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  1. bxanders

    "Like" button or tab

    not on fb, so not sure how that works on there.
  2. bxanders

    "Like" button or tab

    Toddler, I would have "liked" your post, but I can't.... And I guess, the IT guys or mods do not this thread often?
  3. I would like to see this feature added so we can simply "like" a post from another user. Not sure if this forum's background can add that or not, maybe an admin could check? Thanks
  4. bxanders

    I'm stupid, stupid, stupid!

    No worries, I rented a slip for the weekend recently and upon my very first entry into the slip, and mind you I was being cautious (so I thought) and moving very slow I managed to bust off the port side wakeboard rack on one of the roof posts on the dock. And if I wasn't humiliated enough, there were four people a slip or two over that saw and heard my frustrations. lol The admiral never said a word to me about it, lol. So, that was pretty stupid on my part.
  5. bxanders

    Seadeck Fit & Color

    I considered the Seadeck products after the purchase of my 216, because the dealer wouldn't throw them into the purchase price of the boat. So, a few weeks later I go back into my Chap dealer (Nichols Marine) and order the swim pads for my boat, when they came in the dealer installed them for me and when I went to pay they told me "Don't worry about it, its on us". Wow I was blow away once again by their generosity which pretty much sealed the deal for me on who I'll use for my next boat purchase. And like another said above, its the best addition we have made to our boat next to the two Kicker wake tower speakers the admiral surprised me with on father's day. I posted a pic of them in my gallery if anyone cares to see. Enjoy them, I know we have....
  6. bxanders


  7. bxanders

    Loose Screws....

    I tend to agree with Retlaw on this one and his comments are basically what my original question was getting at. I love my 2 year old Chap, I really do and I bought it brand new, but I just assumed that boat manufactures (especially the elite) would have mastered this little problem. I totally expected a few loose screws here and there and at first tightened them and went on my way, but I'm finding them throughout now and I am not rough on my boat. Anyways, great comments guys I appreciate all the input, I'm going to try the clear rtv or gorilla glue route.
  8. bxanders

    Lake Havasu

    Looks like a blast, I'm jealous.... Have a great and safe trip...
  9. bxanders

    Loose Screws....

    Thanks guys, will let you know what I tried. Didn't get to spend anytime on the boat this past weekend.....
  10. bxanders

    Loose Screws....

    I have recently been finding loose screws everywhere through out the boat, and have just tightening them back down. Do any of you guys put a small amount of loc tite or equivalent back on them to prevent them from backing out again? I know this is probably normal, (second season on water with new boat) but have also wondered why the factory doesn't use any form of loc tite to prevent this. Am I missing something? Would love to hear what other do on this. Thanks.
  11. bxanders

    SeaDek installed today on my Signature 350

    Yes, very nice.  Makes the already high class Chap even classier....
  12. bxanders

    Anchoring for an overnight stay

    Practiced again last night in my messily 216, and threw out extra rope and back probably 10' and got a good bite on the bottom with anchor. Boat didn't drift at all..... Maybe some day I can move up to a larger boat that requires some chain.....
  13. bxanders

    Anchoring for an overnight stay

    Thanks guys.... Much appreciated.
  14. bxanders

    Anchoring for an overnight stay

    My anchoring techniques are definitely something I am still trying to master even though well into my second season. My 216SSI anchor has no chain only rope, so it seems I need to let more rope out to allow anchor to lay flatter on the bottom surface to catch if I'm understanding right? Does anyone ever throw the anchor off the bow then put boat in reverse to get a bite?
  15. bxanders

    Fool-Proof Trailer Launch & Recovery Instructions

    Yes, great info even for the 2nd season boat owner. I am already practicing our launch and load sequences pretty much like the recommendations, except for leaving the boat hooked up at the bow until I feel it float. Depending on the steepness of the ramp, I have done this though. I think I am going to start this practice even on the lower sloped ramps, the stories of boats coming off of their trailers and landing on a ramp just makes me sick.