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  1. Many of them were(or are still) made by GEM. When I ordered replacements I had a part number of 68503-CH for the ones with the Chap logo on them at 37 each. You must specify the "CH" if you want the logo on them, or "A" for plain ones. Not sure if they sell just the studs. http://www.gemlux.com/catalog/deckhardware-cleats-cuttingedge
  2. Any idea who made the tops for the older boats(like our 2001)? I know I can have one custom made by a local upholstery shop, but I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel with someone. I specifically would like the side and rear curtains that would zip onto the factory convertible top that we have.
  3. Old Sacramento has a great public dock to tie up for the day(free), or overnight with shore power($1.50/ft + $20 res fee). Reservations are recommended. Check here for info. Our boat is small so we docked overnight and stayed in a hotel. The Embassy Suites Hotel is riverfront and has a gangway down to the docks directly in front of it. Here's a blog story that prompted us to try this trip: Discovery Bay to Old Sacramento . We'd love to join a club also as we're hoping to upgrade to a cruiser soon. Google Map view of the docks . If you go, dock on the inside, depth permitting... everything on t
  4. We just did an overnight last weekend on our own from Discovery Bay to Old Sacramento(1st time). There wasn't much current on the Sacramento River. And hardly any boats in most areas away from the marinas. But there was a fair amount of floating debris throughout the river. We definately preferred the Sac River over the Delta. The Delta has a lot of shallow areas these days.
  5. Thanks for the Tahoe tips/update. You must have been there when the couple plowed into the dock at Meeks Bay also...very tragic. I was hoping to use a slip at Meeks Bay during our stay but they said the low water level has eliminated some of them. I've heard the water was down 8 ft a week or two ago, and some of the launch sites are already closed for the season. We usually launch from Obexer's Marina and hangout at Sunnyside Restaurant during the late afternoon swells. The odd thing is that the webcams for Lake Tahoe show alot of bare shoreline, whereas those for Donner Lake show it full to
  6. That will have to be the plan...unequal mount points, but I hate to Mickey Mouse things. I needed to pull the 80lb actuators(determined by the Nauticus' "Product Selector") on the first trip as it felt like we were dragging an anchor. I had to leave the tabs hanging, and hoped they'd still be there at the end of the day. I didn't know what to expect from the torque, pressure, and vacuum properties that exist off the trailing edge of the boat. They're still there!
  7. Just switched the actuators around...and the problem has followed the actuator. Additionally, there is an obvious difference in pressure/tension which I had two other people verify by lifting each tab. Hope Nauticus can get replacements to me before heading to Lake Tahoe this weekend. Thanks, appreciate the compliment. It was a bit unnerving to drill so many holes in the stern.
  8. That's was my thought too. But I would think the spray would be higher (out of the water) on a tab that is raised higher in the water. And I did check to make sure the actuators were not tight. Also, to the credit of Nauticus, they are happy to send out any relpacement parts that prove to be faulty.
  9. Boat rides high on one side after installing tabs. I finished the install of a set of Nauticus Smart Tabs, and tried pulling up on both to ensure they moved freely. One side seemed stiffer than the other. Then, in the water, the boat seems to list to the starboard side while running(see pics and video). In addition, the spray from the wake appears to be higher on the port side. And it is the port side acuator that felt firmer upon lifting by hand. The weight distribution in the boat was equal as usual, with 3 of us onboard. I spent two hours on the install to make sure the tabs were equal dist
  10. Great info, thanks guys. It's interesting that with the added weight of our 186 over the 180, we still get beat up by the wake from other boats. Have to slow down and turn into them to avoid slamming over them. Just installed smart tabs to hopefully help the problem...we'll see. I'm glad to hear the 186 is a bit more capable in rougher water. We frequent Lake Tahoe, which is often said to be a mini ocean Borrowed photo:
  11. I realize the 186SSi is one foot longer and the beam is one foot wider than the 180SSi and SSe, but how does that account for a 1000 lb difference with all other things being equal? And what is the advantage/disadvantage of the additional weight (other than mpg)? 180 is listed at 2100 lbs 186 listed at 3121 lbs
  12. Tabs are on, tried them on the delta over the weekend. Pics show the install. Mounted in centers of top and bottom brackets with 80lb actuators as determined by the Nauticus "Product Selector" on their website. I could not mount them farther out or the upper bracket would have to be on the bump portion of the transom. No issues with the tiedown straps, nor the ladder. As I give the boat the usually 2/3 throttle for takeoff, it leaps as usual, only for 2 seconds, with the bow down. Then it acts like I'm dragging an anchor or a parachute, and I instantly lose the intial surge of speed. Tried it
  13. I just bought both the Bennett self-leveling tabs and Nauticus smart tabs...both in stainless steel. The smart tabs themselves are a better design in that they have a lip around the edges. This makes them more rigid and does not leave a sharp edge that someone may kick. The Bennetts have a flat edge. As far as the actuators, the Bennetts seem to be twice as beefy and stout. The smart tab actuators are rather slim and light. I much prefer the Bennetts, however they do not have a pivoting hinge on the upper mount so you must have them mounted on the same plane (flat surface as the tabs).
  14. Thanks for the link. All the pics were a great help. And I called Nauticus....they were helpful and will be sending me the 40lb actuators they recommend I use. Funny, their size calculator that I used for ordering said I needed the 80lb'ers. Installation went fairly easy, but I took a long time pulling the trigger on the drill.
  15. Thanks for the pics. I called Nauticus for some additional info, and went ahead with the install of the smart tabs. Fairly easy after getting over drilling holes in the boat. I can't wait to put them to the test.
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