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  1. picked up the boot, service mgr said everything is good. I launched and its exactly the same. 2 second delay from shift to engagement of the prop. Only in fwd. Reverse is fine
  2. so just got a call that my gear lube was burnt and once they changed it, the drive shifts fine. Not sure why my drive would get so hot though? I changed it when I winterized. I haven't done any full throttle runs this season. Maybe I had air in the drive??? Edit: looked at my records and the same shop removed and serviced my drive last September. Wonder if they didn't use the correct lube? Although they are a Mercruiser dealership.
  3. Just a guess. Praying its nothing major.
  4. What can I expect to pay to have the clutch replaced? I don't have the time or tools to tackle this one.
  5. started having an issue with my B3. I put it in gear, I can hear the engine go into gear but there is a hesitation before the prop engages. Would this be a cable adjustment?
  6. I like the arch. Villains are great looking boats
  7. I have a 2007 256 SSi with 496 Mag. Awesome boats! I bought mine new and we still love the boat. So much space for the family and good performance. Knock on wood, I have 475 hrs on my boat and haven't had any issues. I towed mine with a 2006 Chevy 1500 5.3 for 1 season. It was awful! I replaced the class III hitch with a class IV and I had to add airbags in the rear. It was very squirrely when I hit dips or bumps in the road. The engine struggled a bit on hills. I was not very comfortable towing with that truck so I upgraded to a 2500 Duramax. I'm now on my 2nd D-max and I'll never go back!!
  8. skis and boards are good. It's pull tested to (I forget the weight). I have boarded from mine. Tubes are a no.
  9. how does the forward drive perform overall in normal boating as compared to a traditional drive?
  10. haven't seen much about them yet.
  11. happy to report that the boat ran flawlessly yesterday after a gorgeous day on the lake.
  12. I had this same issue 2 years ago. I finally diagnosed it to be the starter. I kept thinking batteries but it was a dying starter. Which was a real treat to replace!!
  13. Here in NE PA, we have had 4 nights in the last week where the temp has dropped below freezing!! My boat is dewinterized, water tank & lines are full and the engine raw water loop is full since it was in the 70s 2 wknds ago and we were out on the lake! It will be interesting to see what happens this weekend when I head out on the lake again. Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing was damaged. Hoping the low temps weren't sustained for long enough to freeze anything! Going to be back to 70 again this wknd after this cold, rainy stretch.
  14. ditto. Got my '16 when the '17 with the new Duramax was coming out so I got a good deal too.
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