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  1. I would throw a set of ear muffs on and run watch the temp to see if the T-Stat is working and then head out on the water for a ride. Watch the Temp and oil pressure and see how it runs.
  2. jdsdls05

    Salt Away Use

    Hey was wondering if anyone uses it? My boat stays in salt water, before it gets into the rack storage, but it has an external flush you hook up a garden line to a tee and it feeds the water pump. I run this with the dock hose each time I come back to the marine. My question is if I run the salt away thru the unit will it work for the most part? I am sure some salt water still gets by with the drive sitting in the water. No I cannot ask the lift operator to stop and flush the motor before he puts it into the rack.
  3. Do a quick google search https://www.boatingmag.com/2020-chaparral-23-ssi-ob/ Remember not alot of boaters every say the motor is to big.
  4. that what I thought it was at first, but I disconnected the power to the trim pump and it stopped. I think it was a stuck solenoid like someone pointed out. Just another joy of boat ownership we all put ourselves thru.
  5. Thanks let me clarify yeah i turned on the battery switch before I started and pump started to run no the drive was not moving. I forgot about the transom switch, quite possible it got soaked in the heavy rain we got.
  6. So I row out to the mooring today and start the boat as usually, hear a loud screech noise from engine the trim pump it just keeps running. Try the throttle trim switch pump keeps running. So I disconnect pump use the boat for an hour or two and then tie back up to mooring . I plug pump back in and it works fine now. Fluid is full Any Thoughts???? 8.1 dual prop
  7. Look at the wires connecting the starter they might be full of corrosion
  8. I dont understand how the Halon is even tied to the engine system? How about start simple new fuel water separator
  9. Go to this link, yes muffs work https://www.volvopenta.com/marineleisure/en-en/for-owners/your-engine/manuals---handbooks.html
  10. jdsdls05

    2005 256ssi

    I have the exact same set up and yes I have the same whistle or wine as a certain RPM. Even after I replaced the pump. As for what fair price and what to look for I am not sure. Does it have any maintenance records, salt or fresh water? I have owned my for 8 seasons, along with routine replacement of impeller, plugs and oil I have replaced drive bellows and shift cable once, manifolds twice, and one starter, unfortunately the motor had to be pulled to replace the starter the bolts rusted in place, while it was out we painted the oil pan and new flywheel cover salt air and water will destroy any of the factory Volvo red paint. Look for flakes of it in the bilge. I keep it in rack storage, but use it in salt water. I love the boat it rides great my family and kids love the room in it, I did add trim tabs and it made the boat ride even better.
  11. Steam is normal after running on plane for awhile, not sure how old you manifolds, if its salt water use then they have a life span of about 5-7 years. Also impeller service would also be a good thing to check.
  12. could be drive bellows or shift cable bellows
  13. jdsdls05

    Cup Holder

    Ok just wondering what others have done on my 256 the cup holder is below under throttle, I hate reaching down there because always afraid I will knock off kill switch What have others done for mounting around the drive seat for a SODA can of coarse..........
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