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  1. gofsbo99

    1998 5.7L TBI - PPoor runing engine- Please Help

    Ck did you ever get your over fueling resolved? I just went thru a similar issue. Motor would over fuel at idle and then when I gave it throttle all the excess fuel laying in the intake would cause engine to load up and sometimes stall. I found out mercruiser had a recall on the fuel regulator on the cool fuel. Someone put the wrong ones on my motor and I wound up with 50 lbs pressure at the tbi. Got correct regulators but then it seemed the injectors were damaged by the over pressure. Once they were rebuilt problem was resolved.
  2. gofsbo99

    Full synthetic or Synth Blend?

    I use to use merc oil and switched to Mobil 1. I thinks it's overkill as I will still chg the oil once a year which is probably before the oil is warn out. The merc oil is NOT synthetic but the same price as mobil one so that's my reason. Plus I know several NASCAR engine bldrs who swear by Mobil 1. I do still use merc filter
  3. gofsbo99

    Good Realtor?

    Dave at a better choice realty. He's on the lake so is very familiar with the area 7045731588
  4. gofsbo99

    Good Realtor?

    Dave at a better choice realty. He's on the lake so is very familiar with the area
  5. if u come over on 40 & down 77 I would take 150 to queens landing. Ramp is free & a great facility.
  6. gofsbo99

    Battery Switch- Cruising on position #1 or All?

    ok, so where does the switch need to be for charging? I hooked up a battery tender and was under the impression it would charge both batteries even with the switdh on off.. I think i hooked it right to the switch but I will need to check.
  7. gofsbo99

    2005 Chaparral 256 SSi Listing Problem

    There's enough of us experiencing this issue I would hope one of us could get some solutions from Chap. I wonder if there would be a way for us to compile all the issues & work with 1 person. I know some on the site suggest weight distribution issues but several of us noticed a change over time so the boat was level to start with. Also, some have mentioned adding tabs or weight to correct but this is just a mask IMO and not resolving the issue.
  8. gofsbo99

    Hull leaks & now lists to Starboard

    looks like another topic posted with the same issue & same hull. I will look at the parts guide & see if that will help diagnose. I posted on the other thread that my side exhaust is leaking in the starboard side so it looks to have saturated the material between the fiberglass. I think this might be my issue & have called chap dealer to see if this falls under 10 yr hull warranty. Will post what they say. I don't pull the plug on the lift except once or twice. the nose is raised just a bit. i do have a trailer so will pull it out & repair the side myself or at dealership. sounds like the guy w/the 256 has a much more serious issue.
  9. gofsbo99

    How to tow using radar arch ?

    ???? I have a 2005 255 ssi which i imagine is the same tower. Mine came with the tow pylon and the tower has a rating warning not to tow over 1200 lbs i beleive? I've pulled 3 tubes behind it with no problem. not sure what changed but obviously the tower was made to pull or there wouldnt be a rating on it.
  10. gofsbo99

    2005 Chaparral 256 SSi Listing Problem

    My issue is minor so far. Boat lists about an inch or 2 max. I just discovered water coming in from the thru hull exhaust & notice the material between the fiberglass is wet. I haven't put it on a trailer yet to repair it but am concerned about how i will ever dry it out. I imagine it's saturated several feet around the hole or more. I estimate I have about 70-100 lbs of extra weight on the starboard side the way it sits now. not sure if dehumidifyer will do anything or not. I'm hoping chap dealer will have some helpful information for me.
  11. gofsbo99

    2005 Chaparral 256 SSi Listing Problem

    I had a similar link on the site a month ago. I have the same hull 255 ssi and noticed the same think. I have discovered my exhaust is leaking on the starbord side & appears to have saturated the core which makes sense as to why it's listing. I have a call into chap to see if this will be covered under the 10yr hull warranty.
  12. gofsbo99

    Hull leaks & now lists to Starboard

    just a follow up for those interested. pulled the boat out this wknd. with the bilge on auto, the boat still was holding approx 25 gallons of water. Still think i have some saturation as the water should have sat in the middle & not caused listing. will try to find the leak & then see how she rides. at 7.5 lbs per gal thats 187.5 lbs.
  13. gofsbo99

    Hull leaks & now lists to Starboard

    well the list isnt natural as I have definitely noticed a change since I've owned it. in fact the holding & fresh water tank are on the port side so even with them full it still lists to starboard. also my side exhaust use to sit even in the water & now they are off about an inch. boat definitely leaks while sitting out in the water & not from running it although that could contribute. i do have a trailer so I'll be pulling it out this weekend & seeing what i can find.
  14. gofsbo99

    Hull leaks & now lists to Starboard

    thanks for all the advice. i'm afraid the hull must be holding water. no other explanation makes any sense why it would start listing. looks like i will pull it off the lift & see what i can find. it would have possibly frozen this winter but we stayed pretty mild in NC. i assume once i figure out how waters getting in there will be a way to dry out the hull? guess i should have addressed it immediately but was convinced by mechanic not worth addressing unless it got worse.
  15. gofsbo99

    Raw water pump bearing failure...

    i wound up getting a new one on line. I was going to have the old one repaired for a spare or to resell but it's does require special tools so i scrapped it.