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  1. Anyone who owns a 256 will agree with wingnuts. Tabs make a big improvement.
  2. Nice enjoy hopefully you are somewhere warm unlike me.
  3. jdsdls05

    Props off

    I cut a piece of 2" PVC pipe drill two holes and run a string around the outdrive to hold it on.
  4. What if they pull out the battery's and the trim pumps and try with it in place. Otherwise you are facing a large bill. M starter bolts was rusted in place so off came the engine hatch and out came the motor and of case when it was out I added to the repair bill. New coupler, flywheel plate, prime and sand the oil pan and repaint manifolds and plugs. Saltwater takes it toll.
  5. I think they make a tow bar that mounts to the platform for the Suncoasts also check this out https://turboswing.com/ https://aerialwakeboarding.com/catalog/category/wakeboard-towers/ski-tow-bar/ I wish there was a way to mount it to my 256.
  6. Well since this was my post and is now all over the place. I have decided to stay with Stock manifolds they last about 5-6 years with my salt water use. If I really want to go fast I should buy back my old 21 Donzi, but then I would not have room for my family and the ride would not be anywhere as nice. PS: On a side note I would like to get a 28-32 with twin outboards. Even thought about converting an older 280 SSI.
  7. OK look for a small black box that says do not step, inside is a starter relay mine had popped out once.
  8. just curious do yo have trim tabs because if not I would add them, made a huge difference in my 256 ride. As for my boat batteries our on starboard side and fresh and holding tank on port, but I dont use them so they are empty an mine has a slight list to starboard because of this.
  9. Is it just sitting or even on plane? Start with basics what side our the battery's on, water tank, storage under the seats. PS Beautiful boat how does it ride?
  10. Ok the past two times no Issue in shifting, but we also did not do any tubing so no major load on the drive. Unfortunately I am done for the season, to many projects before winter. I changed the drive oil today two things I noticed. 1) the back prop was stuck on the shaft, I pull them each year to change the fluid, this time it was stuck on finally got it off with some wood block tapping. 2) Changed the oil in the drive it was as almost as clean as when I put it in no smell no water. So the boat has 475 hours on it, I am having the marina pulling the drive to grease the u joi
  11. The two should not be related unless when he was changing a cable he knocked off a hose by accident or pinched a hose and did not see it, but then your bilge would be full of water. Its hard to work in a cramped space and you never know what happens.
  12. MIne is on the dash but the sun glare can make it very hard to see
  13. Make sure you unhook the plastic drain hoses if you have storage bins in the hatch
  14. The 250 is more but everyone will be happier in the long, but if its what you want then look around you might find a one or two year old at a good price. Most likely boat will still have factory warranty as well as motor. Also you dont say if you will be on a lake, river or open bay. That has a lot to due with if its worth the extra 2 feet or not.
  15. On my 256 I pulled out the dash panel and found the larger locking electrical connector was no locked pushed it back together and wired tied in place. We all know boats get tossed around in the water and things come loose.
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