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  1. OldFortChap

    Bravo Mystery

    My port side 350mercruiser Bravo is alarming and going into guardian mode only when I get over 2k RPM's and I get on plane? For troubleshooting and as part of a planned change I have replaced manifold, impeller, temp sensor, cat converter which cleared the previous catalyst alarm but now something new(thank you mercruiser!) Any help from this forum as to what is the possible issue? I should add we also took off the top intake and outflow hoses to insure no obstructions etc and also did a reverse flush of the lower unit intake to make sure there is unobstructed water flow but still stumped?
  2. OldFortChap

    Post Hurricane Boat Recovery

    My Chap 327 survived Hurricane Mathew in the Bahamas but 5 hours of salt infused water got into engine compartment and took my previous pristine looking engine and quickly started the Rusting etc on some parts. I have done a light pickling (I think that's what it's called) using fresh water wipe down and have WD-40 some areas but looking for other suggestions or ideas to minimize any future problems that might be brewing ? i did check levels and cranked it with no issues but still worried about what lies unseen? thanks for any tips
  3. OldFortChap

    Guardian Mode

    Running in a 2013 327ssx with twin Mercruiser 350mag ec guardian mode appears then goes away on its own alarms come on sensor fault. Clear with computer or clears itself boat can be put back on plane. Coming off plane alarm or sensor fail again or comes thens clears itself
  4. OldFortChap

    Starboard Engine Trim

    Not Happy, starboard engine stuck in up position on my 327ssx. Port engine no problem and combined Trim button works but no action on Starboard side. Any troubleshooting ideas or thoughts?
  5. OldFortChap

    Engine Start Problem

    Thanks for the help, the batteries are original so they are two years old
  6. OldFortChap

    Engine Start Problem

    Nearly got stranded this weekend. Tried to start my 327SSX with twin mercs and port engine fired fine but Starboard engine gave me the rat-at-tat-tat sound and would not crank. I eventually started it by holding down the parrellel battery button and it cranked with no problem. When I got back to dock I repeated same issue with same solution. Any ideas? Is it a bad battery in series or something else unfortunately I am in part of world with no chapparrel expertise mechanics nearby so may have to go it alone with fix? Thanks for any help
  7. I have not used my airconditioner or generator in over a year but granddaughter is visiting and I need to cool cabin on my 327SSX. Can someone help me step by step lay out the sequence of starting generator, valves and airconditioner so I don't hose something up Thanks
  8. OldFortChap

    327 SSX Fuel Gage

    One year old 327SSX and have never been able to get a reading from starboard gas tank as it stays on 1/4 reading range. Besides my early assumption that the gauge is broke anyone else have any other ideas. I am always nervous about Exumas type trips when I can't trust gauge as I really never know if I have topped off that tank
  9. OldFortChap

    Bahamas Chaps

    New Chaparral located in Nassau and looking for recommendations/ discussions around technician/mechanic support for Mercruiser I/O on new 327ssx. In addition any other helpful tips regarding Chap experiences in Bahamas
  10. OldFortChap

    Low Fuel Alarm on SSX

    Just working my new 327ssx in first 20 hours. I keep getting a low fuel alarm on my port engine tank which shows low on the dial but was told the starboard engine reading is accurate. How do I make the alarm go away permanently? Also is this a known design element that the shared fuel tanks would show port reading as inaccurate? Thanks