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  1. welcome to the world of boating! Nothing is cheap! And just wait, the more you get into it, the more you want to buy! There's always some new gadget that you "just have to have"!!:)
  2. keep an eye on the drive oil level. Had this happen in the past and it was a seal in the outdrive that had a slight leak.
  3. torsion axles are the standard now on most larger trailers. They ride much better. I had Vault hubs on my last trailer and they are maint. free for 7 years I think it was. At that point I replaced the bearings & seals and repacked with the special grease that you have to use. I had a hard time getting the new stuff to seal and hold the pressure like from the factory. So on my new LR trailer, I just went with standard hubs and I just give a shot of grease every so often. Just seems simple that way. But I did like the Vault system for the 1st 7 years!
  4. I thick mine in the ski locker.
  5. I'm a huge Phila Eagles fan. However, when the weather is so nice like it has been, I can't sit inside and watch tv. So I put the game on the radio and go about my outdoor business!
  6. gonna take some trial/error at the boat ramp. Load the boat on it and see how it sits. Then pull the boat back off and make adjustments. Make take a few times to get it right. Unless you have a marina with a forklift that can do it for you. I recently set up a new trailer for my boat and I did it at the ramp. Took me an hour or 2 and maybe 3 times on/off the trailer.
  7. look up jcj256
  8. scariest part is now some of these schools are 60K+. That's just insane! We started college funds for both our kids when they were born so hopefully they will be set when the time comes. We were in DC a few weeks ago and my 13 yr. old wanted to see Georgetown U. Holy crap, 65K!! That aint happening!!
  9. me too, he was always very helpful
  10. in my case, I live in PA where our season is basically May-Sept. My kids are now heavily involved in sports so this year I only put about 25-30 hrs. on the boat. We basically missed all of May and part of June due to travel tournaments. Does it financially justify itself----No. However, I wouldn't trade the days we do get out on the lake for anything because that family time on the water is priceless IMO. Luckily, my boat has been paid off for the last 7 years so I don't have a payment. But if I could afford the price of a new boat, I'd buy it in a heartbeat whether I use it 20 hrs. or 100 hrs./season. What I'm trying to say is boating is not really an activity where you worry about the cost.
  11. if you are concerned with justifying the cost vs. usage of a boat, you're in the wrong activity. Cause it'll never justify itself. Unless maybe if you live in the far South and use your boat every day.
  12. jcj256 sold his boat years ago so he's not on hear anymore but you may be able to message him. I remember he added a pro-Charger to his 496
  13. i know JC from this forum had 600+ HP on his 256 SSi with a Bravo 1. He was running right around 70+. I can't see this hull hitting 80 as it rides way too wet and doesn't have the lift to run that fast.
  14. Bravo XR so he's good. Love to hear how fast he gets the 256 going!
  15. +1 to Mi3Sons comment about BBlades. I used them to lab finish my Bravo 3 props and they are good. Sounds like you must have a Bravo 1 on your 256?? The 256 is a stern heavy boat so you need to find a prop that will provide stern lift. When BBlades did mine, they added some cup which helped with my mid-range by providing a bit more lift. Unfortunately, selecting props sometimes requires a lot of trial & error