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  1. OK well it was not easy but I got the pin. I remove the outer ring of the inspection hatch every inch counts, reached in with a pair of vice grips while my daughter looked thru the front port and was able to guide me to lock on the pin. Then pulled it out. Hooked up some test leads to the lift motor ran fine so it must be the switch.
  2. It could be for the macerator light but since you done have a head its not used, thero a meter on it see if it has powerI
  3. OK my hatch was sporadic at the end of the season now it wont open at all, problem is I have tall risers and no way can I get my hand in there to pull the pin out what other options do I have? I tried a metal bar thru the front inspection hatch it pulled the pin but not all the way out. As for the switch it lights up and has power put something keeps popping the circuit breaker. Is there a way to open it from the helm switch if I jump power, the switch has 8 spades on it so I don't even know where to begin.
  4. Not sure what you mean but crawled under and keep moving wires found the harness plug that could make it work and not by moving it, so I pulled it apart and cleaned and now seems fine.
  5. Ok anything out of the switch panel will not work, no blower, no hatch, no depth finder no cabin lights. However boat will start, motor will trim and gas gauge works any thoughts?
  6. Start with the basis check all electrical connections including the big plug, also what about your water separator and fuel filter, kill switch
  7. Just curious what speed do you get with 650 hp? What drive do you have as well? A 4 blade would help as they have suggested.
  8. good luck
  9. I ended up making my own I used 2 x 10 and 3/4 plywood all PT and glued and screwed it. It helps to have a table saw and rip it to the 8". Like making a micron lam for the house its solid and not going anywhere
  10. Disconnect the wire on the sensor and touch the block (ground out the wire) the gauge should go completely to the high limit.
  11. I would like to see a twin engine Suncoast in the 28 foot range Also why don't the lengths match the model number
  12. I used Frank mostly does east coast but it never hurts to ask if he can combine trips http://frankmoletransport.com/FrankMoleTransport/Welcome.html
  13. There might be two fuses one supplied by chaparral in the wiring harness or do you have a circuit breaker panel under your dash panel with breakers and then most likely a inline fuse that came with the radio manufacture as well if they are all good most likely you cooked the radio
  14. Yesterday I took my dad out for a ride he is 94 years old and he managed to still get from the dock onto the swim platform and then thur the sundpad up to the seat, we went out for a 2-3 hour ridealong the CT shore , boy was I glad I installed the trim tabs this winter made for a nice ride. We both realized our boating have come along way from our 16' wooden Lapstreak Tompson with the 55 hp Seahorse Johnson. Over 7 decades of boating and very lucky to have all that, enjoy the rest of your boating season, and appreciate life
  15. Thanks I was having the same problem last night as I looked thru the parts guide, I think it is the 8 prong