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  1. Saw your comment on the portech 4 charger.  I have that on my 2004 sig 240.  I only have a starting battery and house battery.  Others with problems have 3 batteries.  I'll do a close assessment of my charging, but I use the boat weekly, have a 60 amp alternator and the boat is rarely on shore power, (dry stack storage).  That said I do spend and occasional night on the hook with the fridge running.

    Am I OK with the configuration or should I swap it out?





  2. jeff

    water pump switch on a 290 2008

    On my 2006 290, the water pump switch was in the galley area, in th front wall . If you are standing facing the galley, it is in the front wall to your left.
  3. jeff

    Stern Drive

  4. jeff

    Stern Drive

    I know where this is headed.... Doubtful it is an XDP drive. From my understanding, they were mostly installed on cruiser models, but there were some installed on single engined fishing boat models like Pursuit, etc.
  5. jeff

    Stern Drive

    Could be a few different things....but it would be good to know what type of drive you have. 1. Engine coupler broke....unusual, but possible. this would require removing the engine for repair. 2. The shaft from the upper gear case to the lower gear case snapped. Not usual, but can happen. Requires a rebuild of the drive. 3. Broken prop coupler. Hopefully this is what you have based on your description of the earlier problem of the boat being slow to respond. On most single prop drives, there is a rubber or plastic inner hub on the prop that saves damage to the drive if you hit anything with your prop. Over time, this coupler can wear out, causing the symptoms you have. Sometimes you can have just the hub replaced, sometimes the whole prop must be replaced. If you have dual prop drives, they for the most part do not have the plastic/rubber couplers and therefore, if you hit anything with the prop, there will be both prop damage and usually broken gears or shaft in the drive.
  6. jeff

    2006 290 for sale- what do you think?

    One other thing about v-drives....be prepared to spend a LOT more on labor for servicing this engine/drive layout. The engines are turned around, so the front of the engine with all the major service points is sitting right next to the transom. Takes a contortionist to get to the filters and such. Just something to think about.....
  7. jeff

    Replacing TV's on 2006 Signature 290

    I have a 2006 290, and replaced the factory (which I think is 15") with a 19" in the same location. I don't have a TV in the mid berth, so can't help you there. I went with a AC powered model, as I only watch TV when at the dock.
  8. jeff

    intermittent whining sound. any ideas?

    The whine is most likely from the fuel pump....I had the same issue with my Sig 290 with the starboard 4.7L Volvo engine. Needed to replace the pump, and like others have stated, are not cheap.
  9. jeff


    Neutra Salt when not used for a while, will develop algae in the fluid, which clogs up the solenoids. I have had this problem since our 290 was new in 2006. Have replaced both engine's solenoids multiple times.....the newer Neutra-Salt containers have filters in them, but they don't seem to work that great.
  10. If you are the original owner, did you not sea trial the boat after taking delivery? If you had, you would have brought this to the attention of the dealer who sold you the boat originally. This issue could have been addressed then, instead of 1.5 years later..... Even for a new owner, I would have been worried that the boat would not duplicate the same throttle settings in reverse that you had in forward gear...at least I would have been suspicious at that time.
  11. Your engines are in sync when the sound of the engines are one continuous note, not "pulsing" I can actually hear when my engines are in sync, and don't use the tachs or the throttle handles as a basis for syncing the engines.
  12. jeff

    All XDP lawsuit cases

    Dude, where are you getting your facts from? .01%? How about more like 50-60%. Failures of the bellows happened with boats that sat in the water or trailered...the design of the drive caused the failures, not that the boat sat in the water. The XDP drives are ALL defective, and it's just not the bellows failure issue. 1. There were drive shaft failures that lead to total drive failure (drive shaft through the top of the housing) and water intrusion in the boat nearly sinking it....this happened more times than you will know. 2. Bellows failures leading to corroding the u-joints and main drive shaft that required replacement (happened to me at least 3 times each on both drives and one drive was so corroded that it was replaced) 3. Prop shaft seals leaking and allowing water into the case leading to drive failure (had this happen to me once) 4. Corrosion of metal parts of the system including the internal drive components, the water intake tubes through the transom plates, the exhaust y-pipes and the drive rams due to lack of bonding to the boat's main bonding system (I had a y-pipe corrode on the underside where you could not see the leak that almost sunk my boat and had a drive ram corrode to the point of failure) And to answer you question, yes my boat was in salt water, and yes, I had the boat hauled each and every year for drive maintenence and bellows replacement. The problem was, the bellows wouldn't even make a year in the water without being ground up by the drive shaft and leaking. I even had a dive service that cleaned the XDP drives twice a month...didn't matter. Everybody that I knew with XDP failures followed the service recommendations to the letter. Most of the failures were due to defective design of the drives. In order to make the drive more hydrodynamic, Volvo replaced the 2 drive rams on the SX/DPS drives to 1 ram placed in the center of the drive/Transom plate. This caused the water pickup hose to be forced against the bellows and allowed the drive shaft u-joint to grind away at the bellows until they tore and leaked. This happened even if you did NOT trim the drive up at all....just took longer than if you trimmed the drive up enough to make the boat run well. Volvo knew that the drives were defective almost from the get-go, that's why they made it very hard to deal with them to get them replaced/repaired. After the 2 year warranty was up, they would not talk to you. I was basically told to take a hike when I asked for assistance, and I had full records of all the service issues with the drives. I also have about 75 pictures of all the issues with the drives, transom plates, water tubes, y-pipes and manifold/risers showing all the defects and corrosion. After the XDP's were replaced with the Ocean X drives, no more problems and the boat ran like it was a totally different boat...because I could finely trim the drives to get the boat to run at the sweet spot it was designed for.....could never do that with the XDP drives. Case closed.....
  13. jeff

    All XDP lawsuit cases

    This type of case does not need to go in as a marine claim in maritime court. I sued for lemon law, product liability and knowing selling a defect product and filed in civil court, which is where this claim should be. In civil court actions, attorneys fees are recoverable if you win the case, along with lost of use and other potential damages along with the main cause of action.
  14. jeff

    All XDP lawsuit cases

    I am under a non-disclosure agreement with Volvo and cannot post anything that involves the actual settlement. I can tell you that I sued Volvo for product liability, knowingly selling a defectively designed product and violation of the California "lemon law". The lemon law action was because the boat had been unavailable for use at least one-two weeks every year on the hard due to defective drive issues and the last failure had the boat on the hard for 6 months while we fought it out with Volvo. Remember, I had not only serious drive issues (drive failures, leaking bellows), but also major corrosion issues which nearly sunk the boat. They chose to settle with me instead of going to trial on the complaint. They knew they would have lost had the case gone to trial, which would have exposed them to hundreds of law suits and millions in potential loses. I was the original owner of the boat and the suit was filed 4 years after first purchasing the boat and two years after the warranty expired. I think you will have an issue as the second owner, as information on the failures in the XDP drives are common knowledge, and if you had the boat surveyed before purchase, the surveyor should have known about the XDP drives and disclosed this information to you. When I responded to your other thread on the XDP drives, I did not notice that you were the second owner, so contacting an attorney now may be an exercise in futility....
  15. jeff

    All XDP lawsuit cases

    California does.....at least for the original owner.