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  1. Anyone boat in the Avalon/Stone Harbor/Sea Isle area?
  2. Anyone heading to the NY Show at the Javits Center this year?
  3. Anyone boat on Lake Marion? It's called the inland sea of SC. Wondering if it's deep and good for boating?
  4. they don't use the same blocks anymore
  5. I have the Bennett hydraulic. They were easy to install. Nice & simple
  6. I had a dealer put Volvo gear lube in my Merc Bravo III a few years ago. I saw it right away. After discussing with my original selling dealership, it was recommended I replace it with Merc oil just to avoid any potential warranty issues. Merc requires the use of its High Performance Gear Lube. As far as engine oil goes, I think that is OK as long as the oil is the proper API certification and the correct grade per the manual
  7. Philly baby!! Born & raised in the Suburbs of Philadelphia. Was born and Eagles fan and have always bled green! I've been waiting for this since I was a kid.
  8. A lot of guys have the 256 with 320 hp and they are happy with it. The 496 is better but if the boat is clean and you like it, it may be worth it.
  9. yes, the lake she is on (and me) is small. I haven't had my hand held VHF out of the bin in 8 years. Haven't even charged it. We are within cell phone range of Tow Boat US. I carry a full tool set and critical spare parts cause I'd rather try to fix something than get towed in. I've changed an IAC on the water once after it fried itself and smoked up the whole boat.
  10. yes, I have fresh water system & vacuflush. I Don't get mine pumped out until it's full. They charge $25 on our lake! At that time, if I need fresh water, I'll fill it up. They all have a hose you can use.
  11. We use our head all of the time. Like you said, that's what it's there for. And with the vacuflush, it's not like you have to touch anything.
  12. eww, thumbs down! I got so sick of the road noise from the Toyos. My truck came stock with Goodyear street tires and while they are lame looking, they sure are quiet.
  13. Chaparral had the new 267 & 287. They also had a 307, a cruiser and then some smaller boats. There was also one Suncoast. I really like the 267 & 287. The interiors are top notch. I like some of the new features like windlass, power arch and other little convenience items. I felt Chap has separated themselves from other mfgs this year. Monterey looks dated now. Cobalt is pretty much the same. Sea Ray looks OK. Crownline looked cheap. Formula didn't have anything smaller than the 310 and their biggest thing this year was the large outboard powered boats. I didn't even walk in the Regal booth cause I didn't see anything worth looking at in there.
  14. I had a set of Toyos on my last truck and was very pleased with the wear. They were M/Ts so they were loud on the road so I doubt I'd get them again since I rarely see mud! My next tires will probably be the Nitto Ridge Grappler. It's an aggressive looking A/T.
  15. I'll be there Sunday.
  16. really, as long as you properly drain all of the water from the engine, you'll be fine. So many guys don't even use the pink stuff.
  17. I put a gallon of the Stabil Pink anti-freeze that I have leftover out on my deck for a week when we had single digit temps around the clock. Some nights were negative. The gallon did turn to slush and partially freeze. However, it didn't expand at all.
  18. I'm gonna hit the NY show on Sat the 27th. Looks like I'm flying solo this year cause both daughters have travel softball practice. Oh well, no complaining and I can choose my eatery of choice afterwards!!
  19. the nice thing about the newer boats is most have closed cooling so the engine block is filled with regular automotive anti-freeze. So as long as the fresh water loop is doesn't have any water left in it, we should be fine.
  20. the article I read said the operator rides around on a "Jazzy" and isn't able to stand up at the helm of his boat. He's 75 and said he couldn't see over the dash. His son-in-law said he was also texting at the time. Comforting knowing people like this are on our waterways!!! NOT!
  21. just saw this new model for 2018. I prefer the styling of the previous 277 but the lines of this new one looks pretty similar to my old 256. Very nice interior and features.
  22. I drove the new Ram Cummins and was very disappointed with the engine. It was literally a dog. After some research, the internet says that all of the EPA crap has robbed a ton of power from the Cummins and you need to do aftermarket tuning and add-ons to wake it up. I purchased a '16 Silverado 2500 D-Max and have been thrilled with it. The power is amazing, the truck is so quiet and smooth and it's very comfortable. Compared to my old '08 D-Max it's like night and day. I also love the exhaust brake and other features. I've read so many negatives about the Ram that I couldn't consider it. I tow my 256 @ 8100 lbs and it's like it's not even there. As for hauling, I really don't do much but again, the truck is as smooth as my old 1500 trucks. I put over 20K miles on it in 1 year and my mileage has been as good as 21 mpg and worst of 16-17 mpg. I've had zero cost other than oil changes.
  23. Dock rash & fender rash is most definitely an issue with black. Everything shows. Which is why I have fleece fender covers and I never dock my boat without them. Dark colors are definitely more work. I recently traded in my dark Cherry truck and got silver because I was sick of the little scratches & swirl marks that stand out in the sun. But I've had my black boat for over 10 yrs. and with the correct upkeep, it still looks like new.
  24. black!!
  25. the spark arrestor is an air filter. Just metal