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  1. jdsdls05

    How to Anchor and Sleep Safely

    Battery switch in off if no power is needed, bilge pump is a direct wire so it always has power. Battery 1 is the main battery for starting, and battery 2 is set up for anchoring and using radio and so forth. When in positon 2 battery one should stay fully charged so you can re start. In you are in a cove the only movement at anchor should be from the tide or current if on a river. You want to make sure you anchor so that you boat will have a 360 swing around the anchor and not hit anything.
  2. jdsdls05

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    I would love to see a larger twin outboard suncoast or ssx series
  3. jdsdls05

    Yamaha F150 or F200?

    Once you load that boat up with gear and friends you will be very happy you went the extra 50 hp
  4. jdsdls05

    Larger Suncoast

    Yeah that's under the Robalo line I think the 287 or 302 would be great with 300 outboards..
  5. jdsdls05

    Larger Suncoast

    Just wondering any talk of a 28 to 32 Suncoast with twin outboards?
  6. jdsdls05

    A Shout Out to Twin City Marine in Rhode Island

    I have heard that about them.
  7. jdsdls05

    2001 220 ssi GAS GAUGE NOT WORKING

    Easy way to check is go get more gas if its full no theft around, then look behind panel and see if gauge is still wired up could have come loose, then check connection at tank if you can get at it.
  8. jdsdls05

    05 ssi 190 heat alarm

    A little more info needed what make and model Is it a constant beep ?
  9. jdsdls05

    Oil Pan Paint Volvo

    Ok so I had a bad starter could not get bolts out, so Motor is pulled, a lot of the red paint comes off in my hands, Pan is oxidized but no pitting so I want to repaint what are your thought? Anybody ever undercoat I am worried it will keep the oil heat in. Also while its out will be replacing coupler. Salt water and Air are not a great combination................
  10. jdsdls05

    Temperature alarm

    Most likely not. What make and model. When was the last time you had an impeller change? If its salt water the manifolds can be rusted inside.
  11. jdsdls05

    Newbie needs help

    it would help all if we new motor EFI or Carb, A couple of easy checks Fuel water separator should be replaced every season, EFI pumps run a few seconds before the motor turns over to prime not all the time. Yes out on the water I assume your switch should be in boat batteries
  12. jdsdls05

    8.1 starter replacement

    Yeah so we all are on the same track thanks for the spare bolt trick. And then sometimes like this one I say let the marina do it and I will find another way to save money.
  13. jdsdls05

    8.1 starter replacement

    I think my starter cooked smoke and brunt smell and now nothing Lately it would turn once and then wait a few seconds to kicking and start the boat. I know the batteries are good. How hard to be upside down and pull it out? Crap suppsod tob e 90 all week I hate working in the bildge.
  14. jdsdls05

    Boat starting trouble

    I think the crack lets in air and you lose pressure
  15. The old saying Start Low you can always go up in price