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  1. MonkeySeaII

    Fresh water guy looking to the Bahamas??

    LOL, I hear ya on the towing part! After my history of blowing tires and breaking axles on the highway, I'm gun shy when it comes to towing long distances!
  2. MonkeySeaII

    Fresh water guy looking to the Bahamas??

    I'd love to do that trip some day but I think I'd be more comfortable in a closed bow boat over 30'. I'd be nervous taking my bowrider out in the open ocean.
  3. MonkeySeaII

    Spark plug wires Wingnut you had a recommendation

    well, since it's not a difficult job to do, I ordered the MSD wires from Hardin Marine and I already have a spare set of plugs. I prefer to err on the side of caution with my preventive maintenance.
  4. MonkeySeaII

    Spark plug wires Wingnut you had a recommendation

    regarding the plug wires, how long should the stock set last? I'm still running my original wires and my plugs have only been changed once since 2007. The boat runs fine so I haven't bothered changing anything.
  5. MonkeySeaII

    Wave Height and Safe Boating

    3-4 footers is pretty rough. Not something I'd want to be out in.
  6. MonkeySeaII

    Time for bellows?

    I had my drive pulled and bellows done at about 350 hrs. There were fine but I figured while the drive was off, get it done. I typically get my drive pulled and inspected every 2-3 years.
  7. MonkeySeaII

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    I have the same BakFlip too. Love it!
  8. MonkeySeaII


    I remember back in the 90s, I was in my 20s and shopping for my 1st boat. I went to Dinbokowitz and was browsing. The old man (owner) came over and asked me some questions and then called me college boy. That was the last of my contact with that dealer! Didn't appreciate his tone or attitude
  9. MonkeySeaII


    I bought a Load-Rite and ordered it thru Pirate Marine in OH. Did everything through phone/email. They had the lowest price by far. Very simple and great to work with. I met the rep down at the Load-Rite factory in Fairless Hills and picked up the trailer there. THe trailer was semi set up for my hull, then I just had to set the bow post at the boat ramp when I loaded my boat.
  10. MonkeySeaII

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    ugh, that sucks. I had the same thing happen to my brand new truck back in 2017. Not as bad as yours but it was over 3K worth of damage. Fortunately, my buddy owns a paintless dent repair co. and he does most of the work for the local dealerships. He did my truck in my garage. His work is amazing. Insurance covered it but of course they tried to undercut his quote.
  11. MonkeySeaII

    Newbie to Boating

    If it were me I'd sell that trailer and get an aluminum I beam trailer that is set up to fit your model boat.
  12. MonkeySeaII

    Whipple pcm calibration

    I had my props labbed at BBlades. I gained some improvement in the mid-range but nothing on the top end. I don't know what boat you have but the Chaparral hull is not like a go fast boat hull. They run "wet" and deep in the water. They do not have the kind of lift that a go fast has or a pad that a go fast gets up on. If you look at a Velocity which has a pad, at high speed, the only thing in the water is the pad and the drive. It takes a lot hp to move one of this boats only a little bit faster.
  13. MonkeySeaII

    COBALT dont believe the hype

    Ditto. Haven't been a fan of the styling since 2007 when they went to the high freeboard, chiseled look. Nice boats but just not my taste.
  14. MonkeySeaII

    New 277 vs 297

    exactly! That's a good description
  15. MonkeySeaII

    New 277 vs 297

    I thought I liked that Regal after seeing at a boat show. But then I saw it on the water and I hate it! Something about the styling just doesn't do it for me.