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  1. The Great Escape II

    Evinrude Intelligent Piloting System

    I agree, the industry is continuing to create a bunch of inexperience boaters. Man up and learn out to pilot your vessel.
  2. The Great Escape II

    Best GPS/Chartplotter

    I have the Simrad GO7 XSE and love it. Control my Fusion radio also and the app works well.
  3. The Great Escape II

    A/C temporarily stops

    Yes there is. Go to the intake vent and you will see. Some systems will have 2.
  4. The Great Escape II

    A/C temporarily stops

    Clean the filters.
  5. The Great Escape II

    Rain water turning pink???

    Mo Most of the time pink mold will appear when there is a build up of soaps or cleaners. It kind of feeds on the that stuff. That's why you will see it in the showers etc... Clean and rinse and make sure it's dry before leaving
  6. The Great Escape II

    Rain water turning pink???

    It's a type of mold.
  7. The Great Escape II

    Pronautic 1240P Battery charger Failure

    My boat is 13 years old and I had to replace my ProMarinier 3 times. No way in #$^% will their product will last 10 years. I had them even tell they had a problem with one of their chips in their chargers and they could not tell which models were an issue since they were just tossed into a bin during assembly. They have a discount program buying it directly from them. Did they offer it to you?
  8. The Great Escape II

    Additive options for ethanol gas

    Do some research on third party testing. In a nutshell fuel additives for helping to keep ethanol gas from phase separation DO NOT work. https://www.practical-sailor.com/issues/34_11/features/Ethanol-Gas-Additives_5692-1.html https://www.boatus.com/magazine/2011/december/ethanol.asp
  9. The Great Escape II

    Spotlight Installation

    You will have sticker shock on the cost of the factory remote spot light. This is the factory light https://www.westmarine.com/buy/jabsco--remote-control-searchlights--P006618276?recordNum=14 Cheaper option would buy a handheld.
  10. The Great Escape II

    Rudeness on the lake -- How to handle it?

    We have played the music to Barney!
  11. The Great Escape II

    No beep or fuel pump

    Volvo or Merc?
  12. The Great Escape II

    Thru Hull Exhaust Water Leak...help pls

  13. The Great Escape II

    What is the best boat lift on the market today?

    +1 on Hydrohoist
  14. The Great Escape II

    Styrofoam as bumper buoy

    On our lake you will get fined by the Army Corp for using foam. They will not even renew dock permits until any old foam floats are removed. Pollutes waterways. If you want to be cheap. Go to a marina and look in the dumpster for any old fenders. If they are Taylor Maid and have holes in them take them to West Marine. Some of their locations will swap them out for free.
  15. The Great Escape II

    Bellows replacement need input

    Not on a Volvo, the design is different that Merc. If it was a Mercruiser it WILL sink a boat. Salvaged MANY and typically the reason why it went down.