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  1. Pulled off the SeaDek on my swim platform to replace with AuquaTraction. The SeaDek has been peeling up for years from the expansion/contraction. Now the hard part is getting all of the old adhesive off to prep for the new pad. What a mess. Acetone, "eraser" wheel, and lots of elbow grease this wknd! This stuff doesn't come off easily!
  2. use a jumper box connected to the jumper terminals. Mine are under the starboard rear seat. I remove my batteries every winter and use the jumper box to raise and lower the hatch
  3. we use our vacuflush potty pretty much every wknd. When you have a wife and 2 daughters who don't always want to go in the water, it's a necessity for sure. I even use it if the water is cold.
  4. the pink stuff will freeze, I did an experiment. However, it doesn't expand which is what would crack the engine
  5. I'm having a hard time jumping on the OB wagon. Yes, for a center console, but I just don't like a runabout with egg beaters hanging off the back. I like to sit on my swim platform with my feet in the water. I also love the sound of an American big block rumbling!
  6. I bought the Magma "leg kit" for my kettle grill and I just sit it on the swim platform rather than hang it off a rail. It was just easier and less messy and I didn't want to drill any holes
  7. yes, they aren't going to completely seal. At idle you can hear the exhaust from mine even when they are closed. However, mine are open 99% of the time
  8. I have a set on my trailer. Worth their weight in gold after blowing 3 tires out in 1 trip several years ago. Batteries are replaceable and the range is fine. They read temp and pressure and work well. I have a monitor that I mount on the windshield with a suction cup. The brand is TST
  9. I'm dropping 1 of my sun pad cushions to the upholstery shop today. Getting the seem restitched and 1 tear mended. I have a couple cushions where the seam is starting to pull apart.
  10. considering all of them are basically the same material, my guess is any of them will have the same issue with expansion and contraction. I'll check out Aqua Traction too.
  11. I've had SeaDek for quite a few years in the whole boat. I love it for the most part. However, over the ski locker on real hot days, it will bubble up. I'm also going to replace my swim platform with Aqua Marine Deck because the SeaDek is peeling off. I'm going to hit the end of season sale. Stains have always been easy to clean off and my grey doesn't get hot
  12. I have a Battery Tender brand solar panel. I lay it on my bow cover when I'm not using the boat. It really works well and keeps my batteries topped off.
  13. Can't help ya with the bulb info. but I can see how they'd be helpful pulling on to the trailer at night.
  14. I just talked to my Brother in Law who owns a Chevy, Nissan, BMW dealership. He has almost no inventory right now. And he said trade-in values are way up.
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