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  1. Also if you have a fresh water flush valve check at the Tee it operates on a spring check and make sure its working.
  2. they freeze up can you get your hand in there to turn the blade.
  3. YeahYeah I have the same spot, when we tube the rope gets in the water, I tried the booster ball it helps keep the rope out of the water.
  4. I went with Lenco look at this post
  5. How did it look?
  6. All I can say is go on BoatTrader.com and look around, Trailer, Service Records, Bottom painted, Salt or Fresh water all have a lot to do with price. Please have a survey done as well.
  7. As long as its all in good shape you should be fine, I have the big block and its no speed demon anyway but it a great cruising boat. You will see most of us have added trim tabs and it makes a big difference in the ride.
  8. Its also death to the carpeting on a trailer but it works great.
  9. So what was at the show?
  10. The tach should have a small screw on the back for 4,6 0r 8 cylinders, turn the screw back and forth a couple of times and then reset on the correct cylinder number. Speedo could be a broken tube or not connected to pick up on back of boat or could be in the drive itself. If you ground out the fuel sensor and no reading then gauge is bad I think.
  11. I had the same issue behind the instruments are some large 2 piece plugs, Miner had the locking ears snapped off so I ran a wire tire around them and it has keeped them together.
  12. Turned out the hatch switch was broken, also I ended up wire tying the larger connection together behind the dash, if I bumped it I would loose power.
  13. I change all my fluids, but have the marina winterize motor around $200, I look at it as cheap insurance to protect me from the winter. Then into their storage shed and tucked away out of snow. In Spring I require them to start it and make sure no issues before I haul home,
  14. You need a pump you fill from the bottom,Walmart sells the lube pump screws right into a quart jug. The first time I did it the oil was very very black the previous owner relied on his marine for work. Well since the props did not come off with out a puller I don think they ever did it, so I then ran new oil and flushed that out, now I do it every year at the end of the season.
  15. They get stuck so give it a spin as well, by the way if it stuck its time to replace it