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  1. mpm330 and Whalersailor: Thanks guys. I checked again, but it as whaler guessed. They put the light in, and on, but it has no suppression system. So I have a project for this winter.... Thanks. Vin
  2. I just bought a 2004 256SSi. I have a Halon (or what ever the replacement gas is) indicator light on the console. It shows green, which should indicate the system is charged. BUT, I have searched everywhere for the canister and can't find one. Any help on where to look would be much appreciated. Vinworcester.
  3. Steer clear of the Hudson from The locks down to Newberg. Debris from the flooding is very bad. Haven't been able to get out of the marina for a couple of weeks now, and the locks are still closed. Let's hope for dry weather Vin
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