  8. LOL, NOT that hard to get used to:) I got my 50 yr. old @$$ going across the lake no problem. Actually, I like to stay on my knees and paddle hard. Gives me a good upper body workout BTW, check out the Active Thunder 29' "Defiant". Perfect balance of go fast boat with tons of space:) Could be my next ride!
  9. we also have an inflatable one. It packs into a back pack with its own pump. Got it on amazon. Works great and it's that hard to get used to.
  10. Formulas are so over the top on price that I don't even look anymore. I was considering a 270 BR 2 years ago to upgrade from my Chap but for well over 200 Gs it aint worth it!!
  11. I skipped it for the 1st time in 15 years. Just nothing that I really wanted to look at this year. Not worth the cost of a day trip to NYC!
  12. Formula makes a sweet boat! But their boats cost like 50% more than the competition! When I bought my 256, it was down to the Formula 260 or my Chap. The price difference was astronomical!! Not even close!
  13. one thing I really like is the Mid-Cabin, Open Bow boats. Not many made anymore but to me that gave the best of both. A small cabin to crash in with the space of a bowrider
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