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  1. jmpoulin

    Deck sun pad for 280 signature

    HI Does anyone know where i could buy a sun tan pad for 280 chaparral signature od does any one have the dimensions thank Mike
  2. jmpoulin

    Fresh Water tank

    Hi I just bought a 2008 280 how and where do you fill up the fresh water tank Sorry we are new to boating
  3. jmpoulin

    sun pad wanted

    Hi need to buy a sun pad for bow where can I get one without waiting forever 2008 280 signature
  4. jmpoulin

    Balancing the sound system

    Just bought a 2008 280 Signature, how do I adjust the balance on the sounds system When it on it comes in from all speakers cabin and cockpit everywhere If you watch a movie the sound is also in cockpit How do I adjust to have sound where we want it and not everywhere at once. We would like to watch movie in cabin and not have the sound annoying our fellow boater Also people in cockpit area might want to listen to music while movie is on in cabin Anyone know how to adjust this
  5. jmpoulin

    TV Problems

    microwave works all breakers were on i dont have generator shore power was on thanks for your help
  6. jmpoulin

    TV Problems

    Good idea i will ask previous owner to take it there
  7. jmpoulin

    owners manual

    got it thank you !!! but it seems there should be more with detailed instrument panel and switch lay outs etc etc where is fuse box I am have issues with my tV turning on
  8. jmpoulin

    owners manual

    Joey thanks for the info
  9. jmpoulin

    owners manual

    this does not have it for 2008 280 Signature where would i find that
  10. jmpoulin

    TV Problems

    Thank you for the advise, The TV are 110 I did put all the switch to all the outlets. Are you saying there could be a fuse burnt out ? Where would i find this fuse. The boat was on shore power the whole time. How can I tell whether they are digital or analog ? But my problem is that i cannot get them to turn on yet one of the dvd player turns on without any issues. I just bought the boat on Sat, I live in Toronto but the boat is on Lake Minnetonka Just got home from there an hour ago what a beautiful place that is for boating. Boat is docked in Excelsior Need to set up transport to bring it home this week
  11. jmpoulin

    owners manual

    Where can I get a owners manual for 2008 280 Signature ?
  12. jmpoulin

    TV Problems

    Hi I have just bought a 2008 280 Signature. I cant get power to the 2 TVs and the dvd player in aft cabin However the dvd player in main cabin has power and should work with out issues. Is there something I am missing to get power to these 2 other TV's and dvd players Can anyone help me with this Thanks J M Poulin
  13. jmpoulin

    Untitled Album

  14. jmpoulin

    Untitled Album