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  1. jdsdls05

    Merc 8.2 impeller change instructions

    YouTube has all sorts of videos, its mounted internal down low belt driven, and yes you have been spoiled by how easy a Volvo is.
  2. The 244 might be OK with a 5.7 If your are planning on cruise with a group of people and pulling tubers or skiers, you might be underpowered
  3. jdsdls05

    Trim tabs for a 256 SSI

    I added the Lenco to my 256 what a great upgrade for riding in long island sound, It took me about a weekend, but at least 2 -3 weeks of it going thur my mind on how I was going to do it and worrying, But I did it and it was worth it. I mounted my control to the right of the wheel lower in the fiberglass skirt, but its actually right in front of the throttle so its easy to access, One guy moved his fuel sender to the side and mounted it in that location. I went with the 12 x 12 Make sure you use blue tape and pilot holes for all drilling, and the correct #M sealant. Also if you tape off the front of the hinge and around the hullit will make removing the sealant a lot easier and a much better look then how mine came out. Sorry I cant add photos.
  4. jdsdls05

    Chicago Boat Show

    One thing is I think the windshield should be a lower profile or at least have an option
  5. jdsdls05

    Chicago Boat Show

    By any chance did you see the Monterey 305 that was to be my next boat bu tnow Chap also has something now.
  6. jdsdls05

    Stainless Manifolds and tubes

    I know its a expensive upgrade over the Volvo brand if I go with Stainless, I am average about 5-6 years on the cast iron so other then the slight performance gain, I don't think the stainless will be worth the extra price. Also like all 256 I have 11" riser on mine to avoid water back up the tubes. I already over spent my budget this year when I had to pull the motor to replace the starter and of coarse all the extras while it was out.
  7. jdsdls05

    Stainless Manifolds and tubes

    No Money matters but Stainless Marine makes a set and I know a lot of performance boaters use them I think they are actually have an aluminum jacket. from the website. Big Block Exhaust Manifolds Risers / Tailpipes Our Marine Engine Parts-Big Block Exhaust Manifolds Systems feature state of the art design with single wall internal casting that is enclosed in a press formed aluminum jacket creating a fully water cooled manifold. A highly polished stainless steel risers comes standard as well as bolts, gaskets and fittings
  8. jdsdls05

    Stainless Manifolds and tubes

    Just wondering if anyone has switched, on my list for the winter is new manifolds the saltwater has taken its toll. I know they cost more but just wondering about performance gain and longevity? Motor is an 8.1 Volvo Penta
  9. jdsdls05

    Ignition switch

    We would like to help but the more info you give the better off you will be. What year how old still under warranty?? The simple solution would be to replace the switch, however let me warn you it also could be the starter it sits at the bottom of the bilge and if you are in salt water it most likely the years have taken it toll on it. Also could be the neutral safety switch.
  10. jdsdls05

    Engine Removal Proceedure

    They just had to pull my motor this summer to replace the starter, bolts would not budge. The 256 is one heavy hatch also while it was out we cleaned and repainted the pan, changed the drive coupler, and also the flywheel plate was all rusted as well. Checked all the hoses. I agree a long block is the best way to go if you want to replace unless you have a very TRUST WORTH MECHANIC. Also a quart of hour is not great, but really a lot cheaper then rebuilding if you motor is still strong. Not sure how many hours you boat a year but or if you have a lot of cash burning a hole in you pocket just look at the big picture.
  11. jdsdls05

    How to Anchor and Sleep Safely

    Battery switch in off if no power is needed, bilge pump is a direct wire so it always has power. Battery 1 is the main battery for starting, and battery 2 is set up for anchoring and using radio and so forth. When in positon 2 battery one should stay fully charged so you can re start. In you are in a cove the only movement at anchor should be from the tide or current if on a river. You want to make sure you anchor so that you boat will have a 360 swing around the anchor and not hit anything.
  12. jdsdls05

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    I would love to see a larger twin outboard suncoast or ssx series
  13. jdsdls05

    Yamaha F150 or F200?

    Once you load that boat up with gear and friends you will be very happy you went the extra 50 hp
  14. jdsdls05

    Larger Suncoast

    Yeah that's under the Robalo line I think the 287 or 302 would be great with 300 outboards..
  15. jdsdls05

    Larger Suncoast

    Just wondering any talk of a 28 to 32 Suncoast with twin outboards?