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  1. jdsdls05

    GPS Speed vs. Speedo

    yes the GPS is your true speed, The boat speedometers are not perfect
  2. jdsdls05

    Can I tow this....

    Make sure you go thru the trailer brakes.
  3. Not sure where you are located but a nice black one is sitting at A & S boats in Connecticut. Go with the Volvo
  4. jdsdls05

    Any advice for an 8.1 Merc starter change?

    If its fresh water you have a better chance that the bolts will still move, you need to be small and get your butt down in there good luck, unfortunately last year I had to pull my motor to get the starter out. The only easy trick is to bring it to a marina. Sorry
  5. jdsdls05

    Fuse Replacement 2008 256ssx

    If you still cant find it pullout the instrument panel and check the multiply connection plugs, I had to wire one of them to keep from falling apart.
  6. jdsdls05


    I know its a different boat, but if you look at the checkmate site several guys have done there checkmates. With lots of photos. http://checkmate-boats.com
  7. jdsdls05

    2019 Chaparral 277 SSX 6.2 MerCruiser 350 HP Bravo 3

    That's hard with out knowing trailer, but for fuel use 6.5 lbs per gallon and use 8.3 lbs per gallon for water, then another 250-500 for gear, for hull weight it should be on Chap site.
  8. jdsdls05

    Engine / outdrive problems

    Welcome but it does not sound good. If the oil gauge is intermitted find out why and quick, add a manual gauge if you can get to the sender or to double check also 180 is kind of hot when was the last time the water pump was replaced? Also is it a Merc or Volo Penta.
  9. jdsdls05

    Merc 8.2 impeller change instructions

    YouTube has all sorts of videos, its mounted internal down low belt driven, and yes you have been spoiled by how easy a Volvo is.
  10. The 244 might be OK with a 5.7 If your are planning on cruise with a group of people and pulling tubers or skiers, you might be underpowered
  11. jdsdls05

    Trim tabs for a 256 SSI

    I added the Lenco to my 256 what a great upgrade for riding in long island sound, It took me about a weekend, but at least 2 -3 weeks of it going thur my mind on how I was going to do it and worrying, But I did it and it was worth it. I mounted my control to the right of the wheel lower in the fiberglass skirt, but its actually right in front of the throttle so its easy to access, One guy moved his fuel sender to the side and mounted it in that location. I went with the 12 x 12 Make sure you use blue tape and pilot holes for all drilling, and the correct #M sealant. Also if you tape off the front of the hinge and around the hullit will make removing the sealant a lot easier and a much better look then how mine came out. Sorry I cant add photos.
  12. jdsdls05

    Chicago Boat Show

    One thing is I think the windshield should be a lower profile or at least have an option
  13. jdsdls05

    Chicago Boat Show

    By any chance did you see the Monterey 305 that was to be my next boat bu tnow Chap also has something now.
  14. jdsdls05

    Stainless Manifolds and tubes

    I know its a expensive upgrade over the Volvo brand if I go with Stainless, I am average about 5-6 years on the cast iron so other then the slight performance gain, I don't think the stainless will be worth the extra price. Also like all 256 I have 11" riser on mine to avoid water back up the tubes. I already over spent my budget this year when I had to pull the motor to replace the starter and of coarse all the extras while it was out.
  15. jdsdls05

    Stainless Manifolds and tubes

    No Money matters but Stainless Marine makes a set and I know a lot of performance boaters use them I think they are actually have an aluminum jacket. from the website. Big Block Exhaust Manifolds Risers / Tailpipes Our Marine Engine Parts-Big Block Exhaust Manifolds Systems feature state of the art design with single wall internal casting that is enclosed in a press formed aluminum jacket creating a fully water cooled manifold. A highly polished stainless steel risers comes standard as well as bolts, gaskets and fittings