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  1. I'm getting conflicting answers for this. From 10w40 synthetic to 10w30 mineral oil. Any suggestions and if not Penta what other brand do you suggest? Bryan
  2. BryanGHead

    Trim gauge not working

    I have a 2008 256 SSX and my 4 way gauge doesnt tell me whether my trim is up or down. Not a big issue but it bothers me it doesn't work correctly. I was thinking it might be the UP and DOWN relays BUT something is telling me it's not and I wanted to get some opinions before I go and spend $20. Please, advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Bryan
  3. BryanGHead

    Looking for gel coat....

    Was looking to buy some Atlantic Blue 9219 gel coat if anyone has any left over they don't want or need. Please let me know what you got, looking for about 8 ounces. Thanks, Bryan
  4. Buzz, you have any Atlantic Blue 9219 by chance?

  5. Does anyone have any leftover Atlantic Blue 9219 they want to sell? Willing to buy about 8 ounces. Let me know. Thanks, Bryan
  6. BryanGHead

    Factory 2008 SSX Boat color codes?

    Does anyone know the code for the dark blue Chap? Im having a decal done and need to match the colors. Please let me know. Thanks! HAPPY BOATING!