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  1. I removed my stripe using one of those wheels that like a pencil eraser. Put in on a drill and just run it over the decal. Removes everything and doesn't mess up the gelcoat. Works fast too
  2. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my boat was dry. Not even that wet in the normal places. Only a little bit of water in the bilge too. No wind damage or anything either. But there is a tree floating at the end of our docks!
  3. Just hoping the wind didn't do any damage to my boat. Guess I better go up after work
  4. how bad did todays storm hit the Lake? I'm wondering if I should go check on my boat
  5. I get a lot of water under my cover on the starboard side right behind the arch. It goes down into the storage compartment under the seat and ends up down in the bilge. I also get water under the bow cover at the windshield. Unfortunately the covers are a complete seal. But for the most part the boat stays pretty dry
  6. +1. This also works if your lines start to fray at the end
  7. I was out last week and noticed some lumber floating. I really wish they'd keep the level high tho!
  8. no, won't hurt it. My boat is 10 yrs old. And yes, don't worry about a missed approach. I still to that sometimes
  9. when I'm backing in, I do a lot of forward/reverse, turning the wheel back & forth to keep the boat straight. Just bumping it in/out of gear. Slowly! I never really focused much on the pivot point.
  10. I back mine in. I'm in a double slip with a Mastercraft. There is about a foot space between us. Just keep practicing and you'll get it. As for the "blind spot", the struggle is real. Last summer while backing into a vacation house slip, i nailed my swim platform on the corner of the dock. I swore I was clear but BAM!! Very nice gouge!!
  11. I never account for stretch in my lines. I just set it where I want and it stays all season. I use a spring line to keep it from rubbing on the fenders at the back of the slip and I criss cross my stern lines. I'm in a double slip. I have fleece covered dock bumpers on my dock and a corner pad.
  12. LOL. Sometimes it works on your kid's head too!!:)
  13. sometimes my tach goes a little haywire---reads low or high or jumps around. If I simply tap my finger on the tack it goes to normal
  14. I set mine exactly as Watson 524 described above. I also have a 700lb bathroom scale that I bought from Amazon that helped.
  15. I wax my arch.
  16. I attempted a gelcoat repair last Fall on my swim platform. I purchased, I believe it was the Spectrum Color paste kit. It was actually a lot easier than I expected. The only problem I had and I couldn't solve was air pockets in the repair area. But it hardens quickly and once you sand it it shines right up to a perfect color match.
  17. Anyone boat in the Avalon/Stone Harbor/Sea Isle area?
  18. I wish I could! Would be a great time. Unfortunately, both of my girls are playing travel softball this year and I coach 2 teams. So I won't be doing a lot of boating this year unless it's during the week.
  19. that was with perfect conditions, running down the River, slight chop, with the current, wind behind me. I also had my props labbed by BBlades. Best I've gotten on the lake is 56 and that's early Spring with cold water, low humidity, etc. During the Summer season when the water is warmer and the air more humid--and the boat is loaded with all our crap, I can only squeeze out 53-54 on the GPS. But I honestly rarely drop the hammer. Only a couple times/year when I'm alone.
  20. You're selling?!?! I'll trade engines with you!
  21. I used to have a 21' Ebbtide with a 350. That boat was really quick!
  22. mine are metallic silver w/white outline on the black hull to match the graphics. I don't remember the font. My boat name is done in the same metallic silver & black cause it's on white
  23. Just to confirm a couple of the guys above, with the HO, the 256 will run over 60 and the 236 will with the 496. As I posted, I've gotten a best speed of 57.3 on GPS with the stnd 496. Also, someone mentioned the rev limiter above. That's true as I was bouncing off the rev limiter once before I had my props tweaked by BBlades.
  24. I picked up Meguires heavy duty vinyl cleaner this year and it worked well. I also use the Spray 9 for regular cleaning. I periodically hit it with 303 to keep it protected
  25. awesome!! I took a "mental health day" off yesterday and dewinterized and got the girl all ready to splash. I hooked up the garden hose, turned the key and she fired right up and purred like a kitten!! Gotta love the old reliable GM engines!! I also serviced my water pump--replaced the impeller and installed a new serpentine belt. Time to get the season underway!!