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  1. Back in NJ😁😁 Great trip! No issues trailering boat other than usual wackos on 95; Was in Vero for 4 weeks; beautiful weather, great wildlife-Dolphins, manatees, egrets etc, many sailboats preparing to cross the gulfstream to Bahamas, very cool-still had a job when I got back! Boating season in a few short weeks. All is well...
  2. It looks like trailer aid will work well! As long as not done on grass/mud, it lifts about 4.5 inches which is enough to change a tire. Thanks for your comments.
  3. I will be checking on the insurance and the extra spare-thanks! I purchased a trailer-aid that lifts the good tire so you can change the bad one on the same side. Has anyone used this? Without boat, we've done this trip in one day many times when the kids were younger (and so was I!!). This trip will be 50-55mph in the right lane-no need to rush. Final destination is Vero Beach w/ a slip. Hopefully 72 and sunny! Thxx
  4. Thanks for the helpful information. I appreciate your recommendations especially about the wheel bearings and protecting the gel coat. We have about 2,500 miles on our Sea Lion trailer but will definitely get the bearings checked out. Now just hope Mother Nature cooperates and make a safe getaway from winter!
  5. We will be trailering our 2013 264 Sunesta from New Jersey to the warm waters of Florida for a month! I can't wait to boat on the intracoastal. We 'll be taking 2-3 days to get down there. Any tips from any seasoned Chaparral snowbirds out there?
  6. Congrats! We took the plunge last year and bought a 2013 Sunesta 264. First boat we've ever owned. We have the VP 380 along with trim tabs. The arch was what sold us on this boat-love the look and has saved my Irish skin! No issues with the ride-very smooth. Our only recurring issue has been the fuel gauge malfunctioning. Our dealer has been great to work with and has been extremely helpful with minor issues. He included several lessons with a boat captain when we purchased that helped out greatly. Can't wait to get back on the water. Enjoy!
  7. Recent owner of '13 Sunesta; glad we picked Chaparral and look forward to years of fun on the waters around south jersey and points south!
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