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  1. NativeAz

    Trailer wiring

  2. I have used Sun Country's service many times in the past and always had top notch work performed and good rapport with staff. There was also a post a few months ago for a guy that provided service to local Chap owners at their homes, slip, or work if needed. Try to search forum for phoenix area service/repair. If I find it I will post it.
  3. Nice lift. Everything looks strong and well built. Only part that looks like may be a problem at some point is the pvc pipes connected to the tanks. Am I seeing that correctly? looks like pvc.
  4. Under the seat cushions is storage area that is already accessable, much easier install. Drawbacks If they are installed in the storage area include among others: - I would think of some way to protect them from someone tossing something in there and damaging them - speaker would be lower and maybe not as nice sounding - easier for getting hit by feet my
  5. Niiiiiiiiice!!! Waiting for the pics....
  6. Well Paul, it will be awhile before we can entertain another boat, but if we stick with open bow, I really like the looks and layout of the 256 with the arch. If we decide it is time to change our boating "style", we will opt for a cruiser, perhaps something in the 28-30 foot range. Cost of purchase and maintaning will dictate and be a big factor in our choice.
  7. When you turn the key, listen for a high pitched "beep" to sound for a few seconds and then stop. This is described in the manual. If beep continues or starts at any time after the initial beep, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Also, if the boat has not been started for awhile, turn the key to the first position, listen for the fuel pump to complete it's cycle, then start the engine. This is not necessary, but may deter problems over the long term, and will make it easier to start the engine with reduced cranking time and fatigue.
  8. Boat sold, so not boating :(

  9. Well, it sold today and went to a good home. The new owners appeared to be happy and excited with their new to them Chappie. I wish them good fortune and fun outings as we have had with the boat. I will continue to visit the site and participate in the forum as much as possible. We hope to continue boating in the future and based on our experience with the Chappie we owned, we will certainly keep it high on our list when we decide to purchase another boat. I think I mentioned in earlier posts that I really like the looks and layout of the 256, perhaps that will be on our list. We have always o
  10. You may also want to protect hull from chips caused by road debris. There are several products on the market or you can build your own.
  11. It is a spray paint that looks like "hammered" metal when dried, it does not mean it is paint to spray while "hammered".... "I bought the hammered spray paint and I am in step 1 of prep...."
  12. might bog down some but may eventually get all 6 up.... Sorry, too easy to resist smart a$$ comment...
  13. Bubba took the boy scout motto of "Be prepared" to a new level of unhealthy behaviors. This was the start of the new TV series: "Boater Hoarding"
  14. Beautiful puppy.... Do you have a spot on the boat prepared for the puppy? Our two Goldens picked theirs out. Congrats
  15. Welcome to the forum..... You may want to look into joining the exclusive 180 club. Member benefits are too numerous to list here.... Congrats on the 93' Chap.
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