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  1. Sirk73

    Gear lube for alpha drive.

    Anyone found an oil that is not merc but equivalent for the gear lube? A full synthetic maybe?
  2. Sirk73

    Towing Tower for 18 H20

    Anyone owning a 18' H20 or any Chap with the 3.0 MPI Merc fitted a towing tower to you craft? I have been told that not all towers would work based on the size of the boat and engine with only having 135hp.
  3. Sirk73

    18 H2O fish and ski bilge problems

    Well it helps to have a skinny wife. I was unable to do any more than just get the tip of my middle finger on the out let of the pump. Ask the wife if she could try and she was able to squeeze between the engine and the swim deck and release the pump for me. When I inspected the pump I noticed the impeller was seized. I used a pair of vice grip pliers on the shaft and was able to free the impeller shaft. All seems to work fine for now. Wife reinstalled for me. Ready to Rock! As a side note I called the dealer I purchased the boat from about the bilge and they informed me that it was not covered under warranty.
  4. Sirk73

    18 H2O fish and ski bilge problems

    Thanks for the replies... I'm approaching the end of warranty. Time to call the dealer.
  5. I have been having trouble with the bilge. Initially I blew the fuse. Replaced the fuse and it worked for a bit. Now I seem to blow fuses and it does not appear the pump works at all on manual or with float switch. The pump is located at the bottom of the engine compartment and close to the transom out of reach. Anyone know how to service the pump in this situation?