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  1. I reseated all the connectors I coudl get to , and dialectric greased them, found a loose wire on the key ignition and put a few more ounces in the drive oil res and gave it a couple good raps... and after that no issues so far.
  2. ok ill check all that out, I checked the gear oil res and it was low earlier in the season but only by a few ounces so i topped it off, I put mercruiser 25w40 synthetic in it and checked the levels and oil is pretty clean still... Ill try backing off the throttle a bit next time I go out and Ill check the temp sender and sensor wiring... Thx
  3. I have a infared temp guage, is there a way to see what part is overheating? what should the manifold temps be at? Thx
  4. Hey Fellas, got a quick question, I could use some help with this alarm problem. I have a 1998 213SS with a 97 5.7l Mercruiser and have just noticed the alarm this year, last year it had no issues. I can cruise at 3000 rpms no problems all day, when I hit max rpms, usually 4600, After about a minute I will get a constant alarm, backing down to neutral for a minute and the alarm goes off by itself. All the things I've checked seem ok, all my fluids look good and all the levels are where they should be, water temp gauge sits at around 120-130, oil pressure guage is at 40-60, and the boat doesn'
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