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  1. The Great Escape II

    Which Battery Charger

    Mike call Promariner directly they will give you a discount on a replacement for having a previous version.
  2. The Great Escape II

    OEM Volvo Penta Stern Drive Transom Trim Tilt Sensor Sending Unit 3594989

    Yep, you can push it through with a long Phillips head screwdriver. Cut the wires at the old sender and use them to pull the new wires through the hole. You add a little silicon on the plug to make it slide easily in the hole. I had it done by a Volvo master mechanic and have had zero issues.
  3. The Great Escape II

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    Thanks, you came up with the same ones I found. Might be time to make a better product since there is a need with dinghys and SUP.
  4. The Great Escape II

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    Ours came with a manual pump that does up to 18psi but it requires a lot of work as you know. The company I purchased it from has one that can get to the recommended psi. I might take a gamble with it but it’s $189 with no reviews. https://www.boatstogo.com/digital-electric-pump.asp
  5. The Great Escape II

    Stainless Manifolds and tubes

    Just keep this in mind. Almost all Volvo 8.1 have extended risers. Make sure you keep them or replace them or you will have hydro lock issues.
  6. The Great Escape II

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    Still the peak PSI is only 2.5. Our dingy inflatable needs 3.6 in the tubes, keel is 5.8 psi and the air floor is 8.7. I have been trying to find one that gets good reviews but it doesn't seem to exist that can handle high pressure inflatable. #$^% our SUP needs 15 PSI.
  7. The Great Escape II

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    If the original poster is referring to a dingy inflatable none of those pumps will work do to lacking the high PSI needed.
  8. The Great Escape II

    Serious leak from transom area

    #1 Reason why boats with Mercruiser motors sink is the bellows. That is what is happening to your vessel. Replace all including shifter bellow. Hopefully you caught is quickly if not throw in a new gimble bearing and possible U-joint replacement.
  9. The Great Escape II

    Evinrude Intelligent Piloting System

    I agree, the industry is continuing to create a bunch of inexperience boaters. Man up and learn out to pilot your vessel.
  10. The Great Escape II

    Best GPS/Chartplotter

    I have the Simrad GO7 XSE and love it. Control my Fusion radio also and the app works well.
  11. The Great Escape II

    A/C temporarily stops

    Yes there is. Go to the intake vent and you will see. Some systems will have 2.
  12. The Great Escape II

    A/C temporarily stops

    Clean the filters.
  13. The Great Escape II

    Rain water turning pink???

    Mo Most of the time pink mold will appear when there is a build up of soaps or cleaners. It kind of feeds on the that stuff. That's why you will see it in the showers etc... Clean and rinse and make sure it's dry before leaving
  14. The Great Escape II

    Rain water turning pink???

    It's a type of mold.
  15. The Great Escape II

    Pronautic 1240P Battery charger Failure

    My boat is 13 years old and I had to replace my ProMarinier 3 times. No way in #$^% will their product will last 10 years. I had them even tell they had a problem with one of their chips in their chargers and they could not tell which models were an issue since they were just tossed into a bin during assembly. They have a discount program buying it directly from them. Did they offer it to you?