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  1. jmtanlo

    IAC problem

    You should also change the small filter in the body throttle this as to be change or clean every 100 ht the cost is $2.79. This was the cause of my IAC failure .
  2. That you for the picture I really appreciate . If you have some of the condenser it would help .


    thanks once again







    1. brirei


      Sorry!  I haven't made it out to the boat yet.  I'll be out tonight and will snap some pics!

    2. jmtanlo


      Great it is know rush don't make a special trip ,just do it when you go to the boat, I will only install the unit this fall after the boat season. 


      Thanks again.

  3. jmtanlo

    Picture of air conditioning unit

    This would be in the cuddy and under the return air.
  4. jmtanlo

    Picture of air conditioning unit

    It would be appreciated thanks.
  5. jmtanlo

    Picture of air conditioning unit

    Would anyone as a 275 Ssi or 285 SSX with air conditioning. I am ready to have a complete unit install in my boat and would like to make sure that I will have it install in the right place. I would really appreciate some picture of the unit install and some picture of the sea pump install . thanks jmtanlo
  6. jmtanlo

    Color code

    Does anyone knows what is the color code of the white paint on the radar hatch of a 275 Ssi 2008. Or maybe let me know where I can find it. thanks Jmtanlo
  7. jmtanlo

    IAC problem

    I quest I will have to go with a new PCM, the site that is suggested as no warranty on the PCM and will charge at least 500.00 plus transport, So I will get a PCM from the USA since this where my boat is at this time and is sales foe 1700.00 .
  8. jmtanlo

    IAC problem

    My Mecanic install a new IAC and no change the computor still rear the same message that the IAC is in failure mode. So this is why he came to the conclusion that I need a new PCM .
  9. jmtanlo

    IAC problem

    Need your advise, I have a 275 SSi 2008 with a 496 mag and this weekend my IAC came in problem. So I did have it check and the mechanic is telling me that due to the failure of the IAC it fry my ECM or computer is damage and I need a new one, is this possible. And no I don't have a filter in under my air filter line that goes to my IAC. Any suggestion Mercruiser is asking $2600. for a new computer. And by the way where are you now since Gordon Marine is close. best Regards JMTANLO Montreal, Quebec ReplyReport ​
  10. jmtanlo

    House batterie

    This Was hepfull and will help in my decision. Tks ever so much.
  11. jmtanlo

    House batterie

    I wonder it is time to change the 2 house batterie on my 275SSi, Is anyone try 6 volt batterie instead of the regular 12volt. It seem that (2) 6 volt batteri will give me more time usage over (2) 12Volt. Regards Jmtanlo
  12. jmtanlo

    lenco trim tab control 2008 275 SSI

    I went to lenco site and i got the instruction find à solution on the problem I am having on the trim tab, if it is a actuator or thé control, tks for thé advise.
  13. I am having a problem with my Lenco trim tab control when I start my boat engine, sometime the red light all light up and sometime hafl of the light is one and there is no respond on the contro,l tab will not work. I have to stop my boat engine and restart and all come back to normal. It got something to do with the control I guest , any feeback on this issue.
  14. jmtanlo


    Yes it would be fun, let me no if it is a go Jmtanlo 285 ss
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