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  1. My trailer came with them and I took them off. To me they are more of a PITA then they are worth.
  2. I actually use mine mostly during watersports. When pulling the kids on the tube I can keep the speed where they like it but still keep the boat riding flat rather than bow high.
  3. an easy and relatively cheap add-on. I added the Bennett hydraulic tabs and it was pretty easy. They are really nice to have on our boats that are quite stern heavy.
  4. rated to carry 9600 lbs and the boat is 10,600 lbs. You're asking for disaster! Also, a boat with 10' beam will require special wide load permits
  5. my '07 256 w/496 Mag will top out at 55 on GPS. I'd be suspicious of your phone GPS.
  6. what hull water issue are you referring to??
  7. just saw this new model for 2018. I prefer the styling of the previous 277 but the lines of this new one looks pretty similar to my old 256. Very nice interior and features.
  8. I think if I were buying a new boat right now, I'd seriously look at the Volvo 430. I drove a 277 w/VP 380 and I was impressed. It had strong pull thoughout the power band. I'm a big block fan but that engine ran nice
  9. I use Citrus based bilge cleaner and an old mop. Where there's any mold (typically all the way in the back under the swim platform) I spray Mold Armor and then hose out. I try to keep my engine compartment as clean as possible and not smelly.
  10. that thing is a gimmick. The only real way to add hp is to do serious and costly upgrades to the engine like cam, supercharger, exhaust, etc. And a Chaparral hull is not designed to be a high performance boat so it takes major hp increases to see what adds up to only small performance increase.
  11. Don't feel bad, we all do it. A gouge in the black will be costly (been there, done that). The shop I used is very expensive but my gouge in the black, and also across the letters cost 3 large deer to fix. I ran it thru my insurance.
  12. yup, it slides into the rails and zips into the bimini top.
  13. my 256 came with the full camper canvas. The bow cover goes on and the eisenglass enclosure comes down from the arch. I have used it in the rain before but it's a bit of a PITA so I rarely even carry it. When my daughter was little, she and I would sleep on the boat and use it tho
  14. I have kept my boat in a fresh water slip for 10 yrs. I refuse to bottom paint. I have no blisters. I do agree about a barrier coat but I despise bottom paint and won't do it.
  15. I've always seen 20% but I think it probably depends on the dealer. I purchased my boat from dealer stock so......
  16. 20%
  17. hmm, I may give it a try. I pull my boat usually once/month and clean the bottom. If this makes it easier that it's worth a try.
  18. I have a 256 and I installed Bennett 12x12s and shorty actuators. I didn't use shims and it worked perfectly.
  19. if you lay a heavy bed of 3M sealant you don't need shims
  20. does it work at helping to keep the bottom clean?
  21. I actually need some ideas. I need to put something on my list for Santa
  22. I did my upgrades last year---new speakers and subwoofer. I actually don't have anything on my list this year which is a first!! I just finished polishing/waxing and scrubbing the interior and she still looks like a new boat!
  23. Drain the system, then pump anti-freeze into the system for freeze protection and corrosion resistance
  24. I have a dog and the anti-freeze in my driveway has never been a problem. However, it will kill your grass.