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  1. black interior do others have it how hot does it get?
  2. wi Yeah and salt water and heavy load on RPM you are right what could go wrong
  3. Had the same issue awhile back if its a Volvo there is a black box labeled DO NOT STEP under the cover is a relay I think fuel pump it had came out of the socket plugged back in and fired right up.
  4. See I am not that crazy guy did a 280 formula and also some guy did a 31 scarab as well. https://www.offshoreonly.com/forums/formula/325157-outboard-powered-330-ss-5.html and no I will stay away from hatum (just kidding)
  5. Ok its winter so I am bored Love my 256 but always thinking bigger. The price of a OSX and the other brands Monterey 305 in around (200-250K). So am I crazy to think I could find a old 28 to 30 bowrider and spend the money to convert it to twin outboards. Even if you find a boat for 30 K spend 20 K on conversion then add power what do you think? Like I said there's snow on the ground and my mind is wondering.
  6. So that Propulsion Plus would have paid for the wear and tear on my cone clutch and U joints? Propulsion PlusĀ®:Propulsion Plus pays to repair or replace a mechanical breakdown that occurs in the lower unit of an outboard engine, or in the upper and lower units of an inboard/outboard (stern drive) engine. Wear and tear and defects are all covered. A $250 deductible applies to each breakdown.
  7. I would change the impeller, how old are the manifolds they could be restricting flow at planning speed?
  8. How old is the boat? our you going out for a ride? Look around inside is the bilge any oil drips, belt shavings, check the drive tilt, ask about any maintance records for service on manifolds, bellows, drive service. Depending on how old it is the general look will tell you how well it was cared for. Also I would winterize it most likley winter is still around.
  9. Well thanks to Covid alot of boats are selling but look thru trader online, does he have service records fresh or salt water. Boats need Maintance NO MATTER what Bellows, manifolds, pumps. So keep that in mind remember you can always go up on your offer or another boat will be out there.
  10. I would replace the transom bellows, they have sat so long in one position I would not be comfortable with them. Also I would want to hear it run as well. You should be able to find a cheap flight mid week to check it out. Or pay for a mechanical survey no matter how good the price if you get it home and it needs work you want it figured in. If it was salt water use check the oil pan area because if that salt has sat in the bilge.
  11. Anyone who owns a 256 will agree with wingnuts. Tabs make a big improvement.
  12. Nice enjoy hopefully you are somewhere warm unlike me.
  13. jdsdls05

    Props off

    I cut a piece of 2" PVC pipe drill two holes and run a string around the outdrive to hold it on.
  14. What if they pull out the battery's and the trim pumps and try with it in place. Otherwise you are facing a large bill. M starter bolts was rusted in place so off came the engine hatch and out came the motor and of case when it was out I added to the repair bill. New coupler, flywheel plate, prime and sand the oil pan and repaint manifolds and plugs. Saltwater takes it toll.
  15. I think they make a tow bar that mounts to the platform for the Suncoasts also check this out https://turboswing.com/ https://aerialwakeboarding.com/catalog/category/wakeboard-towers/ski-tow-bar/ I wish there was a way to mount it to my 256.
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