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  1. I don't know who their original supplier is/was, but I have a 2004 and used snapincarpet for replacements of the entire cockpit set about 7 years ago. They are great to deal with and the product I received was perfect. When I did mine, I spent a little bit of money and shipped them my old carpet to use as the template and instructed them to simply dispose of them once they were done. That worked great for me, so you might consider the same. It will come with snaps, but they need to be installed so you can be sure to line up the snaps with your deck receivers. When it was done they shipped it to me and I paid a small fee to rent their commercial grade snap tool for the install. Pretty straight forward and simple if you are minimally handy. Good Luck!
  2. Mrcody

    Need A/C Help

    I assume you don't have an owners manual for it? If you know the model you can do a Google search and might even get lucky enough to find the manual online. You could also try emailing or calling Dometic: https://www.dometic.com/en-us/us/rebranded/marine-air My unit has a flat face on the side opposite the compressor that is probably 12"-15" square and the "sheet" filter is on the flat face, but literally about 1/8" thick, so you might not realize it is even there. I'm going to the boat today or tomorrow and will try to remember to take a couple of pics and post for you in hopes the units are similar.
  3. Mrcody

    Need A/C Help

    On my 2004 I have what is probably a similar unit, like Wingnut said - a single package unit. I have had 2 occurrences with sub par cooling and had a service tech address both. In retrospect, these are easily handled by myself and I do them now. All the above suggestions are on point for sure. My only additional comment is on my boat (Sig 350) there is what I thought was the air filter, but it isn't the actual filter, but rather just a metal screen-like grate over the unit for return air. On mine, the actual filer is a thin sheet filter on the face of the unit that you can easily remove and clean with compressed air. This made a world of difference! On another service call the tech used an acid wash & circulated this through the system to remove scale from the lines. I am assuming Wingnuts recommendation to force bleach through has a similar affect. What my tech told me to do is put two 1" Bromide Tablets into the sea strainer a couple times each season and run the system until they dissolve as a preventive measure. I've been doing this for years and my unit performs great. Be sure if you do the tablets or the bleach that you shut the sea cock before opening the strainer, however with the tablet approach, you [obviously] need to re-open the sea cock before starting the system up and always verify the overboard discharge stream. Good luck!
  4. +1 on needing ideas. I have a 2004 SIG350 and both my GPS display and the Raymarine chartplotter display are deteriorating terribly. I'm hobbling through this season and will be replacing come Spring. Looking at getting new dash panel fabricated as 1 option, but anyone else's lesson learned would def be appreciated!
  5. In the interest of posting final results, turns out 2 things - 1) Boat has a fuse "box" mounted under the helm that I just overlooked as it is an actual box with push type breakers mounted to the front of it that are each covered with a rubber boot. Other Chaps I've seen have these breakers mounted at the helm, even though they are low, they are visible. On this model year/model they are in a box that is mounted to the back wall under the helm up underneath just below the steering & shifter connections in case anyone else needs to look. Not hard to find, just wasn't what I was looking for. 2) Don't have any idea how it happened, but my actual issue was the power wire came off the back of the switch. Crazy luck because I didn't pull the switch panel and there are like 12 switches with probably 40 wires in total. My dumb luck....just 1 wire came off the entire switch block and of course it was for the wiper. Anyway, the multimeter testing was the key, so thanks for that direction.
  6. I've looked and looked, but can't locate an inline fuse for the windshield wiper on my 2004 Sig 350. I've traced the wire from the motor on the windshield, down through the radar arch into the bilge where it joins a "main bundle" of many many wires headed to the helm. I've searched under the dash and also checked the plug in "spade-style" breakers in a fuse block under the upper most dash panel. I replaced the motor as the old one stopped working at the end of last season. It was wearing out, but also stopped and I assumed finally died. Maybe due to it's diminished performance it blew the fuse? At any rate, I got a replacement and it came with an inline fuse. I didn't add it because I assume there was one originally, but I'll be darned if I can find it! Point is the new motor doesn't run when I activate the switch which leads me to believe I've got a fuse issue. Anybody know if there is one originally and if so where it is? I can access the back of the switch easily so tracing the wire isn't too bad from that end, but again Chap did a great job with tidy wiring and all the switch wires bundle together immediately and tracing an individual one is tough.
  7. Thank you. As I get older I've finally learned to ask 1st LOL.
  8. Before I use the wrong product, what would be the best grease/lubricant to put on the telescoping engine bay post for my powered hatch lift? Just put batteries back in boat yesterday and I can tell it is laboring a bit on the raise and on lowering it was kind of "hiccupping" and basically hanging up then jumping every couple of inches. I disconnect it in the Fall and had to rotate it slightly to line up with the bracket when reattaching. I noticed in past seasons that the post has some "grease" on it but yesterday it felt essentially dry. I thought better of just grabbing the WD-40 before asking.
  9. Oops, I see that now. Missed that when I read it with my enthusiasm to offer a solution.
  10. Might check or replace starter relay. I am just a lay person and don't know about Mercruiser, but on my 5.7 Volvo Penta (1999), I recently had a problem that sounds exactly like yours. Really was tough to resolve too because it would work a lot of the time so the mechanic couldn't diagnose unless the problem presented itself when he was there. Often times it would work for 20+ starts as you say and then for no reason I would get no click, no sound of the fuel pump or anything and often when I had gone somewhere and was trying to go home. Anyway, small and relatively inexpensive part. I think there might be 2, but I can't remember and yours could be different, but for the low cost and ease of replacement you might want to just do it and see if the problem is resolved.
  11. Mrcody

    Gauge Panel

    I've used Technografic to recondition my dash panels twice. My boat is a 2004 and the panels have developed either some surface corrosion or bubbling of the clearcoat each time after about 5-6 years. I have been super satisfied with their work both times. The service is not cheap, but if you want them to look showroom new, I highly recommend these people. I look at my dash panels all Summer long and they came out good as new each time. The issue is the mounting screws are different metal than the panels, so the corrosion re-occurs eventually.
  12. Wow, as a boater for the past 50 years I was absolutely taken aback by my own sterotypical thoughts of what drowning would appear like were I ever to witness it. I took advanced lifesaving in high school and have been around the water my entire life yet this is the 1st time I've ever read something so vital. I hope I never need this knowledge, but now that I have expanded awareness I'll have a different view of my surroundings. Thank you for sharing!
  13. I need a recommendation to [hopefully] nearly direct replace my original Raymarine VHF model 215. The mic cord finally disintegrated and Raymarine no longer offers repair service for this model. I read a little about the Garmin VHF200 as a possible option, but have not measured to compare mounting compatibility. I also haven't removed the old unit to know what I'm looking at as far as connections and ability to utilize the existing antenna. If anyone has been down this road on my model boat or similar vintage model with same radio I welcome your comments and suggestions. Need to replace before the season starts and THANKFULLY it's not too far off
  14. I don't because I have a different model boat, however I replaced my cockpit carpets several years ago and sent my old ones in to the company. They used my old ones to make my new ones. Sent me the new ones and enough snaps for me to do the install. The company offered a "rental" of their snap installation tool, which was a nice commercial tool and made the install really quite easy. Not sure who you're using, but you might ask if that's an option. Shipping the old ones wasn't that expensive and I trusted their ability to make a template more than my own. Good luck.
  15. That's great. I assume you know this, but the 370 is the same boat as my 2004 350. They changed the model# at some point to more closely represent the length overall, which is 37. Just spent the weekend on my boat at anchor. Truly LOVE the boat!
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