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  1. I had the same issue behind the instruments are some large 2 piece plugs, Miner had the locking ears snapped off so I ran a wire tire around them and it has keeped them together.
  2. Turned out the hatch switch was broken, also I ended up wire tying the larger connection together behind the dash, if I bumped it I would loose power.
  3. I change all my fluids, but have the marina winterize motor around $200, I look at it as cheap insurance to protect me from the winter. Then into their storage shed and tucked away out of snow. In Spring I require them to start it and make sure no issues before I haul home,
  4. You need a pump you fill from the bottom,Walmart sells the lube pump screws right into a quart jug. The first time I did it the oil was very very black the previous owner relied on his marine for work. Well since the props did not come off with out a puller I don think they ever did it, so I then ran new oil and flushed that out, now I do it every year at the end of the season.
  5. They get stuck so give it a spin as well, by the way if it stuck its time to replace it
  6. So what is the boat not doing starting or stalling at speeds, could be electrical?
  7. I installed Lenco Edgemont's before the summer no shims good bead of 3M sealant, You will love the ride.
  8. the only thing is that the orginal one had a painted inside so maybe some of the paint has made its way to the injectors.
  9. I just went thru this my helm switches and blower were dead, Remove the screws and pull out the switch panel check all the connections, two of mine were loose the plastic clips the hold the large male female together are broken as I moved them around the blower would work, so I ran a wire tie around them and puled them tight to keep them locked together
  10. check the wires on the outdrive unit they get pitched sometime
  11. OK well it was not easy but I got the pin. I remove the outer ring of the inspection hatch every inch counts, reached in with a pair of vice grips while my daughter looked thru the front port and was able to guide me to lock on the pin. Then pulled it out. Hooked up some test leads to the lift motor ran fine so it must be the switch.
  12. It could be for the macerator light but since you done have a head its not used, thero a meter on it see if it has powerI
  13. OK my hatch was sporadic at the end of the season now it wont open at all, problem is I have tall risers and no way can I get my hand in there to pull the pin out what other options do I have? I tried a metal bar thru the front inspection hatch it pulled the pin but not all the way out. As for the switch it lights up and has power put something keeps popping the circuit breaker. Is there a way to open it from the helm switch if I jump power, the switch has 8 spades on it so I don't even know where to begin.
  14. Not sure what you mean but crawled under and keep moving wires found the harness plug that could make it work and not by moving it, so I pulled it apart and cleaned and now seems fine.
  15. Ok anything out of the switch panel will not work, no blower, no hatch, no depth finder no cabin lights. However boat will start, motor will trim and gas gauge works any thoughts?