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    Weare N.H.
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    Obviously boating,fishing(Striper when I get the chance) and atving. Owned it for 14 years and I restored this 1987 225xlc last year and I love it all over again.

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  1. We don't all have asimuth pods and genny issues some of us have cracking and fading seat problems and wood rot (but no boat payments) lets have a page for the geriatric chappy's.
  2. WIMS

    Chaparral restoration

    I restored my 87 225 xlc(the little brother to the 235) 2 years ago after owning it since 1998 and I love it all over again. as to restoring these things they are rare but marine salvage yards and craigslist have worked for me. M&M marine salvage in Tilton NH has some 80's parts but it looks like it's a bit of a drive from NC, good luck!
  3. WIMS

    oil frain plug

    Don't know about a 97 but an 87 the drain plug is the dip stick tube. It has threads on it to connect to a pump. Its real hard to get to the bottom of motors.
  4. WIMS

    Chaparrel Big boat

    Out fishin on the Piscat river with the big boats and the Portsmouth bridge in the background
  5. WIMS

    Chaparrel tahoe

    The Chappy has outlasted three tahoes and one escalade, tough winters.
  6. WIMS

    Oldest Chaparral Boat on Forum

    1987 225 xlc seen short summers and looong winters so every outing is fun.
  7. WIMS

    NJ - New to Forum

    Nice, great to see some other "oldtimers" out there!
  8. New to this site and where is the vintage forum

  9. WIMS

    Old Man (or woman) Winter!

    I know there is no cover (It broke and I was punishing it) ps thats a full size blazer on 44inch tires next to it.
  10. WIMS

    1990 SL 2000 fuel issue?

    My 1987 xlc225 has a neutral switch witch actually kills the motor for a split second to go from forward to reverse so the gears are protected but if that small tab is not adjusted properly it will kill the motor when you shift. hope the info might help.