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  1. look at the water inlet hose from the drive housing, bellows, and y pipe
  2. Here you go, not sure if it folds, maybe you can find some to buy the hull that wants to add twin merc 400R to it. https://www.cooperss.com/assets/detail?name=marine&id=27077
  3. Not sure if this is allowed, I know nothing about it just posting for all https://hartford.craigslist.org/bpo/d/derby-chaparral-256-ssx-carpet-thick/7370467727.html
  4. Anybody know if this is going to get worst, I see a lot of posts about not being able to get parts. I recently ordered a part last one in the US warehouse and none overseas and no one is making them. Volvo if you want repeat customers you have to back the ones you have. I am not trying to say Mercury is better either I have owned both and they all have problems I am talking about customer service.
  5. This is becoming a series problem for Volvo Penta I recently needed a part it was the last one in any warehouse in the US and none over in Belgium. The rep said "no one is working making the parts over there as well"
  6. thanks what speeds do you see with the twin 300? What about cruising around 3000 RPM
  7. Thanks sent you a PM on a side note how is the 307, It would be my next step up, just not sure if I would go with I?O or get the 300 osx
  8. Ok installed a new transom assembly TSK SX-MHP now it appears my drive tilts up and hits my platform. I see that Volvo does not believe in limit switches, so I have to unscrew the end cap of my old trim cylinders and pop out the plastic limit stop that are on the internal rod of the ram and then reinstall on my new cylinders. My question is HOW ? is it best to have the drive all the way up or down or middle. Will I be able to push the ram back in the cylinder?
  9. check behind the dash the switch might lead to a harness and the plug could be loose.
  10. You did not say what year but if its a Volvo Penta do a search and you will see the earlier ones had major issues. It seems they painted the inside of the pumps and well you know what happens to paint and gas, it clogs up most people replace the pump its not a big job but it is an expensive pump.
  11. I ended up cutting a 1" PVC pipe in half the long way and fiber glassing it to the underside to give it strength for people stepping on it.
  12. This happen to me after a heavy rain storm, I have the tilt switch on the keypad on he transom , disconnect the power to the pump or the switch let it try out.
  13. look for a black box up top of the engine with a DO NOT STEP inside is the fuel pump relay, Mine worked loose a few years ago.
  14. Yeah thanks you are correct and we are one up on the hackers now
  15. Hello cant post photo but have replaced the plastic inlet nipple and hose, along with all the bellows over the past year and still have a small drip of water coming in. I cant post the vidoe or schematic of the drive but can anyone tell me what this hose is for 3856800 and )oring parts 38 and 39? https://www.volvopentashop.com/epc/en-US/Details/PentaPartsCatalog/M-TS1-A_039?path=MarineDrivesAndTransmissions%2FM-TS1-A%2FM-TS1-A_4410%2FM-TS1-A_039
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