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  1. rcovington

    2 members have a birthday today 1.30.11

    Happy Birthday to all. Enjoy your day.
  2. rcovington

    variable pitch prop

    +1 with Kawman, Man I didn't realize how long it's been since someone spoke of those props. They were made to change pitch once you got to a certain rmp (pressure). That shift point was determind by pressure on the springs inside the hub. Would work something like 17" pitch for hole shot then change to 21" pitch for top end.
  3. rcovington

    steering systems

    Hello IEDHUNTER, look for the power steering pump. This should be near the top of the engine. May have a cap about the size of a half dollar. If you have this you should have power steering. When was the last time you greased the fitting on the rod where it attaches to the outdrive? It's not uncommon to get corrosion so bad that the entire cable needs to be replaced (with or without power streering). I think back in 1986 merc put power streeing on the 4.3's and up. Good luck.
  4. rcovington

    Milk House Heaters

    I'm wth Seamus on this one for sure. I always like to ask the what if question. "What happens if the power goes out???" I would sure like to be comfortable and know I was safe and the engine(s) are ok if that should happen. Play it safe and Winterize. Take care.
  5. rcovington

    1 member has a birthday today

    Happy Birthday Bill Mac. Take time out to play today.
  6. rcovington

    Gelcoat damage from cleaning chemicals

    I was thinking the same thing as dib52. I have a friend who purchase his inlaw's boat a 2009 that was wet slipped at lake cumberland. When pulling out at the summers end he also found haul damage, bubbles in the gelcoat. They took the boat(sea-ray)to repair shop a sea-ray dealer. The cause was blistering from being in the water all summer without a barrier coat or bottom paint. Not a cheap fix.
  7. rcovington

    3 members have a birthday today 12/21/10

    Happy Birthday to all
  8. rcovington

    Birthdays Dec 9

    Happy Birthday to All
  9. rcovington

    Delaminated hull, need help

    Stay on top of your dealer and remind him why you purchased a Chapparral. Call him every day if needed. This is a large purchase and Chaparral will make it good I'm sure. This also happens to other brands to. I had a two year old regal that had a hull issue (cracks in the gel coat). The dealer was the contact with the factory and Regal paid both ways to ship the boat back to Fl. They replaced the boat at no charge. We kept that boat another 19 years without anymore hull issues. Please keep us posted.
  10. rcovington

    Air Vent on Swim Grid

    It looks just like what I have on our 255 ssi. 4 screws under swim platform attach it. After you remove it I would apply a small amount of thread-lock to the screws to help hold them in place. If they back out you know where they went.
  11. rcovington

    Birthday's Today

    Happy Birthday to All! +1 on the key wesy party.
  12. rcovington

    Todays Birthdays 12-5

    Happy Birthday to All! + 1
  13. rcovington

    First Big Service

    The dealership where I have our winterization done includes checking the engine alignment with his top winterization plan. It's about 75 deer more than his middle of the road plan. Pretty cheap insurance IMO.
  14. rcovington

    H3...Any thoughts??

    I would think of fuel mileage. we have a friend who owned one and I believe they only get around 6 miles per gal. without towing anything. Hook up your boat and that number could drop to about 3 or 4 miles to the gal. Their biggest complaint next to fuel was blind spots. Poor visibility on the sides and to the rear. So if you get one always go forward. As you know it's what ever makes you happy good luck and take care.
  15. rcovington

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

    Happy Thanksgiving to all +1. So that's how they make the punkin pie. Looks to be a very wet day here in the Midwest. Take care.