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  1. lrp

    XDP Drives

    Gulf Coast, please read the other 8 pages, thanks for jumping in with your suggestion, hadn't heard that one before, Also, before you whip out design and structural engineering diplomas and JD to dispell the mention of Chap and VP being equally liable, understand that I and others have expert (you pick the education, training and experience - they have it) opinion (documented) that design, engineering and construction of the XDP drives are flawed (VP) and design, engineering and appication and install of the XDP drives to some of the Chap hulls is also flawed. I will keep the details to myself for the time being, that said if a company were to offer outdrives to be sold on my hulls, it would be prudent to re-design the transom/stern for this particular drive to allow for its unrestricted use as it was originally designed, which is not the case. If you have XDP's and are waiting them to blow up - they will, then come talk to us, if you don't have XDP's your lucky. If you don't have a dog in the fight, don't get in. Before any of you ask why haven't I posted the "documents"? I am looking into avenues for litigation, although everything posted regarding the drives is probably well known by VP/Chap/other manufacturers via insurance claims, whatever I have I will keep to myself until such time I decide it makes sense to me to advance or retreat. If I should retreat it will only be because it is unwinable, however i'll just go to plan B - a media campaign, etc. to protect others from poor treatment of the companies involved. Does anyone see where I and others are?? There are more bored media companies with national and international reach in Wash., D.C., than anywhere else on the planet, plus a bunch of politicians "who like to do the work of the people." If they replace everybody's XDP drives with DPS's I'll sing their praise, until then - fight's on!!
  2. lrp

    XDP Drives

    Here's an nice post from another Chap thread, replaced XDP drives with DPS's no cost!!! And Chap was involved!! Group: Members Posts: 101 Joined: 04-April 10 Location:Vancouver Island Posted 05 November 2010 - 12:12 PM leonid, on 05 November 2010 - 08:13 AM, said: The more I read about VP, the further I'm going to stay from it I hear ya but everytime I read a story like this , the story also includes Volvo going good for the problem. I'm a Merc guy and Merc isn't always so free with their wallet! Just talked to one of my customers yesterday with a Sig 35 and had dual Volvo composit drives and nothing but problems. Called Volvo and Chap and guess what.... A rep from Volvo and Chap came to Canada , rented a lift and exchanged both drives+Transom mounts for new Volvo metal duo props drives all No Charge to the guy I was talking to. Pretty good when a company stands up to the plate I'd say
  3. lrp

    XDP Drives

    well thank you for that "____". SO what you're saying is I should take the high road when the companies have taken the low road for years, what country are from? China?
  4. lrp

    XDP Drives

    Hey "____", love the moniker. Great post, do you even own a boat? Chaparral? Work for Chaparral? VP? And you're right I have an attitude, when a 200,000 Pig (I like deer) investment in my personal life and time turns out to be backed with nothing and nobody, I get an attitude, not to mention that this is my 3rd Chap in 5 years, I don't sit back and accept it, I find solutions, if their are none, I get even. My investment allows me to make the comments I do, not only for myself but the others who would rather not speak up and I've always found that being on the offensive is always the best play. You see son, I don't treat my customers and clients like I and others are being treated and therefore won't accept it from those I do business with. Also, companies evolve and make changes based on customer input and satisfaction, if mine and others efforts to get the word out reduce the luster of the brand and the market value decreases for all owners, so be it, the long term effect is better treatment by the companies (Chap and VP) of its' customers, at least that's my hope. As you implied you did not like my attitude, but it is the attitude of Chap and VP regarding this drive issue that has caused this attitude, therefore I think your post should be directed at them, not me. Thanks for jumping in "____" (love the handle!)
  5. This guy is looking for an electronic beat down.

  6. lrp

    XDP Drives

    Hey Webbie! PIN this thread! May as well, I'm going to keep in on the front page anyway.
  7. lrp

    XDP Drives

    Thanks for that Boat US info, I'be heard similar from others about insurance companies position. I wish there was a way to broadcast that info on this forum. I'll find a way. Any attorney's out there following this? If not they will be.
  8. lrp

    XDP Drives

    #%^$&%$ Sean, rather negative post I must say for a most positive thread (jk) , not drinking the Kool-Aid? Heard the same thing regarding defects from other insuranced companies aswell as Boat US, specifically stating manufacturer design and/or defects causing problems. For the cheerleaders; Was there a design/manufacturing defect in hull design/outdrive setup? I think I remember a conversation about that. Who's responsible now? If in fact insurance companies and others (banks/lenders/security interest holders) are using "manufacturer defect" specifically to deny claims, etc., Chap/VP or both will have to speak eventually, particularly after the article about this thread is published.
  9. They should stop offering warranties on the outdrives as they're useless and instead offer Attorney contact numbers, that's the only chance of an outdrive warranty you have. Thanks Chap and VP, great companies!
  10. lrp

    XDP Drives

    Did I say DPS? Was wishing I had DPS's!! XDP's I meant, I hope whoever's kid who thought and designed this XDP garbage at least won his high school science project, because of such a failure he's probably been promoted to VP Product Design and Development, can't wait for the next great idea. At least they have a lab in Chaparral to "test" these "innnovations" as they seem to have no concern about those who "test" it.
  11. I'll keep you posted on the progress of a CA suit. As you you feel and I suspect, I am looking for similar from VP, wont get though without a fight.

  12. I would join in a Class Action. All I'm really looking for is a promise from VP that they will honor all warranties, original and extended, for the life of the boat, under normal use with routine maintenance. We're hoping to sell in three years and move up to a Motor Yacht and I don't want to be saddled with something no one will buy because VP won't make good on their design ...

  13. lrp

    XDP Drives

    Wyomark, Good luck getting Chaparral to even admit any of their molds have volvo outdrives let alone take a position. Since we all know where this is going, I know of some who are looking into litigation avenues. For those who still side with it being a Volvo only issue, you may change your tune when 1) you are advised to service your drives every year instead of every two at your expense, and 2) your drives blow up out of warranty due these well known and documented issues. If yours hasn't blown up yet....it will!! Thanks Chaparral for providing a great product that I can depend on and selecting VP DPS's for power. I saw the letter Volvo sent and webbie posted; there's your answer Wyomark from Chaparral, they obviosly asked VP to write a letter in which VP inveested in a nice phone number to call with any issues regarding the drives. They even stepped up with a survey you can fill out. It doesn't get any better than that. Phone number and survey, well now, I all of sudden feel comfortable about my 310 purchase. I'm glad they didn't include a color flyer, I would have passed out from all the support. BTW, Chap, how's was the Annapolis Boat Show? Sell much? Get alot of interest? Unitl the company takes a position other than hiding, it will not matter what you put in your molds for power, guilt by association minimally will hurt the brand as you freely chose to equip with VP DPS even after you knew of the problems. Just VP is responsible, I don't think so, but that's just one opinion.
  14. Hi Don, I have been speaking with an attorney, just recieved an email, they're doing alot of research to see if will be viable to pursue. I'm speaking with a product liability attorney at Hunton & WIllams, national firm in NOVA. I'd like to find out about lawsuit interest from others, if you know of any let me know. I've been advised not to post anything regarding lawsuit...

  15. Just got an email from VP. Based on past experiences (1 shredded & replaced drive and 1 rebuilt drive) & after speaking with those who did the repairs & the Extended Warranty company, coverage will expire with the contract in April 2012. In other words unless the thing blows up completely in the next 18 months I will never be able to sell it. Worth it to speak with Joe H? Did NOT b...

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