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  1. The Great Escape II

    What is the best boat lift on the market today?

    +1 on Hydrohoist
  2. The Great Escape II

    Styrofoam as bumper buoy

    On our lake you will get fined by the Army Corp for using foam. They will not even renew dock permits until any old foam floats are removed. Pollutes waterways. If you want to be cheap. Go to a marina and look in the dumpster for any old fenders. If they are Taylor Maid and have holes in them take them to West Marine. Some of their locations will swap them out for free.
  3. The Great Escape II

    Bellows replacement need input

    Not on a Volvo, the design is different that Merc. If it was a Mercruiser it WILL sink a boat. Salvaged MANY and typically the reason why it went down.
  4. The Great Escape II

    Bellows replacement need input

    I have replaced mine in my 5.0 and they are more ridged. No problems in 4 years.
  5. The Great Escape II

    Taking on water

    Has the mechanic tried to tighten the transom assembly? They will get loose over time.
  6. The Great Escape II

    Something new

    Congrats Brick We finally moved to the lake and moved the boat to our dock this past August. If you are in the area give me a shout.
  7. The Great Escape II

    Volvo Belt Tensioner question

    The squeak is not from the tensioner it's from the little plastic pulley. I have done it 2 times. The noise is why I replaced it also. The last replacement I just added a little bit of lubricant and since then it's has been very quiet.
  8. The Great Escape II

    Replacement gps

    Gents, The original poster sounds like he wants to use to use the existing transducers in his boat. With that said if he named it correctly it will be either the Simrad or Lowrance.
  9. The Great Escape II

    Replacement gps

    Simrad or Lowrance
  10. The Great Escape II

    Went to see a used boat today, looking for opinions on various things

    When you see rust around stainless screws that is called crevice corrosion. That will happen in both fresh and saltwater. Google it to learn more.
  11. The Great Escape II

    Benefits of a flybridge?

    One of the things you need to keep in mind is the smaller flybridges 35 footish are very top heaving since their height is not proportioned the length of the vessel.
  12. The Great Escape II

    Got towed in today 2006 volvo penta duo prop 5.0

    If I recall correctly there IS supposed to be a wire that is NOT hooked up to the alternator on a Volvo. I believe it’s orange. Google it to confirm specifically from a TSB from Volvo. It also might have some black electrical tape on it.
  13. The Great Escape II

    Volvo Penta Transom Trim Panel

    Chaparral used the Merc version for both Volvo and Merc applications.
  14. The Great Escape II

    VP DuoProp Timing Tip

    I have always done this.