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  1. I have been doing my part by keeping my insides sterilized!! I'm going to weigh 300 lbs. when this is over! My company is essential but I've been working from home 4 days/week. I find myself walking around looking for snacks non-stop. The wine flows every afternoon by about 3. I'm thinking about getting my boat out of storage in the next week or so. The weather has been cold & wet but hopefully will warm up.
  2. Like Texas Pilot, I don't have a strong opinion and I'm not sure what to believe. But in PA, over 90% of the infected haven't required hospitalization. Our hospitals aren't overrun and our ventilator situation is good. While the total numbers continue to rise, the cases are mostly mild and treated at home. I don't know how this country is going to survive if things don't open up soon. Everyone will be bankrupt! But I know we need to continue to stay at home and try to slow the spread. I'm hoping warm weather will help.
  3. I also do most of my own work. It's pretty straight forward for the most part. The biggest challenge with working on a boat is access!!
  4. I started to recycle my winter anti-freeze. I pull a hose at the water pump and drain it into the bilge. Put a bucket under the drain plug and let the bilge drain. Then pour it back into the bottle. Then I pump the stuff from the water system into a bottle as well. The pink stuff kills my grass plus I save a few bucks by reusing it.
  5. It's a nice area. Lots of small lakes and plenty of year round recreation. I'm ready to move South tho!!! I hate the cold!
  6. LMAO! But the college recruiters won't see all the 10 yr old D1 prospects!!
  7. Both are good quality and you can't go wrong with either one. I have always been a Merc guy but if I saw a boat I want and it has VP, I'd still buy it. If I were ordering a new boat right now, I'd probably go with the brand the dealer recommended. On my lake, there's no issue with service for either brand. My take is Volvo tends to have more new, high technology. Smaller displacement GM engines with more technology. Merc sticks with the tried and true old school big blocks and older, proven technology. They developed their own blocks and stopped using GM engines.
  8. Here in PA, we have a stay at home order as well. My company is deemed essential and I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from home. Kids are doing online school work and taking it in stride. The wife already works from home and is staying busy. Aside from walking 2+ miles each day and playing ball in the yard, it's getting seriously boring. I had hoped to pull my boat out of storage this wknd and bring it home to dewinterize but I'm worried about getting stopped for being out. PA hasn't banned boating but if you're told no non-essential travel, I guess that means no trips to the lake. I'm trying not to complain since I have a nice house and plenty of food. It could be so much worse! But I really need some mental health breaks on the water!! My daughters HS Softball season is screwed but we're hoping that we can salvage our travel ball season by June. But that's looking more and more unlikely! Stay safe everyone.
  9. I was considering pulling mine out of the barn this wknd but Mother Nature has other plans. Supposed to have heavy rain all wknd!!
  10. They are huge and a PITA to roll up. But 2 of my friends have them and they bring them on their pontoon boats. So no need for me to get one One thing that is hilarious is watching the dogs run down the pad and jump in!
  11. I test drove a '14 277 with the VP 380 back in 2016. The boat felt really spacious and comfortable. Really wide!! It handled very well and accelerated quickly. I was very impressed with it and actually wanted to pull the trigger. But the dealer was asking more than Blue Book so I walked. Only thing I didn't like was the lack of a wet bar in the cockpit. I notice this one you're looking at only has a porta potty which I don't care for. But other than that, I love this model.
  12. Good to see Shep back on the forum! Haven't seen you around for a while. Always great advice and info from the Shep!
  13. no, Tom's River is North. This was down from Cecil Marine out of Mays Landing. Great Egg Harbor River??
  14. I remember test driving my 256 and launching out of Mays Landing. Went down the river for a few miles and it seemed like a cool area to boat on. I don't know what river that would be but I believe it took you down to Somers Point and Ocean City.
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