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  1. Calnca

    Wisdom to share

    I really hate winter out here.......I can't run around in my shorts and tee shirts on the boat......I may actually need to wear a long sleeve tee-shirt ........Brrrrrrrrrr
  2. Calnca


    Having lived here for 30+ years I've had my share of EQ's.....including Northridge when I woke up elevated over the bed. Yes EQ's are scary, but except for the aftershocks (which can be large at times) once you make it through the event, you are either alive or not.........This year we happened to be at our house in Aurora MO the night of the Joplin tornado........we watched on TV the approach of the storm as it moved the 42 miles from Joplin to eventually go over Aurora.......the 45 minutes to an hour that you had to contemplate your own mortality was a lot scarier than the Northridge quake. Having said that about the tornado, if/when the southern portion (Ft Tejon and south) of the San Andreas rips to it's maximum of 8.5 or so, SoCal will get an eye-opening experience. Depending on when it happens (time of day) will make a large determination as to the death toll.....the irony being most people in frame homes, unless right near the epicenter, will most likely be OK (major property damage but alive) , where as if it strikes during rush hour and/or during working hours the death toll will be immense. Projections indicate a 8.5 in SoCal will cause upwards of 10,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries. On balance something to remember, if Mother Nature wants to mess with you it won't be pretty.....tornado or EQ.
  3. Calnca

    Tow Vehicle Suggestions?

    When it comes to hauling a trailer bigger is better, and bigger is safer..............both come into play. Amazing how most people equate "pulling power" with adequacy when it comes to trailering a boat. While being able to "loaf" up a 5% grade is nice, the most important aspect of the truck trailer mating is more about braking and handling, Case in point being my Sig 280 and the F250 diesel I originally used to pull the boat. I had taken it to Gale Banks and had them turn it into a 650 HP monster that ate Mustangs for breakfast.......but pulling my boat and trailer a couple of things were missing.......stability on two lane roads when going through turns and then braking. The F350 is, size wise enough bigger than the F250 that the extra weight provided more stability, be it a cross wind or going through turns, but the biggest difference handling wise is because of the J-Low hip's that the dually has. The rear end NEVER feels like it wants to drift on turns.......much more piece of mind. Braking wise the F350 has bigger brakes than the F250 had so that in combination tow haul mode in the transmission and with converting the trailer to electric/hydraulic braking really makes the combined unit a dream to pull........and we've done some long trips with this set up (2009 & 2010 NACRU at Bull Shoals and Table Rock) and never once felt any "excitement". So I am one of the bigger is better when it comes to towing......to some extent it's like the adage about a guns.......you never really NEED a gun until you really really NEED a gun.......same with safely pulling a boat......you can probably "make do" with a small rig, but when the one panic stop, cross wind, downhill sharp turn in the rain etc happens you are then VERY glad to have gone the overkill route with your truck.
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    Part 3
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    Part 2
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    Finally back in the office after three weeks of business/golf, boating and business golf again. Here are some photos of Powell & WACRU......what a great time and a GREAT bunch of people. We really enjoyed the get together! Part 1
  7. Calnca

    Best triple axle trailer manufacturer???

    +1 on the Zieman
  8. Calnca

    detailer wax bottom of boat?

    I pose the question.....how much wax do you think is left after 3 hours at 35 mph in fresh water, much less salt water? My bet is the abrasion wears off the wax on the surface that contacts the water pretty quickly.
  9. Calnca


    Seen alot of Chaps since we put it on Monday.....talked up the raft-up, most didn't appear to be forum members, and or were leaving prior to Saturday..... Roy are you at Wahweap or in town? Matt did you make it in?
  10. Calnca

    Need to change gears for elevation change?

    Side comment....at 3660 Elevation here at Powell, Hotel California needs every trick of throttle, trim tabs and motor trim to get on plane........full prop change for this beast was way too many deer
  11. Calnca


    Air temp upper 90's today.......water temp mid 70's
  12. Went through the whole drill this PM......having just been at Mead in the last 48 hrs, which is infected, they ran hot water through both motors, looked in the engine room, checked anchor and rode......other than the motors everything was a visible inspection....we got certificate and went to the launch ramp. No cost
  13. Calnca


    I'll have a couple of cold ones waiting for Wed to share some with you
  14. Calnca


    Hotel California has her hull wet, sitting in slip H12 at Wahweep
  15. Calnca


    Paid 3.49 in Boulder City, NV yesterday.......compared to CA prices it felt cheap